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Posted by Princess Eva Angelica On 3:00 PM

Welcome to a new month
with Readers Gallery.

I'm so excited everytime I
open the Stampartic mailbox and finds
beautiful projects and cards submitted by you .

It's always
fun to show off what's around the various blogs,
made by you readers.
Especially those made after being inspired
by StampARTic articles/tutorials.

Lets take a look at the readers artwork:

Louise has followed Mariannes tea light card tutorial and made those two
beautiful cards.

Caroline has made a really adorable

Cathrine has also been inspired by Mariannes teabox tutorial
and have made this beautiful nescafebox.

Remember to e-mail us or leave a comment, if you have
been inspired by any of our articles.

We are looking
forward to show of your project in our magazine

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