Weekend in Jersey

Posted by Princess Eva Angelica On 3:42 AM
Good morning! I'm feeling nice and relaxed after a long weekend at home, filled with good eats, running, pool lounging, and of course quality time with the family. It was great to spend the weekend catching up over our favorite foods and activities. One night we actually broke out the home videos, party animals.

In other news, I officially started training for the Boston Half Marathon. Again, I am doing things slightly different this time around due to some recent injuries. I plan on running 2 short runs during the week, 1 long run on the weekend, and using the rest of the days for rest, strength training, and yoga. Yesterday I did an easy 3 mile run at home before hitting the road, followed by some strength training.

I started today with Shaun T who kicked my butt in the Insanity Total Body Workout. I love these videos because they go by quickly and I feel like I am getting both a cardio and strength training workout.

I am really getting excited for those 8-10 mile runs. The feeling you get when finishing a long run is unbeatable; such a productive way to start the day. Just hoping my injuries hold off!

Off to work! I have some exciting clients and some fun events planned this week. Enjoy!

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