Sketch challenge in March

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It's time for sketch challenge since it's the first of March today. Unik scrap has sponsored us a great surprise prize for the winner.

Maaliskuu alkaa tänään ja tänään on myöskin aika uuden mallipiirros haasteen.
Tämän haasteen voittaja saa Unik scrap sponsoroiman hienon yllätyspalkinnon.

And here's the wonderful sketch from Marianne and I hope you'll have lots of fun with it.

Ja tässä Mariannen tekemä kaunis mallipiirros, jonka toivomme innostavan teitä kortin tekoon.

Here's the creations we made in the Design Team using this sketch

Tässä Design Tiimimme tekemät kortit mallipiirrosta hyödyntäen.

The deadline is March 8th 2010 at midnight StampARTic time.

Korttien tulee olla linkitettynä tähän artikkeliin viimeistään maaliskuun 8. päivä keskiyöllä StampARTicin aikaa.

To participate, leave your name and link in the Mister Linky scheme.
Remember to link directly to your card.
Osallistuaksesi jätä nimesi ja linkki korttiin Mister Linkyyn. Muistathan laittaa linkin suoraan korttiisi.

Let's Play Catch-Up

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," daily delivery of delightful deities! I'm your host, Anne Johnson. Anne Johnson is my real name. When I was in high school, my best friend was Lisa Jones. Which proves that my mom wasn't the only woman with no imagination.

I'm getting a feeling that I have two or three new readers. So, as we enter Holy Buzzard Week, now is a good time to re-hash what we at "The Gods Are Bored" are all about.

My name is Anne Johnson (see above).

In 2005 I read a newspaper article about a woman who got all her vet bills paid by readers of her blog. I thought to myself, "Well, I don't have a dog, but you never know. I might some day get a dog. Better fire up a blog, because vets are expensive."

I still don't have a dog. So, why do I blog?

It's simple, really. It all comes down to jealousy.

In the Bible, God admits he's jealous. He tells his followers not to have any other deities but Him. All right, so that just proves there are other deities. How many of these deities are sitting around watching the sweep hand on a clock with absolutely nothing to do because God cornered the praise and worship market?

Usually this is the place in this sermon where I go into a riff about Gods and Goddesses selling knockoff Prada bags from kiosks in Manhattan. They're immortal, after all. They  have to do something! Instead, today, I'm going to take this into a more serious track.

If your ancient ancestors lived anywhere but the Middle East, chances are that you don't hearken back to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. If these three men lived at all (and there is some lively debate on that issue, particularly in the case of Abraham), they were leaders of a Semitic tribe located along the eastern Mediterranean. Where were your ancestors in those days? Did they herd for Isaac? Where did they fish -- the Sea of Galilee or the English Channel?

Well, you say. What difference does it make if my ancestors lived in Ireland, or Norway, or the Smoky Mountains in the days of yore? I'm here to tell you. Just as if you put your ear to a seashell to hear the ocean roar, so should you put your ear to your soul to hear the voices of the gods. Your ancestors' gods, not someone else's ancestor's gods. There's been no end of boredom dealt out to deities in the name of religious "progress."

 Fact of the matter is, for quite some time I've wondered what exactly about Yahweh is superior to any other deity, and if He is superior, then why is He jealous? Is the prettiest cheerleader in the high school jealous of the nerdy, pimpled, unpopular girl? What does this perpetually busy and popular God have to fear from the other Immortals out there?

When I first began "The Gods Are Bored," I meant for it to be a place where people would be encouraged to do two things:

1. Use ancient ancestry as a road map to discovery of holiness, and

2. Pay reverent attention to all deities whose aims are true.

Of course, what I've wound up writing about over the past four years is vastly more important stuff like supersized flatware, mending upholstery, rat finks, night school, politics, kittens, and ... drum roll ... buzzards, buzzards, buzzards! You might say I'm off topic more often than I'm on topic.

Truth be told, it didn't take me long to realize that a web log is the perfect place to battle the blues with laughter. By the time someone asked me to synchroblog photographs of my house, and I Google Imaged "trailer park," "landfill," "velvet Elvis painting" and "outhouse," I knew I had found a silly soapbox, not a serious one.

I'm totally human, with all the problems the human race dishes out. I've just decided that my work here at "The Gods Are Bored" will not be to pick away at heartache with tweezers ... not to devote my energies to one particular praise and worship team ... not to hang my dirty linen out to dry ... but to shake my fist at my troubles and laugh! Laugh!

In other words, let the world crumble around me. I'll still sit here and write about upholstery, rat finks, and vultures. With an eye to making us all laugh. Laughter is the best medicine, and I, Dr. Anne Johnson, prescribe it in copious quantities! Pay at the register. This pharmacy is never closed.

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Winner of the second challenge in February.

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Wow............Thank you so much for all the beautiful and amazing creations you have made for this challenge. It has been so difficult for us to choose a winner among all the stunning cards and boxes you have made. We all had several favourites, but we had to choose only one.

Wow........... tusind tak for alle de flotte og fantastiske bidrag til udfordringen. Det har været utroligt svært for os at vælge en vinder blandt alle de smukke kort og æsker i har lavet. Vi havde alle flere favoritter, men vi blev jo nødt til at vælge en.


The prize is sponsored by....

Præmien er sponseret af.... 

and is this lovely set of stamps
og er dette flotte sæt stempler

and the winner is...........
og vinderen er...............

















with this beautiful creation

Congratulations Carola. Please send your address to to receive your prize.

Tillykke Carola. Send din adresse til så sender vi din præmie.

Tomorrow we will have a new sketch challenge for you, with a lovely sketch made of Marianne.

I morgen har vi en ny skitseudfordring til jer, med en flot skitse lavet af Marianne

International Rat Fink Day

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored" on International Rat Fink Day!

All right, I have no authority to declare International Rat Fink Day. Guilty as charged. I own a few late models. My sis has some vintage ones. But we're certainly not Grand Wazoos in the Ed "Big Daddy" Roth cult of the wicked hot rod. If you've never looked at original Rat Fink artwork, and you're contemplating worship of some excessively elaborate bored deity, you can check out this site or this one. And if those links work, no Fink is a jerk!

Here are some requested photos of my sister's Rat Finks doing the electric slide. And classically swilling a little too much Fink champagne, thereby going into a funk.

Wednesday was one of the hardest work days of my entire life. I hadn't had such a tough gig since 1999. During the school day I had four teachers, a consultant, and my department supervisor in my 7th period class. They had come in to watch me ask 17 kids under the age of 17 to sit absolutely still and not move a muscle for five minutes. (It was to experience what complete muscular disability would be like.) My department supervisor was not supposed to be there -- this was supposed to be a teacher-watching-teacher opportunity. But the supervisor came, not in an official capacity, mind you ......

Hey. Supervisors have to supervise. They've got to grade something, they're all ex-teachers!

I took a huge chance with my students. They could have crucified me. I even told them, the day before, that this was their chance to hang me out to dry if they hated me.

They don't hate me. They sailed right through the lesson, saying and doing all the right things. The objective of the lesson was to interest them in reading a slight piece of fiction called Stuck in Neutral. By the end of the class, they were fairly drooling over the book and vowing to read it in one sitting (which is entirely possible, it's only 114 pages long).

After being observed, I was "debriefed" by the teachers, consultant, and supervisor. They liked the lesson. The veteran teachers noted that they would never have attempted something like that with their students. (I didn't attempt it either with my other sophomore classes. You've gotta know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.)

After that hurdle, I had to go to (key audio, "Stooge Sounds") night school, for another lengthy lecture by Mr. Bigwand. At least this time he didn't exhort a bunch of penniless teachers of penniless students to travel the globe. But he did repeat all his other mantras. They're too numerous to mention. Actually I would mention them if I could remember them, but at my age you've either learned to tune things out, or you've gone into in-patient psychotherapy.

Murphy's Law being what it is, I also had to do my teaching demonstration that evening. Like I hadn't been on stage enough that day! Oh! The humiliation! There's nothing like trying to give an entertaining lecture on raising foster kittens to a room full of exhausted, stressed, and Bigwand-bored first-year teachers on the far end of their 12-hour day!

Mr. Bigwand rarely says anything mean about his students' silly little game-playing lessons. He liked mine. The class did too -- no, actually they would have said anything to get out of that room and home to their kith and kin. They sprinted for the door the minute Bigwand said, "See you next week for another thrilling story of my adventures in the Coast Guard."

I was packing up my cat carrier and found myself next-to-last to leave the room. Ah. Bigwand cornered me and showered me with delightful anecdotes about his departed kitty. Under any other circumstances, with any other person, I would have loved to hear a few new cat stories. But this is Mr. Bigwand. If you own a cat, he owns a celebrated, highly-intelligent and peerlessly bred cat. If your cat knocked over a vase, his knocked over an entire rack of bar glasses and sat in the shards purring.

The kicker was being unable to get out of the Catholic School parking lot because of all the SUVs and snowdrifts making it impossible to K-turn. Who needs to die to go to hell, I ask you?

Then I came home to all your kind comments. Thank you, my friends! The whole reason I wrote that post was to feel your presence as I marched through a grueling day. You were there with me, every step of the way.

That being the case, you had to go to night school with me. I have to apologize for Mr. Bigwand. You see, he wanted to be a preacher. Instead he became a teacher. Sadly, he's a long-winded creature. Without a redeeming feature.

Back to Rat Finks. You give me a sandbox and a dozen Rat Finks, and I'll show you how to spend an afternoon in an alternate universe without ever hitting a computer key. Forget all about the collectible crap! I'll make them a castle. With a moat!

Walk of Fame February 2010

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Det er tid for å presentere kort vi har funnet til Walk of Fame. Som vanlig finner vi de mest fantastiske kreasjoner der ute i bloggverden og det er en stor ære å presentere kortene til 'WoF'
Det är tid att igen presentera våra val av kort till Walk of Fame. Vilken otrolig runda vi har haft. Vi hittade det mest otroligt vackra kort och vi har glädjen att visa kortena vi valt till 'WoF'.

It's time to present to you our choices of cards for Walk of Fame. We did have the most incredible journey looking for cards. It's a pleasure to show our choices for 'WoF'.

On aika kertoa mitkä kortit on tässä kuussa tullut valituksi Walk of Fame joukkioon. Blogissa surffailessa törmää mitä ihanimpiin juttuihin. Meillä on kunnia esitellä teille tämän kuun valintamme 'WoF' sarjaan.
Walk of Fame  
Februar 2010
February 2010
Gratulerer * Congratulations * Onnittelut

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Mer DT Nyheter ~ More DT News...

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Som veldig mange sikkert har fått med seg har Ulrica fjernet bloggen sin og tatt seg en internett pause. 
Dette fikk jo naturligvis effekt for DT oppdraget hennes for StampARTic også, og vi stod med ett DT medlem i manko.
Vi har søkt litt gjennom arkivet vårt, og der dukket det opp en gjestedesigner, som vi bet oss merke i og som vi nå hentet frem igjen... 
Vi er så stolte og glad for at 

har takket ja til en DT plass her hos oss. 

Lene lager de lekreste kreasjoner og vi ser frem til å samarbeide med henne!
Vi takker også Ulrica for den korte perioden du var innom oss, vi savner deg, men vi har forståelse og respekt for din bestemmelse. 

As many of you may have noticed, ulrica has deleted her blog and withdrawn herself from the internet-life.
This had of course an effect on us in StampARTic too, as we all of a sudden where 1 DT member short. 
We went searching through our files and archives and all of a sudden a past Guest Designer pop up, we noticed her already a year ago when she visited us...
We are so honored and happy that 
has accepted our invitation to join our Design Team.

Lene makes the most gorgeous creations, and we are really looking forward to working with her.
We send our thanks and regards to Ulrica, and of course we miss you, but we understand and respect your decision.

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The One and Only Billy Shears

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," planting primroses along Memory Lane since John, Paul, George, and Ringo were Satanic! Honestly, do you really believe that "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" is about a kid's picture?

Tonight, for reasons known only to her, my daughter The Spare hauled out my old Beatles records. I mean records. Those round, black things with grooves in them. Some time ago, Mr. Johnson bought a record player, and Spare got that up and spinning. The music sounds so different!

It sounds like a younger me.

I just love the first songs on "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." And my favorite ... possibly my all-time Beatles favorite ... is "With a Little Help from My Friends."

Wow, I'm one unique puppy, eh?

Hearing that song come out of a tinny record player, from the records I spun when I was in college, made me think of all the friends I've had over the years. The tall and the small. The meek and the bold. The jokers and the smokers and the midnight tokers. The ones who walked away, and the ones who stayed.

And you. And you, and you, and you.

I have met wonderful people through this web site. I've gotten comments from people I thought of as heroes (Isaac Bonewits, Rodger Cunningham). I've had drinks with a few of you and met others at the Fairie Festival at Spoutwood. I've learned to love the Dallas Cowboys from you.

I get by with a little help from my friends, with a little help from my friends.

Stay with me, won't you?

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Free Advice on How To Turn Your Cat into a Dog

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" In this post, we're determined to entertain the bored gods -- and you!

We all know the difference between dogs and cats. Dogs are slaves. Cats have slaves. And you're the slave! Aren't you sick of it? Want to turn the tables?

I, Anne Johnson, can give you a tip that will make your cats sit up and beg. They'll follow you around loyally. Heck, if you use it right, they'll fetch your newspaper and slippers. What I am about to reveal is a food item that turns ordinary house cats into groveling wretches. If you've lived with cats as long as I have, you're really ready to see them humbled.

This is Ninben brand Dried Shaved Bonito. I purchase mine at the convenient Korean grocery store in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Dried shaved bonito could better be described as fish flakes. Stinky fish flakes. Korean cooks use them as soup stock, and I can imagine that combined with water and vegetables, dried shaved bonito becomes somewhat more palatable. In the form you see here, however, the stuff smells like a pack of kippers left out too long on a sunny day.

Never mind what Ninben Dried Shaved Bonito smells like. You want your cats to make asses of themselves, don't you? Okay then. Go to the Asian grocery store, purchase a big bag of fish flakes, bring it home, hold your nose, and call Fluffy. She will swoon. Then she'll be your bitch for life. Wherever you take the stinky fish flakes, she will call home.

In this way, my daughter The Spare convinced our cat, Alpha, to be a nightly bed companion. Spare doesn't even need to put out a bowl of fish flakes anymore. Alpha just sits there every night, hoping Spare will deliver.

Don't be fooled by those expensive cans of "Kitty Caviar." You know what that is? Dried bonito flakes! Cheap as all that in any Asian grocery!

Yes, you can make your cat do stupid pet tricks if you offer bonito flakes as a reward. Nothing is too stupid if it leads to fish flakes. Trust me, this treat goes where catnip never can. It turns the proudest animal on the planet into a drooling, fawning toady. And since people don't suck up to us, our cats should. Shouldn't they?

As usual here at "The Gods Are Bored," this handy advice is offered completely free of charge. Are you loving us yet?

Shopping tip February

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Det är redan februari och igen tid för shoppingtips.
I februari har vi haft lite mer över i plånboken att spendera så
här kommer ett välfyllt shopping tip från StampARTic teamet.

Först ut är Ulrica med dessa hörn och kanst stansar från Martha Stewart.
De är bland de nya puncharna som kommit från Martha Stewart
och de finns en hel del olika utföranden.
De är lätta att använda och gör underbara kanter på dina projekt.

Ulrica köpte sin på
Scrapbruket. Där du också kan köpa några av de andra designerna.

It´s already february and again time for some shopping tips.

In february we have a little more in the pocket to spend so here
comes a well filled shopping tip from the StampARTic team.

First up are Ulrica with this Corner and Edge punch from Martha Stewart.
These are among the new punches from Martha Stewart and there are
a lot of new different designs.
Easy to use and to make the most beautiful edges on projects.
Ulrica bought this at Scrapbruket. Where you also can find a few more designs.

Andren ut är Charlotte.
Hon är också ett stort fan av Martha Stewart stansar
och gillar dessa nya stämpla och stansa puncharna.
Först stämplar man ett av motiven som
medföljer sen stansar man ut det.
Hon har köpt sin hos Hobbyboden

Second up are Charlotte.
She is also a big fan of Martha Stewart punches
and likes these new punch and stamp punches.
First you stamp one of the designs that follows the punch
and the you punch it out.
She bought it hers at the shop Hobbyboden

Jag tror Aija och Carola har shoppat tillsammans igen för båda vill tipsa
om denna stämpeldyne förvaring.
Den är från Cropper Hopper.

I think Aija and Carola went shopping together again because both of them
wants go give us a tip of this stamp pad holder.
It´s from Cropper Hopper.

När vi ändå pratar förvaring vill Aija dela med sig av hennes klipp.
Från ett förvarings avdelningen på varuhus kan man hitta alla
möjliga lådor/askar (osv) som också kan
användas att organisera pysselmaterial.
I Finland kan man hitta denna på
Koti Masku för priset av 3,5 euro.
Perfekt till bla blommor.

While we are on the subject of storage Aija wants to share a bargain she have found.
From storage departments you can find all kinds of boxes which also can be used to organize crafting materials. In Finland you can get this one from Koti Masku for prize of 3,50 eur.
Perfect storage for ex flowers.

Carola är nästan över månen glad över hennes nya stämpel förvaring.
The Impression Urban Stamps Tote.
En lätt och mjuksidad väska med yttermåtten
15,25 " x 7" x 11,625" (eller 38,7 cm x 17,7 cm x 29,5 cm)
Kan köpas på bland
Unik scrap och Craftica

Carola are almost over the moon happy for her new stamp storage.
The Impression Urban Stamp Tote.
A soft-sided lightweight tote bag with an overall dimension
of 15.25" x 7" x 11.625" (or 38.7 cm x 17.7 cm x 29.5 cm)
Can for example be bought at

Unik scrap and Craftica

Öppen väska med massor av bra förvaring för dina stämplar
och allt annat(bla verktyg) man behöver när man stämplar.

Open bag with lots of great storage for your stamps
and all the tools you need for stamping.

Petra visar hennes tip från Panduro.
Vaxad lintråd
Petra säger:
-" Denna tråd är såå bra för man kan böja den hur man vill och den stannar så!"

Petra found a great tip to show us from Panduro.
It´s waxed thread.
She says: "
-This thread is so good because you can bend it like you want and it stays that way!"

Här är två kort där hon använt vaxad lintråd.

Here are two cards where she used the waxed thread.

Marianna har denna månad köpt
några av de här dekorativa bären att dekorera kort och projekt med.
De är från Kort& Godt

Marianne have this month bought some
of these decorative berries to decorate cards and projects with.
They are from Kort& Godt

Rikke's tip are these beautiful checkered ribbon from May Arts
with wrinkle edge. The ribbon is elastic.
She got it from Papirloftet

Och sist men inte minst.
Jorunn, har 2 tip's denna gång.
Ultrafint Flower soft, vilket är mycket finare korn på än orginalet.
Flower soft har ochs satt ihop en linje stämplar vid namnet "Moments in time",
Och de är perfekta att kombinera med ultrafint flower soft.
Bilderna är nostalgiska och underbara.
Kling-on kommer med stämplarna när man köper dem.
Hon har köpt sina hos 7kidsCollagefund

And then last but not least..
Jorunn have 2 tip's.
Ultra fine flower soft, which is much finer then the original.
Flower soft has also put together a new line of stamps called "Moments in time",
and they are perfect to combine with flower soft.
The images are nostalgic and adorable.
Kling-on cushioning is included with each stamp.
She bought it from 7kidsCollagefund.

Detta är vad Jorunn säger:
-"Vem har inte kämpat med stansar som är hårda på trycka ner??
Jag vet att det har jag... och nu har McGill gjort en lösning... en extra kraftarm hjälp!
Perfekt för de svåra puncharna vi dragit oss för at använda... det är tid att damma av dem,
och börja använda dem igen med den nya hjälpen!"
Denna finns också på 7kidscollagefund

This is what Jorunn says:
-"Who has not struggled with them punches that is so hard to press down??
I know I have... and McGill has made a solution.. a strongarm punch assistant!
Perfect for the hard punches we dread to use..time to dust them off,
and start using them again with the assistant!"
Also this from 7kidscollagefund.
Det var alla tips vi hade för februari.
Vi är tillbaka i mars med ännu mer tip's
om vad kanske varje kortmakare bör ha.

Tills dess varför inte hälsa på en av våra härliga sponsorer?
De finns alla i höger sidmeny.
Ha kul och shoppa lugnt!

That was all the tips we got for February.
We are back in march with even more tip's
on what maybe every cardmaker should have.

Until that why not visit one of our great sponsors?
They are all in the right sidebar menu.

Have fun shopping!

Candles at Dusk

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Are you looking for a deity to praise and worship? Our Gods and Goddesses must pass rigorous, continuous, and unscheduled evaluations in which we measure disciple satisfaction and engagement with all sacred practice...

Wait a minute. Scratch that. Sounds like a textbook for teacher training. You need a deity? We'll serve you. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Yesterday the Shrine of the Mists partly emerged from its thick mantle of snow. This evening I re-lit the candle to Cernunnos, the Horned One, guardian of the forests. As luck would have it, the thrift store had one each red, blue, green, and white candle -- it's been too snowy to get to Woodstock Trading Company for Quarters candles. But now I have some, and they are kindled to the Quarters and dedicated to Queen Brighid the Bright, Goddess of the home and hearth.

I also pray peace from the Quarters. Perhaps you've noticed this: Without peace, nothing gets done.

My practice, as I have said before, is very simple. I light candles, I salute the Quarters, I honor Danu and Bile, Brighid and Cernunnos. My only prayer is for peace throughout the world.

I've never accepted the notion that someone -- human or divine -- died to take my sins away. My sins are my own. They are my responsibility. I must work to make myself better and more pleasing to my deities. Just a little "I'm sorry" is not enough.

There's no solid rock under my feet, because even rock crumbles. Sand is nothing but tiny bits of rock. So I move with life and try to do my best not to harm anyone. I don't think that eating a little piece of blessed bread and drinking a little cup of blessed wine is going to cleanse me. For that cleansing I'll need my own scrub brush and a mirror, so I can see what needs to be washed away.

As I light my dusk candles and pray for peace, I'm including in my prayers the inner peace we all need to do our work. Without peace, nothing gets done.

Off I go into another week of my life. I'm led by deities that ask me to consider the value of knowledge, justice, and the love of divine and all goodness.

Goodness! It's my responsibility.What a daunting task! But it must be done. With peace first, so the doing is possible.

My friends, may your deities be lights in your lives. May you be a light to Them, easing Their boredom and giving them cause to rejoice. So might it be.

O Come, All Ye Faithful

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Greetings From Wenonah!

We just wanted to let you know that East Coast Vulture Festival 2010
is right around the corner
Saturday, March 6th!

In its 5th year, this annual event
— celebrating a very strange looking bird —
 is the only thing like it on the East Coast!

The  Festival is in two parts.
First is a free of charge Vulture Day Children's Fair 
at the Wenonah Community Center
 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Featuring live birds and other animals presented by naturalists from Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge, the fair also includes crafts, games, nature talks, displays and guided walks to the roost.

The Festival finishes with the "Evening Roost"
  at the Wenonah Elementary School
 6:30 - 10:00 p.m.

“Animals With Bad Reputations” featuring live animals will be presented by
The Academy of Natural Sciences.
 One Heart, a drumming group will present traditional American Indian songs,
dances and stories.
 Music and an original vulture skit round out the Evening Roost.
Fruit salad, elegant deserts and beverages will be served.

The evening event is a fund raiser to support Environmental Education in our schools.
VEE (Vulture Environmental Education) Grants
 are awarded to local teachers for  environmental programs in their schools and classrooms.

Tickets for the Evening Roost must be ordered in advance.
The cost is $18 for adults and $10 for children.

Festival T-shirts are available, but MUST be pre-ordered by February 27th.
They are $12 each (*$13 for 2X & 3X.)

For more information go to our website

To order Tickets or T-shirts email us at
or call 856-468-6536.

Hope to see you in March!

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~ Readers Gallery ~

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Välkommen till vårt andra nummer av Readers gallery.
Vi ser fram emot att visa upp kort som våra läsare har skapat med
inspiration av våra artiklar här på StampARTic.

Welcome to our second article of Readers gallery.
We are looking forward to Showcase cards our readers have made with
inspiration from our articles here at StampARTic.

Lisbeth har använt sig av Charlottes lykta tutorial som inspirationskälla till detta kort:
Lisbeth has used Charlottes lantern tutorial as inspiration to this card:

Lisbeth har använt sig av Mariannes julekurv tutorial som inspirationskälla till detta kort:
Lisbeth has used Mariannes Christmas basket tutorial as inspiration to this card:

Se vad fint det blir när Lisbeth har använt en kanelstång på kortet.

Look how nicely Lisbeth has used a cinnamon stick to the card.

Karita har använt sig av både SasSa's bakgrundstutorial och
Carolas "spincard"-tutorial som inspirationskälla till detta kort:
Karita has used both SasSa's background tutorial and
Carolas spincard tutorial as inspiration to this card:

En tutorial som blev väldigt omtyckt var Gry's mosaik-kortstutorial.
Vi fick många härliga bidrag skapat utefter den och vi vill självklart visa alla!

A tutorial that went very much appreciated was Gry's mosaic-cardtutorial.
We got many lovely contributions made after it and of course we want to show them all!

Här kommer dem:
Here they come:

Marielle Jakobsen:

Ida Melby:

Lova att du fortsätter att skicka e-mail till oss eller lämna en kommentar
om du har inspirerats av någon av våra artiklar.
Vi ser fram emot att visa upp ditt projekt i vårt magasin!

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