November challenge

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Redan november och dags för nästa utmaning här i magazinet.
Nära jul som vi är, bestämde jag att vi ska ha temat Jul kort.
Men eftersom jag älskar glitter vill jag ha med det också.
Så, november utmaning är...

Ett Julkort med glitter i någon form.
Glitter, glitterlim, blingstenar osv, osv...
Ju mer desto skojigare.
Deadline är måndag den 8:de november midnatt StampARTic tid.

Glöm inte våra regler.
Nygjorda kort och för denna utmaning ENDAST! :)
Men man får delta med flera kort.

Innan vi tar och visar lite inspiration ska vi väl 
presentera priset för denna utmaning.
Sponsrar gör
Stämpelkällan har ett stort utbud av stämplar och 
bred vidd av motiv för att alla ska hitta något som passar.
Och missa inte att Stämpelkällans blog har en 
utlottning av stämplar tom 15 november.

Stämpelkällan sponsrade oss med 2 härliga priser 
så det blir 2 lyckliga vinnare!!
 Bilder på dem ser du lite längre ner.


Already november and time for next challenge here in the magazine.
Close to Christmas I decided that the theme are Christmas cards.
But as I love glitter I want that too.
So November challenge is....

 A Christmas card with Glitter in some form.
Glitter glue, rhinestones, glitter etc, etc.
The more, the merrier.
Deadline are monday 8th of November, midnight StampARTic time.

Remember our rules.
Newly made cards and for this challenge ONLY! :)
But... you are allowed to participate with more than one.

Before we show inspiration from the team I want to present the prize.
Sponsoring us this time does.
Stämpelkällan has a big selection of stamps and a 
wide range in motifs for all to find something that suits. 
And do not miss that Stämpelkällans blog has a
blogcandy until the 15 November.

Stämpelkällan sponsored us with 2 fabulous prizes 
so there will be 2 lucky winners!
Thank you Stämpelkällan.

Pris nr 1/ Prize nr 1

Pris nr 2/ Prize nr 2 

Inspiration från teamet.
Inspiration from the team.










För att delta i utmaningen, använd Mr. Linky 
genom att skriva in ditt namn och länken till ditt kort.
Deadline för denna utmaning är 8 nov 
och vinnarna kommer att annonseras den 10 nov.
Snälla låt oss nu se din tolkning av 
julkort med glitter i någon form.

To participate in this challenge use Mr. Linky
By writing your name and the link to your card.
Deadline for this challenge är Nov 8th
and the winners will be announced Nov 10th.
Please now let us see your interpretation of a 
Christmas card with glitter in some form. 

Blessings Abound

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Well, my friends, my navel is here under the costume somewhere, and I have a lot of gazing to do, but Samhain is still ongoing, and there are jack-o-lanterns to attend. I hope all of you had a fabulous day. To me, this is the most wonderful time of the year.

Will write more soon.

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Walk of Fame - October 2010

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Det er tid for å presentere kort vi har funnet til Walk of Fame. Som vanlig finner vi de mest fantastiske kreasjoner der ute i bloggverden og det er en stor ære å presentere kortene til 'WoF'

Det är tid att igen presentera våra val av kort till Walk of Fame. Vilken otroligt runda vi har haft. Vi hittade det mest otroligt vackra kort och vi har glädjen att visa kortena vi valt till 'WoF'.

It's time to present to you our choices of cards for Walk of Fame. We did have the most incredible journey looking for cards. It's a pleasure to show our choices for 'WoF'.

On aika kertoa mitkä kortit on tässä kuussa tullut valituksi Walk of Fame joukkoon. Mikä uskomaton blogikierros onkaan takana ja löysimme mitä uskomattomia kortteja. Meillä on kunnia esitellä teille tämän kuun valintamme 'WoF' sarjaan.

Walk of Fame
October 2010

Gratulerer * Congratulations* Onnea

Beneath the Sugar-Coating

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Have a seat! I'll see if there's any pie left in the pantry.

If any of you are wondering why I'm not attending Saturday's March for Sanity, when it's just a little Amtrak hop from Philly, let me just say this: My application was denied.

That's okay. I don't want to be away from home on Samhain. Let's not sugar-coat things. There's a reason for the "spooky" traditions associated with Halloween.

Somewhere I read a snarky remark about the "superstitious Celts," who lit bonfires on Samhain because they were afraid of ghosts.

Just goes to show you that the way you word something can either make it sound brilliant or ridiculous.

So let's re-phrase.

Samhain marks the moment when the veil between the living and the dead grows thin. We wish to commune with Spirits, if those Spirits are loved ones or friends on the other side of the veil. But the existence of those Spirits presupposes that there are other, far less benign Spirits who we'd rather not have crashing around in the spare room.

You can call it superstition if you like, but I would prefer to say that we ought to be frightened of some energy. Not everyone goes peaceful into that long night. So at this time of the year, in addition to feeling my dear friend Tom in my kitchen, helping me tease the parrot, I also protect my home from the evil dead.

(Stop whistling Stevie Wonder! If you don't take Spirits seriously, you deserve their misguided wrath.)

You might ask: How does one protect a home from the evil dead? Well, what do you think that jack-o-lantern is for? And the funny thing is, the Celts didn't have pumpkins! Pumpkins are a New World food. The Celts carved turnips and hung them outside the door. They would have loved pumpkins!

Samhain is a good evening on which to smudge your home with a sage stick. Light the fragrant incense outside for your Ancestors and smudge the interior to keep unwelcome Guests out. There's a darker side to Samhain, under all that sugar-coating. It's the eerie awareness of death, the acceptance of a long tunnel of winter, a submission to the bored God Cernunnos -- He who knows both the bounty and the savagery of the forest. It's time to dance, but choose your partners carefully.

If any of this sounds "backward," then I have a question for you: How is it different from being told, by a guy in a long fancy robe, that some deity is going to come out of the sky and call your loved one up out of the grave ... but only if your loved one followed that deity while alive?

When you get right down to it, any engagement with death can be called "superstitious." None of it is, though. None of it.

Christmas with Maja Design - Day 3:

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Jeg var desværre forhindret i at være med, da de andre piger fra design teamet viste deres kort og andre projekter frem.
Så i dag er det min tur til at vise frem hvad jeg har lavet med den nye jule serie fra Maja Design.

 I was unfortunately unable to join in when the other girls from the design team showed their cards and other projects.
So today it's my turn to show what i made with the new Christmas papers from Maja Design

Her er hvad jeg har lavet:
This is what i made:

Tak til Marie- Maja Design

Thank you Marie. Maja Design

Crazy Halloween Houses!

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Oh my goodness, readers! What can be said about the commercialization of Halloween? The picture above is not of Snobville, but it might as well be. This whole borough is lit up in orange and purple! Big giant spiders in the yards, ghosts hanging from the trees! People are doing up their houses with gaudy decorations!

My three readers will know that I adore crazy Christmas houses. But if this yard-decorating trend continues, I'll just foam at the mouth with glee! Will my golden years include crazy Halloween house crawls? Catch me, I'm fainting!

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Shopping tip october 2010

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Oktober må hända är en lite mörk och regnig månad
men vad passar väl bättre då än lite härlig shopping.
Och eftersom vi gillar att shoppa vill vi dela med 
oss av lite tips på vi har hittat.
Så låt oss gå och shoppa!

October may be a little dark and rainy but
what weather suits more for shopping than that.
And as we like to shop we as usual want to share our tips with you.
So lets go shopping!

Först ut är Donna.
Stora dew drops för 25 DDk

Donna is first out..
Large dew drops for 25 DDK

Marianne kommer sen.
Hon har köpt
Polar white Flower Soft.
Det gör de perfekta snöeffekterna 
på dina projekt.
Hon hittade det hos Joanna Sheen

Mariannes next
She´s bought some 
Polar white Flower soft.
It makes the perfect snow effects on 
your projects.
She found it here at Joanna Sheen
Carolas tips är magiskt..
Eller du kan iallafall dekorera magiskt med det.
Applicera ett hobby lim på ditt projekt och 
strö Diamond Dust över, skaka av överflödet.
Hemligheten med Diamond Dust är
att det inte är ett "plastigt" glitter.
Utan gjort av fint malet glas.
Med skimmer som påminner om diamanter.
Men det betyder också att man 
måste hålla det ifrån små barn.

 Carola´s tip is magic..
Or at least make you decorate like magic with it.
Apply craft glue to object and sprinkle 
with Diamond Dust, shake off excess. 
The secret to Diamond Dust
is that it's not just "plastic" glitter,
it is finely ground glass.
With sparkle that reminds of diamonds.
But that means also that you have to 
keep out of reach from small children.

Behöver lite förvaring.
En ny Mini open Tote från Mackinac Moon passar då bra.
Den inkluderar tre plast lådor som mäter
7,5" lång, 4" bred och 1,25 hög.
Och varje har 6 avdelade sektioner.
Toppen till förvaring av smådekorationer.
Du kan hitta denna hos Glitter pot.
Needs some storage.
A new Mini open Tote from Mackinac Moon does the trick.
Includes three plastic cases that measure 
7,5" long, 4" wide 1,25 high.
And each have six divided sections.
Great for storing embellishments.
You can find this at the Glitter pot

Jorunn gillar punchar 
och detta är en av de nya hon hittat.
Snowflake stor kant stans
Ett perfekt sätt att piffa upp 
både jul och vinter korten.

Jorunn likes punches..
This is one of the new ones she has found.
Snowflake Large Edger punch.
The perfect touch to the Christmas and winter cards.
Rikkes tips
O här kommer det ett par...
Man alla 3 från Tim Holtz Idea-ology..
Nr 1: Tim Holtz Charm clips
Ringar och miniclips för att fästa 
charms, krimskrams och 
andra små saker på dina projekt.

Rikkes tips
Cause it's more than one..
But all from Tim Holtz Idea-ology line
Nr 1:Tim Holtz Charm clips. 
Jump rings and miniclips to attach 
charms, trinkets and other 
small things on you projects.
Nr 2: Tim Holtz Baubles
Pärlor och kristaller.
Vackra dekorationer till dina
pappers- eller smykesprojekt.

Nr 2:Tim Holtz Baubles
Pearls and crystals.
 A pretty embellishment to your 
paper- or jewelry projects .
Och nr 3: Tim Holtz Facets.
Skimmrande slipade stenar
Varje paket innehåller 12 ringar och 
12 fasetterade stenar i olika storlekar.
Hon fann alla 3 tipsen hos

And Nr 3:Tim Holtz Facets.
Shiny cut gems.
Each package includes 12 jump rings 
and 12 facets in various sizes.
She found all three tips at

Jag har hittat ett pappersblock jag är mycket nöjd med.
Jag fullkomligen älskar Webster Pages papper.
Och vad passar väl en kortmakare bättre än ett pappersblock i storleken 6" x 6".
Här är det Waiting for Santa & Sweet season kollektionerna
som är kombinerat till ett pappersblock.
36 dubbelsidiga papper, alla i underbara färger och har ljuvliga mönster.
Jag är i pappershimlen.
Jag fann det hos Scraplagret.
I found a paperpad that I'm very pleased over.
I totally LOVE Webster Pages paper.
But what is better for a cardmaker than a paperpad in 6" x 6".
 Here it's the Waiting for Santa & Sweet season collections 
that are combined in one paper pad.
36 doublesided papers all in pretty colors and beautiful patterns.
I'm in paperheaven.
I bought it at Scraplagret.

Det var shopping tippet denna månaden. 
Hoppas du hittade något du tyckte om!

That was our shopping tips this month. 
Hope you found something you liked!


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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored" at the height of fall colors! I could never live in a place where the seasons don't change. Could you?

Today a substitute teacher who is new to the school walked up to me and said, "I've been thinking about you. You made an impression on me." (We had lunch together once.)

Laughing, I said, "I'm memorable!"

Truth is, I bewitched him.

You read so much about what witches aren't, but very little about what they are, with the notable exception of my friend Hecate and some other serious bloggers.

See? I used the term "bewitched," and perhaps your mind already goes toward something sexual or dark. Actually, it's quite easy to bewitch people, and it is not done to harm them. I do it for mutual aid in almost all cases. In the other cases I do it for self-protection.

As I said, it's very easy to bewitch someone. All you need to do is listen to them talk and be genuinely interested in what they have to say. In the case of mutual aid, the person will trust you and have positive feelings about you. In the case of self-protection, the person will think you find them interesting, and that will deflect negativity.

What did I do to bewitch this substitute teacher? I listened to him tell his life story. It was an interesting story, told with verve and satisfaction, and I rewarded him for it by frankly telling him what a fascinating life he has led. I said very little about myself in the conversation. I concentrated on him.

Before you level the criticism that he might have been flirting, let me whack that idea down with the palm of my hand. I can bewitch a woman as easily, or more easily, than a man. Who ever listens to a woman, in our modern society? I do. And let me tell you, I have any number of women friends who find me "memorable."

I know some men who are quite adept at bewitching. (Again you start on the sex thing, again I smack you silly.) My husband's best friend has the charming ability to make anyone and everyone seem uniquely special. No matter how dull you think your life is, he will ask questions until he finds something in you that you are proud of, and then he celebrates it with you. Once he visited here when The Spare was nine. He spent an hour talking to her ... and she has never forgotten that, or him. And he is like that with everyone. He would not see himself as a witch, because our culture has been taught to hate and fear witches. But what he does is bewitch people. Thoroughly, without thought to personal gain.

What happens to a man who can bewitch people without conscious knowledge that he's doing so? Well, he grows up poor in Chicago, works his way into the journalism business without a college degree, becomes a famous columnist in Chicago, Detroit, and L.A., and winds up living in Palm Springs, married to Dean Martin's daughter. Unconscious magick! You've got to love it. This man deserves all the blessings he has received, and more.

Every day I face the daunting task of bewitching 115 students, age 14 and 15. Wow. Talk about a challenge! It is possible to do it, though. Rather exhausting, but doable.

If you strip the concept of bewitching of its sexual and romantic overtones, it becomes simply this: deep engagement with another person. If you are genuinely interested in other people's lives, a strange thing happens. They start liking you.

Yes, this power can be abused. I'll admit I've used it for my own ends at times. But never, never for sexual or romantic power over another. That would be harmful to myself and the other person. I recently bewitched someone because he has the power to get me fired, and he's a young, immature fellow. Trust me, I am not flirting with this man. I'm trying to alter the power grid.

Like Hecate, I'm tired of reading about what witches don't do. So here's something I actually practice, and do, and believe in. I mean no harm. This is a holy thing.

DT - Stämpelkällan

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Det är dags att säga hej till ett svenskt stämpelföretag; Stämpelkällan!
”Hej hej Stämpelkällan!”
De har ett stort utbud av stämplar och det finns med största säkerhet motiv som passar alla!
Vi har fått nöjet att arbeta med lekfulla stämplar från Stämpelkällan och korten vi gjort vill vi
visa Er idag
Men först, en liten introduktion om stämpelföretaget Stämpelkällan;
”Stämpelkällan är ett företag med E-handel där vi säljer motivstämplar tillverkade av våra
uktiga stämpeldesigners.
Vi som äger Stämpelkällan heter Anna & Annika.
Jag, Annika, har pysslat med denna underbara hobby i ca 12 år.
På resans gång har jag hunnit med att starta upp en fysisk butik, numera nedlagda
Och det var under den tiden där som jag träffade Anna. Sprudlande av energi och inspiration
förgyllde hon många dagar på Stämpelboden. När det sedan bestämdes att Boden skulle
läggas ner, det är ju svårt att kombinera en fysisk butik med ett heltidsarbete, föll det sig
naturligt att vi två på ett eller annat sätt skulle fortsätta ett samarbete, under vilka former
visste vi till en början inte.

Men efter att vi träffade San och Chris, som ritar många av våra motiv, var saken klar!!!!
Deras fantastiska skapelser måste bara visas upp för omvärlden. Så allt detta mynnade så småningom ut i Stämpelkällan,
som för oss verkligen är en riktig glädjekälla!

Vi hoppas på att även andra skall finna glädje i att skapa med hjälp av våra motiv,
vi vet ju att det ligger mycket kärlek bakom dem.”

Gör gärna ett besök hos oss på;

Hälsningar Anna & Annika

It's time to say hello to a Swedish stampcompany; Stämpelkällan!
"Hey there Stämpelkällan!"
They have a wide selection of stamps and there are certainly motifs who suits most of the
We are privileged to work with playful stamps from Stämpelkällan and we would love to show
you all the cards we have done!
But first, a small introduction about the company Stämpelkällan;

“Stämpelkällan is a company with a webshop, where we sell motif stamps designed by our
talented Stampdesigners.
Anna & Annika is our names and we are they who owns Stämpelkällan.

I, Annika, have been busy with this wonderful hobby for about 12 years.
On the journey I've managed to started a physical store, Stämpelboden, but it´s closed now.
And it was during that time I met Anna. Bursting with energy and inspiration she embellished
many days at Stämpelboden. When it was settled that the shed was going to be shut down,
it's difficult to combine a physical store with a full-time job, it was natural that the two of us
in one way or another would continue cooperation, the manner in which we didn´t know in
the beginning.
But after our meeting with San and Chris, which draws many of our motives, was it clear!!
Their amazing creations have to be shown to the rest of the world.
So all this eventually resulted in Stämpelkällan, which for us is truly a real joy!
We hope that others will find joy in creating with our motives, because we know that there
are a lot of love behind them."

Please visit us at;

Greetings from Anna & Annika

And now, the cards we have made with stamps from Stämpelkällan;










010.jpg Maissi picture by StampARTic



Stort tack till Stämpelkällan!!!

Big thanks to Stämpelkällan!!!

written by Petra~Paradise

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