November challenge

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The autumn has nearly passed and winter is approaching. I just love the cold mornings with the crispy air! The time just before the first snow is kind of magical.

It's time for novembers challenge and this time we are going to have a Monochromatic card challenge! That means you can only use ONE colour for your whole card. Offcourse in different shades, black and white are allowed but can not take over. It's not allowed to use a different skin or haircolour, than the colour that you have chosen.

The november challenge is sponsored by Mollys Scrapbooking 
The winner gets a lovely Molly kit!

Mollys Scrapbooking started out as a kit club. At the beginning we only had colourfull kits every month, but after a while we added shabby chic kits. Now we have taken it a step further and become a webshop. This way we can give our customers everything they need for their scrapbooking.
My name is Lilo and I'm the owner if Mollys Scrapbooking. I've been scrapping for many years, designed for different swedish and american shops and a swedish scrap magazine. To run Mollys Scrapbooking is a dream that have come true and we want to wish all customers a warm welcome!

Here's some inspiration from the Design Team:

 I made a purple card. Although the flowers looks blueish, I can assure you that they are purple! It's just so hard to get a good pitcure this time a year ;)


I made a mustard yellow card, I love this colour in Autumn.




I decided to make a green card. I think he looks like a little alien from the Mars, but still so cute:)



I went a little safe with my black theme...


I chose to make a GREEEN card :)...if you happen see any yellowish roses, I can guarantee that they are lime green :) !

To enter the challenge, please leave your name and link in Mr.Linky below.

Deadline is the 8th november at midnight, StampARTic time.

Good luck!!

Our new designers

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First I want to say a big thank you to all of you that participated in our DT call challenge. You all made so beautiful creations, and I would like to have you all on the team! But we only need three designers, so we had to choose. Believe me, this was not easy!

But our choice has been made, and I am so proud and happy to introduce our new designers:
Åsa, Bettina and Henrikke.
A big welcome to all three of you, we are so happy to have you on our team!


Jag heter Åsa Danielsson (aka Scraphorse på nätet) och är 35 år och bor i Dalarna, Sverige med min sambo och våra tre barn. Jag hittade denna fantastiska hobby för tre år sedan i samband med min sons dop. Och nu är jag fast!!
Jag gör mestadels kort, pga av min stora glädje i att färglägga motiv. Men jag gör också mycket tags, minialbum och alter.
Det är en stor ära att få vara en del av StampARTic och jag hoppas kunna inspirera Er tillsammans med detta underbara team.


My name is Åsa Danielsson (aka Scraphorse online) and Im 35 years old and live in Dalarna, Sweden with my "hubby" and our three children. I found this amazing hobby three years ago for my son's baptism. And now I'm stuck!
I do mostly cards, because of my great joy in color motifs. But I do much tags, mini albums and alter too.
It's a great honor to be part of StampARTic and I hope to inspire you together with this wonderful team.

Here is the beautiful card Åsa made for the challenge.

Mitt navn er Henrikke og jeg er 21 år gammel. For tiden bor jeg i Queensland i Australia sammen med kjæresten min. Jeg har akkurat startet mitt tredje år på allmennlærer og bestemte meg for å ta dette på Universitet her på Sunshine Coast. Jeg begynte å scrappe for omtrent tre år siden og siden det har jeg vært helt hektet. Lageret og kreativitene har vokst i et. Jeg elsker vintage, perler, blomster og bånd. Favorittfargene mine er babyblå, babyrosa, fersken, krem-farge, lys gul, kraft-brun og hvit. En gang i blant så dukker det opp noe som er helt annerledes, men dette er vanligvis de fargene jeg liker å holde på med. For øyeblikket er jeg en del av tre andre designteam i tillegg til StampARTic. Det har alltid vært en drøm å være med i StampARTic fordi teamet her er fantastisk flinke. De har noen flotte tutorials, inspirasjonsbidrag og viser oss nydlige og nye teknikker. Jeg vr kjempe glad for at jeg ble valgt og jeg ser virkelig frem til å begynne å jobbe med disse jentene.
Klem fra Henrikke

My name is Henrikke and I am a 21 year old girl. For the moment I live in Queensland in Australia with my boyfriend. I´ve just started my third year of my degree and desiced to take on year on the University of Sunshine Coast. I started scrapping for about 3 years ago and I was taken. Since that they my storage and my creativity has grown. I love vintage, flowers, perles and laces. My favorite colors are baby blue, baby pink, peach, light yellow, ivory, craft-brown and white. Now and than it pops up a completly different, but that´s the way I normally go. Currently I am a part of three other design teams, pluss StampARTic. It´s always been a dream to be a part of StampARTic because of the why they have shown the rest of the world techniques, tutorials and given us ideas. I was so happy when I was picked and I am really looking forward to designing with these amazing girls.
Hugs from Henrikke

Here is the beautiful card Henrikke made for the challenge.


My name is Bettina Billung and i live in Sweden with hubby and 2 kids.
I have been crafting for almoust 2 years, actually im having a 2 year celebreation in November, yay.
I still feel like a newbie.
I wanna try and do it all. Sometimes it workes out fine but then sometimes you can see that im still a newbie, it just doesent turn out the way i had pictured it in mind,lol! still so much to learn, and i just cant wait.

Most of my inspiration i get from you. I love bloghopping. Wow, there so much talant out there. And i have gotten so many wonderful friends too. Its really amazing, how i feel like i can talk to you about anything and i havent even met you,lol
oke, that was just a little about me.

Just gotta tell you tho, that its 3 a clock in the middle of the night when im printing this, so im really not sure what im babbeling about,lol.
Im really happy to be apart of this amazing and talanted team and i hope that i will be able to inspire you.
thank you so much for letting me in on this journey.
BIG hugs bettina

Here is the beautiful card Bettina made for the challenge.

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Our Holy Days

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," Samhain 2011 edition! I'm your hostess with the ghostess, Anne Johnson. Honestly, that is the name I was graced with at birth. Its anonymity is brilliant.

We interrupt our state-by-state magickal clean-up behind Cindy Jacobs and her army of blood-flinging Crusaders in order to do some more immediate damage control.

On Samhain Eve, Ms. Jacobs is live-streaming a prayer event for the whole evening. A coincidence that she picked our holy night? BAMP! This clueless female looks out on Halloween and sees evil, evil, evil. Poor thing. Someone should buy her a blankie.

In the rare possibility that some of her warriors are checking out this site (and with the comfortable knowledge that a few Pagans visit here from time to time), I'm just going to do a quick outline of the holy days that General Jacobs deems evil. I'll write on a really readable level so any fighter for the busy god can understand.

1. Do you miss your dearly departed grandmother? I sure do. On these first frosty nights of the coming winter, the veil between worlds grows thin, and a discerning person can feel Granny's love all around. In the kitchen, by the stove. In the yard, by the garden. Granny, I can feel you. That's what Samhain is really all about, Charlie Brown.

Now, Christian readers. Tell me you have never felt your departed loved ones at your side in times of need. Right. You do. We all do. No evil involved. None.

2. Samhain recognizes the reality of death, of crossing over the divide. This is the fear factor: ghosts, skeletons, spider webs, scary costumes. What we are really coming to grips with here (and what we're inviting our children to do) is to face our fears and accept them as a normal condition of life. Without the inevitability of death, and the curiosity about what lies beyond, we would not appreciate life. But we don't want to walk around scared all the time, so we set aside the scares until Halloween.

Christian readers. Tell me that you are not one bit afraid of ghosts. Well, guess what? Neither am I! Death and the Beyond are part of every tradition. Don't believe me? Go to church on Good Friday.

3. Samhain marks the moment in the year when the crops have been brought in from the fields. Remember, our traditions come from Northern Europe, where the growing season was pretty much as it is here. But this is not a harvest festival. This is a stock-taking moment. This is that exact instance when we look in the larders and know whether or not we have enough food to get us through the winter. If we do, we're happy. If we don't, we pray to Cernunnos to have pity and spare us over till another year.

Christian readers. Tell me that you don't pray to your god when you lose your job, when you don't have enough money to make ends meet. Is this evil? Or do you petition on behalf of your loved ones, the people whose lives depend upon you?

4. Samhain is the original New Year's Eve and is thus celebrated as a favorite holiday throughout America. Go ahead and try to shut it down. This isn't May Day with a few pretty girls weaving ribbons around a pole. This is Halloween. It's a huge, huge industry of costumes, decorations, candy, party goods, and traditions. Cancel Halloween, and the Navajo Nation will lose the enormous income it derives from planting and harvesting pumpkins. And that's the tip of the iceberg.

Christian readers. If you choose not to celebrate Halloween, all hail. You do what you gotta do. But don't make other American families feel guilty and evil if they want their kids to have a good time. This is a sensible celebration with roots so deep you will never pull them out of our collective soil. Don't even try, except within the walls of your own wacky community.

5. One final shot across the bow: Halloween is celebrated in schools! If you don't want your kid to dress up in a costume and go eat sweet treats with friends, you have to keep the kid home that day. Might cause a little resentment in your tot. You know why? Because there is absolutely no harm, none none NONE, in Halloween! When did socially-sanctioned fun become an evil thing? Oh pleeeeze.

The moral of this sermon is that most Christians celebrate Halloween just in the way that they live and think, without even knowing it. It's a time to assess the harvest, face the alterations brought about by death, and celebrate the dearly departed loved ones whose lives made you what you are today.

Cindy, get over it. Your antipathy for Halloween stems from your own praise and worship team's tendencies to co-opt the holiday for their evil purposes. The rest of us have moral values and common sense. Pray all you want. You look ridiculous.

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Walk of Fame - October 2011

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Det är tid att igen presentera våra val av alster till Walk of Fame. Det finns så otroligt mycket vackert att hitta ute i bloggvärlden och det är som vanligt svårt att välja ut några få.  Här har vi i alla fall glädjen att presentera  de enastående vackra  alster som valts ut till WoF denna månad.

Det er tid til at præsentere de kort vi har fundet til Walk of Fame. Som vi plejer, finder vi de mest fantastiske kreationer ude i blogverdenen og det er en stor ære at præsentere kortene vi har valgt til WoF.

Det er tid for å presentere kort vi har funnet til Walk of Fame. Som vanlig finner vi de mest fantastiske kreasjoner der ute i bloggverden og det er en stor ære å presentere kortene til 'WoF'

It's time to present to you our choices of cards for Walk of Fame. We did have the most incredible journey looking for cards. It's a pleasure to show our choices for 'WoF'.

On aika kertoa mitkä kortit on tässä kuussa tullut valituksi Walk of Fame joukkoon. Mikä uskomaton blogikierros onkaan takana ja löysimme mitä uskomattomia kortteja. Meillä on kunnia esitellä teille tämän kuun valintamme 'WoF' sarjaan.

Walk of Fame
October 2011

Gratulerer * Congratulations* Onnea !

Wisconsin Came First

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," proudly serving the 99% since 2005!

Unless you're an ostrich, you have noticed a growing swell of unrest in our country. The unrest stems from workers being downsized or gouged for wage give-backs ... and the educated unemployed (many with onerous college loans) demanding more equitable treatment.

This isn't going to go away. When you don't have a job -- or you are off for a few weeks in the summer -- you have plenty of time to protest.

In my humble opinion, the images of Wisconsin teachers rallying in the state capital in protest of attacks on their collective bargaining rights was the shot fired over the bow that started the whole Occupy movement. Madison, you gave us an image of hard-working people, people who hold the future of America in their hands every day, becoming furious at broken promises and wealthy string-pullers behind the scenes.

I am old enough to remember other protest movements. They were successful. The more strident the reaction to protesters, the more sympathy the protesters accrue. Trust me, every school teacher everywhere watched the news out of Wisconsin every night, or read about it in the few remaining newspapers. More importantly, other labor unions were watching too.

We are entering a period of instability, and as with all protests, the most active ones will be young people -- college graduates who feel duped by the high tuition, untenured adjunct professors, and zero job prospects in the real world.

In keeping with our state-by-state mop-up after the black magicians seeking to destroy democracy, I pose a rhetorical question: What would Jesus say about America's plight right now?

Here's what I think. I think he would wring his hands and try to drum up enough food for the people around him in his little sphere of influence, hoping that these people -- inspired by his example -- would themselves go out and pay it forward.

I don't get the sense that the DC40 crowd considers itself part of the 99%. I don't get the sense that they care about the poor, the tired, or the huddled masses longing to be free. (Duh! Of course they don't! That's what's engraved on the Goddess monument in New York's harbor!)

As in Madison, so in the rest of America. It cannot go on like this. We don't want to burn down mansions. We want equity. We want to work for a decent wage. We want our children to work and to live in a country where they can assemble for redress of grievances.

If we took all the God stuff off the table, even the Tea Party would be with us. All we want is for things to be fair.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. --Full text, First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

On, Wisconsin. We are the 99 %.

DTarticle - Pysseldags

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Pysseldags är ett enmansföretag som ligger mellan Linköping och Mjölby i Sverige. Det grundades i november 2010 av Ciza Patricia Hagholm, men tankarna på företag fanns några månader innan.

Pysseldags har lite olika strängar på sin fiol. Patricia, som kallas Ciza, kände när hon skulle starta företaget att hon gärna ville göra mer än en sak. Så idag hålls det en mängd olika pysselkurser – där alla från nybörjare till avancerade och rutinerade människor kan lära sig nya saker. Förutom kurser anordnas det även diverse aktiviteter så som kick off, barnkalas, regelbundna pysselträffar, scrapmaror m m. Och som om detta inte var nog är Ciza oberoende PartyLitekonsult och håller visningar i ljus och heminredning samt designar egna stämplar som säljs både till privatpersoner och företag.

Ciza har pysslat och gjort kort sen hon var liten då hon har en mycket kreativ mamma. – ”Mamma har lärt mig mycket genom åren och detta är jag mycket tacksam för”.

Då Ciza är utbildad 1-7-lärare i matematik, NO och musik och arbetade som detta i nästan sex år, har hon en fallenhet för att lägga upp bra kurser där deltagarna inte bara får reda på vad de ska göra utan även varför. Det är viktigt för Pysseldags att deltagarna känner att de blivit inspirerade samt fått en hel del tips och kunskap i det de gått kurs i.

Förutom lärare är Ciza även utbildad ekonom, vilket gör att hon själv håller i sin bokföring och administration.

-”Det är viktigt för människor idag att få koppla av, att få vara kreativa. Vi stressar så mycket i dagens samhälle. Vi jobbar väldigt mycket. Barn ska hämtas och lämnas. Middag ska fixas. Läxor ska hinnas med. Hemmet får man inte glömma. Det ska hänga med genom att det tvättas och städas. Mat ska inhandlas. Men det är viktigt att vi ser till att få en stund för oss själva där vi låter en del av hjärnan koppla av, låta oss försvinna in i det kreativa och bara skapa. Många av oss skapar för att glädja andra genom att göra och ge bort kort. Men att altra något eller göra LO’s är något som man kan göra till sig själv och sitt hem. Därför anordnar Pysseldags pysselträffar varannan vecka. Man tar med sig det man vill pyssla med. Det kan vara allt från scrapbooking till broderi. Eller så kommer man bara dit för att ha en trevlig stund med andra likasinnade.”

Info om Pysseldags hittar man på


Pysseldags is a one man company, placed between Linköping and Mjölby in Sweden. The company was founded in November of 2010 by Ciza Patricia Hagholm, but the thought of a company was there some months earlier.

Pysseldags has many strings on the violin. Patricia, but is called Ciza, felt that when she was about to start the company that she wanted to do more than one thing. So today there are a large number of courses to take, where everybody from beginners to advanced scrappers can participate.

Part from classes Pysseldags has activities such as company kick offs, birthday parties, scrap gatherings, crops etc. And if this wasn’t enough Ciza is an independent PartyLite consult and a rubber stamp designer and has her own web shop that sells to individuals and companies.

Ciza has been crafting and made cards since she was very little because she has a very creative mother. –“My mother has taught me very much trough out the years and for that I’m very greatful”.

For nearly six years Ciza worked as a teacher in math, science and music, and that makes her great in planning good classes where the participants doesn’t just know what to do but also why. It’s very important for Pysseldags that the participants feel that they’ve been inspired and got tips and knowledge in the class they’ve taken.

-“It’s very important for people today to relax and to be creative. We stress so much in todays society. We work very much. Children are being left and picked up. Dinner has to be made. Homework has to be done. And don’t forget the home. Laundry and cleaning. Shopping groceries. It’s important to see to that we get a little time for ourselves where we let a part of the brain to relax, let us disappear into the creative world and just create whatever. Maybe do something for your own home, alter something or make an LO to hang upp as a picture.

This is why Pysseldags has scrap gatherings every other week. You bring what you want to work with. It can be everything from scrapbooking to embroidery. Or you can just come over for a nice time.”

You can find info about Pysseldags on these sites:

StampARTics Designteam blev sponsrade med stämplar från Pysseldags
för att göra lite inspirationskort.
Hoppas ni inspireras av stämplarna lika mycket som vi!


StampARTic´s designteam was sponsored with stamps from
Pysseldags to make some inspirationcards.

Hope you get inspired by the stamps as much as we!


I made a money box for a weddingcouple

I have made a gift bag to a good friend


I got a small heart stamp and a lovely text, both perfect for a wedding card.

I got also a heart stamp and a text stamp which was really suitable for this image

I´ve made a couple if cards and a tag, using three different text stamps:


I got a lovely textstamp and a lovely ♥-stamp.


I got two lovelly textstamps in swedish and a heartstamp! 


I got 2 textstamps.
One "Enjoy life" but in Swedish and one birthday text.

THANK YOU, Ciza and PYSSELDAGS for giving us this opportunity to play with your lovely stamps!

California Condor: God of the Skies

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Dispensing with the formal greeting today. Moving right on to worship of the Sacred Thunderbird.

First, a little navel-gazing.

I have worshiped vultures since I was a teenager. For many years (and even now) this religious devotion has run parallel to whatever other deities I praise and worship. However, having achieved the wisdom of a half century, I now choose to center my most important devotions around Vulture.

This puts me more within the Native American worldview than the European. There are numerous songs and dances, stories and Rituals, surrounding the Peace Eagle (aka Vulture) among Native American groups all across America. Especially in the Pacific Northwest, where the California condor was once widespread and majestic (wingspan of 10 feet -- think about it).


In 1984 I went to the San Diego Wildlife Park, where a captive breeding program had begun for California condors. I wrote an article about the efforts for the Detroit Free Press. Since I had a press pass, the biologists let me go see the "Condorminium." It was a huge, netted area where they kept the condors they were trying to breed.

Needless to say, even a glimpse of these deities from afar, in a flight cage, had immense meaning for me. (We couldn't go close, because the biologists didn't want the condors to become used to people.) Mr. Johnson could hardly live with me for weeks thereafter. Rapture? Forget about Rapture! Give me a Raptor!

At its lowest point of population, the California condor dipped to just 27 individuals. They were rounded up and kept in San Diego. Some creatures might not like being in a flight cage, but the condors are pretty happy with their dependable supply of carcasses. They have been making whoopie for 25 years.

We can be cautiously optimistic about this deity. The Sacred Thunderbird of California now is represented by approximately 400 individuals, some of them in the wild. They have been released in the Grand Canyon, where there are no power lines or hunters. Efforts are underway, partly funded by the Yurok Indians, to release condors in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, where carcasses are abundant and there are traditions of condor Ritual worship.

Angels and faeries are purported to be able to fly. Vultures can do it visibly and gracefully. No skeptical atheist can scoff at the flight of Vulture. It is magnificent.

None of us will live to see a California condor pair soar over our heads in the rugged wilds of America. But it's a comfort to me to know that the species is making a comeback.

Honestly, think about it. If you looked up and saw a bird with a ten-foot wingspan glide silently past, wouldn't you feel that you were in the presence of something greater than yourself?

I can ony speak for myself, but ... As for me and my house, we will worship Vulture.

Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. First clause of the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution.

Hail Vulture, the visible Higher Power!

Brief Chat with Freya about Minnesota

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Sorry for the lateness on our most recent state in need of protection, but I was at a Ritual yesterday making mournful.

And this morning, I'm really busy with school work. So I'm going to chat briefly with Freya, Great Goddess of the Norse People (who is always rather busy too).

Anne (to her cats): Alpha! Beta! On your way! Shoo!

Freya: Oh, no, Anne. I adore your sweet kitties!

Anne: And it's mutual. Once You're gone, they'll sleep all day in a patch of sunlight, dreaming of You. Freya, the state of Minnesota has the largest population of Norwegian-descended people outside of Norway itself. What does this mean in terms of praise and worship?

Freya: Well, we of the Norse pantheon are working hard there, and elsewhere too, to re-vitialize our praise and worship team. It's working, too. Asatru membership is on the upswing everywhere!

Anne: You go, Goddess! Long may You reign! I've only ever been to one Asatru outing. It wasn't really a Ritual. There were just libations to You, and Odin, and Thor, which consisted of drinking beer out of a horn. I'm all for that!

Freya: Thank you. We are much more serious than Flying Spaghetti Monsters.

Anne: And much more ancient and sacred. Well-documented, too. Your praise and worship team kept records. Does it bother you that Thor is the subject of comic books and movies?

Freya: Does it bother you that King Arthur is the subject of movies? Anything that gets Us into the public eye is fine with Us.

Anne: I know you have to fly, Freya. (To her cats) No, not with you girls! Stop rubbing that chariot!

Freya: Yes, I want to go to Minnesota to sweep up after those evil would-be God-killers. We're going to prevail on this one, Anne.

Anne: From Your lips to Your ears, Goddess. All glory, laud, and honor to You!

I would be remiss here if I didn't note that Minnesota has a very well-organized and public Pagan community. Their presence on the Pagan Newswire Collective is a boon to us all.

Remember your First Amendment, folks! Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Hail Freya!

Tutorial - Get well soon Box

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Tutorial - Get well soon Box

Så här långt in på Oktober månad är det många som är eller har varit förkylda.
Alla tycker vi nog lite synd om oss själva när man ligger hemma med näsan rinnandes, vilket är fullt förståeligt!

Det krävs dock inte mycket för att kunna pigga upp en stackars förkyld själ.
En gåva eller ett litet kort brukar räcka gott!
Så varför inte sända en Krya på dig-ask till den som ligger sjuk?! 

This far into the month of October many people is or have been cold. 
All of us seems to feel little sad for ourselves when we stay at home with our noses running
which is perfectly understandable!
However, there is not much job to brighten up a poor, cold soul. 
A gift or a small card is usually enough! 
So why not send a Get well soon-box to the person who is sick?!

Idag tänkte jag visa en enkel tutorial på en sådan ask som man kan fylla med princip vad som helst.
Ett litet "survivalkit" för sjuklingen helt enkelt.
Kanske en förpackning med näsdukar och nässpray?
Eller varför inte lite utav favoritgodiset? Det skulle iallafall jag uppskatta ;)

Om du köpt en speciell förpackning av ex näsdukar eller halstabletter, tag och mät dem innan
så du kan bygga asken utefter deras mått.

Jag visar här en ask utefter måtten på näsdukarna jag hittade på Lagerhaus;

Today I will show you a simple tutorial on this box that you can fill with whatever you want. 
Simply a small "survivalkit" for the poor thing. 
Maybe a pack of handkerchiefs and nasal spray? 
Or why not some of the favorite treats? I can say that I had appreciated that ;)
If you have bought a special pack of handkerchiefs or cough drops, measure them first
so you can build the box after their dimensions. 

Now I will show a box with the dimensions after some handkerchiefs I found at Lagerhaus;

1. Biga och klipp som bilden visar (storlekarna är i centimeter)

1. Fold and cut as shown (the sizes is in centimeters)

 2. Piffa upp askens alla sidor med mönstrade papper och eventuella stämplar
INNAN du limmar ihop den.
2. Spice up all pages of the box with patterned paper and perhaps stamps BEFORE you glue it together.



3. Nu, limma ihop asken och ge den sina sista, välutvalda detaljer!

3. Now, glue it together and give the box his last touch!

Lycka till med att göra din alldeles egna Krya på dig-ask!
Och glöm inte! Om du skickar in foton på din krya på dig-ask 
så publicera vi den här på StampARTic! :)

Good luck to try your own Get well-box! :)
And dont forget! If you sending the pics of your Get well soon-box to us
it will be published in here! :)

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