Gazing at Buzzards and Navels ... in That Order

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" We all have favorite haunts on New Year's Eve. This little spot is mine. Another round on the house!

This afternoon at 3:00, my daughter The Heir and I set out for Wenonah, NJ to do some buzzard-watching. Over 200 vultures descend on Wenonah every evening at sundown, there to roost in just a few trees. It's an amazing sight, and this was the first day of weather temperate enough to enjoy it.

The Heir went along with me on this trek because she enjoys my company. And that's a lovely thing for a mom of a 21-year-old. We had a serious heart-to-heart chat during what turned out to be a lengthy excursion.

You see, we arrived at the buzzard roost before sundown, and I forgot to turn off the lights on my car. This proved to be an issue for the vehicle; namely, its battery.

Heir and I watched the vultures pull into their roost for about 30 minutes. Then I tried to start the car. It wouldn't start. So I called Roadside Assistance for a hot shot, and Heir and I spent another 60 minutes at the vulture roost.

Thanks to a dead battery, Heir and I had ample opportunity to worship at the Shrine of the Sacred Thunderbird. Throw in a gorgeous sunset, and a good time was had by all.

This is what we added to our store of knowledge about the Sacred Thunderbird:

The sunset brought about a flurry of activity, as each bird sought the perfect nighttime roost. Two whole trees looked like they were exploding as the vultures vied for the best branches. Then, it started to get dark, and ... boom! You wouldn't have known there was a single bird in the tree. Perfect silence, perfect stillness. Awesome.

This is what Heir and I added to our  store of knowledge about people, after it got too dark to buzzard-watch anymore:

If you love someone, it really hurts to watch them do self-destructive things. You have to decide whether you'll stand by and watch, whether you'll try to bend fate, or whether it's better to detach and just let everything take its course. Heir and I did not come to an easy answer on this. And I have to say this sad fact shakes my faith in the Sacred Thunderbirds. Aren't they supposed to dole out easy answers to every tough question?

Oh, no no no! Am I questioning the power of the Sacred Thunderbird on New Year's Eve? Where's my flail?

I. Am. Not. Worthy!

If you didn't read yesterday's post, your opinion is sought and appreciated. And now I must prostrate myself before the Sacred Thunderbird and beg forgiveness for my inflated expectations of  enlightenment in the shadow of Their mighty wings.

Do All Druids Act Like Me?

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," sister bickering edition! I'm Anne Johnson, sister to one and sister-in-law to several.

Starting with the "several," my sisters-in-law led my mother-in-law to believe that she would be traveling with them this holiday. Alas, they stiffed her, and Mr. Johnson is now bringing her here to Chateau Johnson for the remainder of the Christmas holiday. Oh well!

The bigger quarrel is with my natural sister, and it's not so much a quarrel as me calling her on some Facebook behavior that she says I haven't given her an opportunity to explain.

In the past 18 months my sister has adopted eight pets: two dogs, five cats, and a tarantula. She already had a dog and a parrot. She is soon to be 47 and wants to adopt a child.

A few days before Christmas, a dog fight erupted in my sister's house. The first dog she adopted got mauled by the other two. This sort of thing happens when dogs try to establish pack order, especially in close quarters. Sis posted a photo of her injured dog on Facebook. She also posted a picture of her hand, swollen from the bites she received trying to break up the fight.

I scolded her severely, first for putting up a picture of an injured dog, and then for posting her plans to curb further fighting (plans include shock collars and obedience school). This is not the sort of thing a person puts on Facebook.

What got under her collar was my suggestion that she ought to take a look at her overall behavior pattern and ask herself if it seems logical -- everything in her life at this moment, and all the plans she has.

This is all the detail I'll give on this, because all of this is already on record on Facebook.

Anyway, she left me a message on Facebook that my behavior is abusive, and she wonders if all Druids act like me? This is because I would not sit and listen to her rationalize the behavior of her pets.

She calls it abuse, I call it tough love. If you knew more about our family history, you would know that I'm not mad at her at all ... only worried. And I wasn't abusive ... only elusive. Because I had to kowtow to my mom, but I sure am not going to do it with my sister.

I wrote her back and said that if she is happy, then so am I. What's bugging me is this nagging feeling that she's not happy, that she's anything but happy, and that the hubub around her is her distraction from unhappiness.

Sis has not taken down the picture of her injured dog, and I'm wondering how those who judge people fit for adoption will feel if they see it on her Facebook. Maybe the rest of you Druids know more about this than me.

Asking, especially but not exclusively Druids -- did I overreact? Do you want to see the photo?

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The Cailleach Shops for a Cell Phone

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Do you understand this new millennium? No? Well then, you're in luck! I'm Anne Johnson, the Cailleach, and I will explain all.

The day before Christmas, my cell phone broke. It was two years old, almost to the day, so of course it fell apart in my hands. Now, in the previous millennium, one could use a telephone for two decades without need of repair. But this is a new era. Things wear out much quicker. They are made to wear out quicker, so you need to buy a new one.

I had to go to the phone store to purchase a new cell phone. This is what I discovered there:

1. The price listed on the phones is not the price you pay. The price listed is a price after a mail-in rebate, which you need to fill out the paperwork for yourself, and which comes to you in the form of a Visa gift card.

Okay, I don't curse here much, but this is bulls@$@#. If I wanted to be royally scammed, I would go to a car dealership or a televangelist.

2. Buy one, get one free. Again after the same mail-in rebate, the same false prices, and the same Visa gift card, which -- trust the Cailleach who loves you -- is not the same thing as cash or a check or a money order, or a traveler's check, or even green stamps.

3. Get a phone with a keyboard for easy texting. My thumbs already ache, sales boy, and that keyboard doesn't look user-friendly. And just so you know I'm not withering on the vine, let me just say that I can see into the future, and within just a few years we'll have voice-activated texting. I'll wait for that.

4. The phone you're choosing doesn't take pictures. Cameras take pictures, not phones. If someone takes my phone, do I want them also to be able to see pictures of my beautiful young daughters?

5. Here's a nice feature: a button that calls 911 for you with one click. That feature sucks. Suppose you hit it by mistake? It's right there where it would be easy to hit by mistake. However, since this is the only @#$@# phone in the store with a real price on it, I'll just have to be careful how I use it, won't I?

6. Are you sure you don't want to take advantage of the special offers available through your account? Yes.

My daughter The Heir tells me that I just bought a "senior citizen phone." Screw that! I bought the only phone in the store with an honest, affordable price, with no features that I'll never use (except the bloody 911 button ... Gods willing), and which serves the purpose for which it was designed: urgent communication with others while abroad from home.

Free advice from the Cailleach: At the rate technology is changing, wait it out. Get all the life you can out of your current phone, then buy another affordable one, and in less than a decade you'll be able to shell out seriously for that voice-activated technological wonder. And remember, nothing lasts more than two years, so do not waste your money on a protection plan. By the time you need it, a better gizmo will be out there to tempt you.

Don't get me wrong, youngsters. Phone booths were gross. Cell phones are good. But, buyer beware. Even if you get the paperwork filled out right, and the Visa arrives in the mail, you may leave a few pennies on the card when purchasing something. That money adds up ... for them, not for you.

As always, this advice is given freely and with joy. 

Cailleach image one of many by the incomparable Thalia Took, see Sidebar.

How We Acquired a House Cup

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" The wind outside is howling at 30 mph, there's a foot of snow on the ground, the telly is showing "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," and the sun is setting in blazing glory over the smokestacks of Philadelphia. I tell you, these are good times. Good times!

I have a cousin who was born on Christmas. I'll call her Sugar Plum.

Sugar Plum is at least a decade older than me, maybe more. So as I was growing up, she appeared only as a sort of beautiful princess who I rarely saw. I was still a kid when she left the home county for good, and I only saw her once after that. We have corresponded irregularly over the years.

One night I sat down to watch some old silent home movies of the family. The movies were shot before I was born, but Sugar Plum was in them, a darling little girl in crinoline and patent leather shoes. So the next day I wrote her an email, just to say that watching the home movies made me think of her and hope that all was well.

About two weeks ago I returned from work one evening to find a big box from Sugar Plum. Upon opening it, I found a note ("Dear Anne, this is called a 'butter keeper.'")

The object in the box was a round, symmetrical item about the circumference of a duckpin bowling ball. It is sterling silver, with a domed lid and a glass dish that sits down in a base that has legs. On the lid is a circular engraving with farm scenes, geese and milkmaids and such. There's a butter knife that fits into "arms" that extend from the base. The knife is engraved with the initials of my great-great grandmother.

Spare came in while I was staring at this odd and elegant item, and she summed it up perfectly:

"Who sent us a House Cup?"

For that is what it looks like -- an exotic silver relic reminiscent of a carefully-constructed background scene at Hogwarts.

In 1860, I'm certain my well-heeled female ancestors used this item to keep butter on their festive tables. But I am me, the purpose-shifter. The "butter keeper" is now a House Cup, its knife having been dipped in the waters of Berkeley Springs to bind it to me.

At present the House Cup does have some butter in it. We've been dining in during the holidays, and it's very posh to butter one's bread from a silver domed chalice. After the holidays, however, the House Cup will be dedicated to new and creative uses.

I draw the line at burning incense on the plate, but anything else is warmly possible. One possibility springs to mind: hiding essentials from the faeries. Car keys and cell phones, for instance. Great-great Granny would never have thought of that.

How kind of Sugar Plum to send me a House Cup that belonged to our mutual ancestors! May her year be bright, and may she wander into my path!

Wren Day

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored" on Wren Day 2010! Classy little bird, the wren. All hail!

Yesterday as family Johnson was engaged opening gifts, I looked into the dining room and saw a little wren hopping across the floor. It then took off and began flying around, landing briefly in the Christmas tree. (Fortunately, Alpha had found an empty box to snooze in, and Beta was nowhere to be seen.)

If this little birdie had been brought in by the cats, it was resourceful in the extreme, because it was completely hale and hearty. I doubt that the cats even knew it was in the house, because once a cat knows it has the possibility of bagging a bird, the cat will forgo all snoozing and noshing and all else in the glory of pursuit.

I opened some windows and the back door, and within moments the wren had rejoined its family outside. Where it is now shivering through the early stages of a Nor'Easter that is looking more fierce by the minute.

Could be that the faeries brought in the wren. Today is Wren Day, after all -- yet another celebration on behalf of the bored gods that is nearly lost to the mists of time. Long ago, the ancient Celts saw the wren as a symbol of the waning year, so when the daylight was at its shortest they sacrificed a wren to herald in the months of the robin (often confused with our popular robin here in America, though not the same bird).

Here's a little bit of Wren Day poetry:

The wren, the wren, the king of the birds,
On Stephen's Day was caught in furze;
Up with the kettle and down with the pan,
And give us some money to bury the wren."

 Before anyone gives me sass about the cruelty of killing a wren, I say to you: Wrens, doves, goats, people ... we live in the 21st century now, and few cultures kill living things for their deities. Religions -- all of them -- change with the times, some more quickly than others.

Wren Day marks the return of light and the expectation of spring. This is ironic here today in New Jersey. Our first winter storm has begun, and it is my aim to save wrens, not sacrifice them. Off to the store for bird seed!

Santa to Spare: Forget It!

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," Stimulate-the-Economy Edition! Buy now, pay later. After all, it's what our government does -- and who's to argue with Uncle Sam?

A week or so ago, I posted a letter that my daughter The Spare wrote to Santa Claus in a shamelessly pandering attempt to demand request some Christmas gifts. Today Santa's response came, and it's starting to look like no Christmas is coming! I reprint Santa's reply below, in total:

Dear Spare Child,

I have received your letter of 12/15/10, sent by Tardis. My reply comes via the same route. I will address the pertinent points in your communication and make resolves and recommendations as appropriate.

First, your excessive flattery does little to incline me to grant your wishes. I happen to know that YOUR TRUE HEROES are all Internet geek nerd comics, not me. Don't you remember that I see you when you're sleeping and know when you're awake (in a totally tasteful, legal, and appropriate way, of course)? Do not think that you can spend hours and days watching Internet and television comedy shows, and then -- at the 11th hour -- come begging for presents! Why don't you ask those punks at College Humor to get you some t-shirts? Oh, I know! Because THEY are writing to me asking for a new t.v. show!

Now, let's look at your claim that you are good. Oh, pleeeze! Check out your Zip code! I don't even stop in Snobville! Everyone there is either a spoiled rich kid whose parents can buy everything they want, and then some, or a piano-trashing stoner party animal, discarding poppers while escaping the police. I save 16.2 seconds by ignoring Snobville, and in my line of work, it's all about timing. You want gifts? Move to Wenonah.

I don't mind your little fires all that much. But it has come to my attention that you are a terrible American. My reputation would seriously plunge if I rewarded terrible Americans. So get that patriotic piece together before you so much as ask me for a single strand of taffy.

As a corollary to your terrible patriotism, it has not escaped my notice (nothing does) that you are incapable of bestowing respect and obedience on people who have no respect for you. Do I need to name *cough French Teacher* *cough Drama Coach* *cough School Bully* names? Grovel or shovel (coal), Spare Child!

Last but not least, I wish to remind you that much largesse has already been bestowed upon you this year, principally in the form of numerous trips to thrift stores and flea markets. Why should I bring you new merchandise when you can find similar stuff at bargain basement prices elsewhere?

Therefore, I will bestow upon you the following:

*You will never have to clean the cat box.
*You will never have to attend youth group meetings.
*You can have 16 crickets and three stink bugs. Just look under the Christmas tree. They'll be there, bright and early on Christmas morning ... as long as it's just like every other morning in  your house.

As for the whole "Xmas" thing, just you remember -- Solstice is the reason for the season!

Santa Claus

Beautiful Show on Solstice

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The sky was cloudless, the air was brisk, and the lunar eclipse was fabulous! I built a bonfire in the back yard and began watching Luna at about 3:00 a.m. The Heir sat with me a long time, and The Spare came out to see the total coverage. But I sat there until the last of the shadow faded from the face of the Pale Goddess, alternately meditating on the vast universe and the return of longer moments of daylight.

Blessed be to all who await the return of the Sun, and blessed be to those who send the Sun back to us to warm our old bones.

Solstice is the reason for the season.

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Lunar Eclipse on Solstice

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Stare at the sky? Why? Because it's there!

Tonight, smack dab on Solstice, there will be a total lunar eclipse. The bored gods have arranged this unusual celestial event to recognize the hard work of Pagans everywhere, toward the goal of re-establishing Divinity in all its fantastic pluralism.

And so, my friends, arise tonight in the darkest hours, wrap yourself in warm blankets, and behold a gift from Those Who Would Be Re-established!

Smile, Luna. All eyes are on You tonight. Blessed be Luna, now and forever.

Santa, Postponed by Republican Idiocy

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Today I was going to post Santa Claus's response to The Spare's Xmas demands,  requests, as listed below. However, when I sat down to type the Jolly Old Elf's letter into this space, I saw a news story that explained how the Republicans successfully blocked a bill that would provide a citizenship status to upwardly mobile young people who came into this country illegally.

I, Anne Johnson, member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, am sickened by this.

Why do people pick up their belongings and leave the countries of their birth for a new, strange land where they don't speak the same language?

 Here's the scenario: "Kiss your abuela goodbye, Juan, we're leaving the Dominican Republic on a whim because we like Big Macs."

Oh, pleeeeze.

Then as now, no one packs up and leaves a native land for any other reason than desperation. This nation has always welcomed the desperate of other places, and those immigrants have made our country vibrant, interesting, and the envy of the planet. Now, even though our population is diminishing, the Republicans want us to deport people. Not just slackers, but serious young people who would not only become part of our intellectual pool, but who would also vote Republican, because so many of them espouse the values of the religious right.

Every year I teach persuasive essay-writing, and every year I get a student or two who writes about seeing a cousin, brother, father, deported. I remember one girl who wrote so hauntingly about a cousin of hers who had been accepted to college, who spoke no Spanish, who had been in America since she was eight years old. On the eve of moving in at her dorm, she was deported to the Dominican Republic, where she had no immediate family and no knowledge of the native language.

Just so you Red Ebenezer Scrooges know, you will be adding that poor would-be American to the long chain of sins you have visited upon the working class in America. I hope this vote comes back to haunt you. I hope that the growing number of Hispanic voters in this nation stay firmly in the Democratic ranks. You Red morons are sending "home" the very people who would vote for your conservative agenda -- good Roman Catholics who believe in the values of hard work and self-sufficiency. Oh yeah. Let's send them home to the DR and Mexico!

Do you Republican numbskulls know how hard I have to work to make absolutely certain my Pagan family values don't seep out into my classroom? The people you're deporting think the way you do. My students would be mortified to know they were being taught by a Pagan. They and their families are "God and country" all the way.

Go ahead. Send them home. The word "moron" does not begin to describe you. That foot you're shooting? *snort* It's yours.

Long Strange Trip Offer, Act Now

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Yours free to the first person who comments: 1981 Grateful Dead t-shirt, size small. New, but has makeup stains on collar that will probably wash out in the first laundry trip.

Leave your address at luvbuzzards at yahoo dot com.

I'm going to the post office before noon on Saturday, so chop chop!

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Spare Writes to Santa

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Last night I found this letter written by The Spare, addressed to Santa Claus. I reprint it here as written. Santa's reply will be reprinted Saturday.

Dear Santa,

Hey ... How goes up in the North Pole. I guess it would be kind of cold right? Do you ever go on vacation to a warm place? Like the earth's core or are you actually just a polar bear dressed as a man like Al Gore & Hulk Hogan are (to be fair hulk hogan is actually a black bear). Whats your favorite bear? Anyway hows the Mrs? Hope you are keeping her away from those elves ... awkward ... Speaking of Eleves I hear they want to organize a union. If you need any advice on how to rip up a union, Just ask Chris Christie! Did you know that your name is Atnas spelled backwards. Its kinda like Atlas. I was never good with maps. But I guess you would have to be good with maps to get around the world? Or do you Just use M*A*G*I*C*? I love Magic, I'm a wizard you know. This year was my third year @ Hogwarts. Anyway I guess you could also use the tardis to get around on Christmas Eve ..... OHMYGEE! It all makes sense now... Your a timelord! Suh-weet!

Santa your my Hero, did you know that? Your Jolly and cheery. I wouldn't call you fat like some of the other kids, their mean. Nah, you're just robust maybe even big boned! Your also superfly for a white guy. I saw white because I think that the only time I've seen an african american santa was in a tyler Perry movie. Santa I have been totally awesome this year. I only set like 18 fires ... on purpose. But come on bro (can I call you bro) I don't use the fire to smoke so that should count for something right? No? OH COME ON! I'm so good! Look this paper is recycled that makes me an Earth Warrior! By recycling this I am stopping Global warming & saving the polar bears which, if you indeed are a polar bear, is saving you! So here is a list of my demands requests:

--Friends (real ones)
--Some busted Tee's shirts
--Converse shoes (black hightops)
--Ed Hardy perfume (in the pink bottle)
--good make-up brushes
--Ipod touch & Itunes gift card
--Super Mario Bros games for Gamecube (you can give to Heir to share)
--cute accessories i.e. Necklaces
--furry animal hat from Hot Topic
--a tardis (life-size lol) JK
--a pony
--and something unique!

Also Santa, please keep my Family safe & Happy this holiday. Also help my mom remain stress free. Guide my Dad with the Book. Help my sister with anixety & help me be a comedianne. Good luck with XMAS (why is it with an X?)

Spare Child Johnson

News, DT call, announcements and Christmas break!

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Julen er like rundt hjørnet og her i StampARTic gjør begge teamene
seg klare til juleferie.
Vi stenger dørene nå frem til 3. januar, samler litt krefter
og steller i stand jul i hjemmene våre.
Men før vi tar juleferie så har vi mye å dele med dere:

Christmas is just around the corner, and we in StampARTic both the teams are taking
a break during the Holiday.
We close today and open again on January 3rd.
We will gather some strength and make hour home ready for Christmas.
Before we close though, we have a lot of news to share with you all:

La oss starte med å introdusere vårt nye DT medlem -
Let's start with introducing our new DT member

Carola har valgt å forlate oss, som dere husker! Carola har gjort en kjempejobb for StampARTic,
og vi kommer til å savne henne mye i StampARTic.
Ikke bare hennes nydelige kort, men også hennes varme personlighet og omsorg!
Men Carola, vi er venner for alltid, og vi kommer til å holde kontakten videre!

As you know, Carola has made a decision to step down.
She has done a great job for StampARTic, and we will miss her so much!
Not only the gorgeous cards she makes, but her warm and caring personality!
Carola; we are friends forever, and we will stay in touch!
Take care sweetie!

Så da trenger vi selvsagt et nytt medlem, og etter å ha lett litt rundt i ganske Norden,
så kom vi over en fantastisk svensk jente, hun fikk tilbudet og vi er så glade og lykkelige for at
har takket ja til å bli med i vårt Design Team.
Vi gleder oss til å jobbe sammen med deg og se dine vakre kunstverk her på
StampARTic sine sider!
Velkommen til oss Eva!

So of course we needed a new DT member, and after searching through
the Nordic bloggers out there, we came over this magnificent
Swedish girl, we invited her into our Design Team, and
we are so happy and proud to let you know that
said yes to join our team!
Welcome to StampARTic Eva, we are so looking forward to be working with you
and to put your gorgeous cards up here on StampARTic.

Nå skal jeg gi ordet til Connie, teamleder for ARTsy teamet:
Now Connie, team leader from ARTsy team have some news for you:

Changes in ARTsy team

Lisette har valgt å forlate ARTsy teamet, men må bare si at vi er takknemlige for å ha hatt muligheten til å bli kjent med henne og kortene hennes. Vi ønsker deg hell og lykke videre, Lisette. Takk for samarbeidet, hilsen Silje, Inger & Connie

We are sad to tell you that Lisette has decided to leave us. We wish her all the best, and feel lucky that we got to know her and her work! Thanks, Lisette!!
Good luck Lisette, from Silje, Inger & Connie

DT CALL for the ARTsy team

Vi ønsker flere design medlemmer til ARTsy teamet, siden Lisette slutter hos oss. Vi søker i utgangspunktet 1-3 nye medlemmer, og vi krever at du behersker stilarten "artsy". Om dette høres interessant ut, så send oss en liten "søknad" til innen 10. januar 2011.

NB! Dansker, svensker og finner oppfordres til å søke :-)

Om Artsy Team:
*Artsy Team er et selvstendig team innad i StampARTic.
*Artsy Team har sitt eget planleggingsforum.
*Artsy Team vil ha 2-3 poster i StampARTic i månden.
* Artsy Team kan bidra med DT kort i artsy stil til våre vanlige utfordringer.
*Artsy team har sine egne sponsorer, og medlemmene må hjelper til med å finne nye sponsorer.

We wish for more design members on the ARTsy team, and are searching for 1-3 new members. Are you interested in being on of our new members? Please send us a few words in a mail - within 10th of January 2011.

NB! We urge Danes, Swedes and Finns to apply!

About the Artsy Team
*Artsy Team are a team for itself with it's own team leader
*Artsy Team have their own planning forum
*Artsy Team will have 2-3 posting in StampARTic a month
*Artsy Team can participate with Artsy cards to our regular challenges
*Artsy Team will have their own sponsors, and design team members will have to help find sponsors.



Det er på tide å vise frem ”Årets kort”, men først må jeg få si TUSEN TAKK for alle bidragene deres! Det har vært en fantastisk reise gjennom de vakreste prosjekter, og det å plukke ut bare en vinner har vært fryktelig vanskelig. Men en vinner har jeg funnet, og den som kan smykke seg med tittelen ”Årets kort”, og som også får en flott premie sponset av ”Wiff of Joy” er…

It is finally time to show ”The card of the year”, but first I have to say THANK YOU to all of you that have joined my challenge! It has been a fantastic journey through the most beautiful projects, and to pick only one winner has been almost impossible. But we do have a winner, and the one that get the title “the card of the year”, and a great prize from “Wiff of Joy” is…..






Med dette kunstverket av et kort.

With this piece of art.

Gratulerer så mye!!!!

Send oss adressen din til

så får du snart en ekstra julegave i posten

Please send your address to

and you will soon receive your prize.

Jeg har lyst til å vise dere så mange av de lekre bidragene, men isteden vil jeg anbefale alle å ta en bloggreise selv. Og jeg kan love dere en fantastisk reise!
Her finner dere linkene til alle som deltok på ”My day of fun”.
Tusen, tusen takk alle sammen!!!


I want so much to show a lot of the beautiful contributions, and I hope you will all take a trip into the blog world to see for yourselves. Links to all the fabulous cards for “My day of fun” you can find here, and I can promise you a wonderful time!
Thank you so much all of you!

Da gjenstår det bare for oss å si
til alle våre leser, og velkommen tilbake 3. Januar 2011

Then all that is left for us to say is;
to all of our readers, and welcome back January 3rd 2011.

Silje's day of fun!

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I dag er det min tur til å ha det gøy! Og jeg vil gjerne vise dere hvor gøy jeg hadde det med Tim Holtz configuration boxes. Disse boksene har utallige muligheter og tåler tøff behandling! Du får også muligheten til å vinne noen av produktene jeg har brukt på denne boksen. Les videre så skal jeg fortelle deg hvordan!

Today it's my day to have fun! And I would like to share the fun I had working with Tim Holtz configuration boxes. These boxes have endeless possibilities! You also get a chance to win some of the products I have used on this box. Keep reading and I tell you how!

Startet med å male alle delene til boksen med gesso. Det må ikke dekke helt.

Painted all the pieces of the box with gesso. 

Har brukt Japansk dekortape / Washi tape og papir for å dekorere insiden av de små boksene.

I have used Japanese maskingtape / Washi tape and paper to decorate the inside of the little boxes.

Brukte Tim Holtz tissuetape til å lime sammen de små boksene inne i den store.

I used Tim Holtz tissuetape to hold together all the little boxes inside the large box.

 Ferdig resultat! Finished!

Vil du vinne herlig tissuetape og filmstrip ribbon fra Tim Holtz? Legg igjen en kommentar her og du vil være med i trekningen!

Here's what you can win - leave a comment here and maybe you will be a lucky winner!

Premien er sponset av / price sposored by

Håper dette var til litt inspirasjon! Ønsker alle en riktig god jul og ett fantastisk nytt år!

Hope you found some inspiration here! Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a fantastic new year!


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Da er det klart for trekning av dagens vinner. Fikk hjelp av random number generator og alle hadde da like stor sjangs til å vinne.

Are you ready to see who won the wonderful price ? With the help of random number generator...

Og den heldige vinneren er / And the lucky winner is







Nummer 33, Number 33



Gratulerer så mye! Congratulations!

Send en mail til Andrine & Marens Landhandleri med adressen din, så kommer premien i posten om ikke lenge.

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Lenes "Day of fun"

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Idag er det min (Lenes) "day of fun"...
Jeg bruker å lage noen "smågaver" -en liten oppmerksomhet hvert år,
til venner og bekjente.
Og iår har jeg bestemt meg for å lage

Disse gaveposene er virkelig flotte og personlige,
og rommer det man ønsker å legge oppi av 
godiser eller mindre ting.

Jeg vil vise dere hvordan jeg dekorerer gaveposene,
Jeg prøver alltid å lage forskjellige oppsett og detaljer
på samtlige poser...

En gaveide på tampen av advendtstiden..
Lykke til og fortsatt god advendt :O)


Today is my (Lenes) "day of fun" ...

I use to make some "small gifts" a little attention every year,
to friends and acquaintances.
And this year I have decided to create
gift bags ...

These gift bags are really nice and personal,
and can accommodate what you want to put in the bag;
candy or smaller gifts.

I will show you how to decorate gift bags,
I always try to create different layouts and details
on all the bags ...

A gift at the end of Advent ..
Good luck and continued good Advent: O)


Jeg har valgt å bruke en gavepose i str 16,9cm x 9 cm
I have chosen to use a gift bag for size 16.9 cm x 9 cm

Motivet er fra Northstarstamps
og er fargelagt med Copics tusjer.
The image is from Northstarstamps
and is colored with Copic markers.

Jeg har brukt to mønsterark paneler i str. 15,3 cm x 8,1 cm.
Disse har jeg skrapet kantene og svertet med distress ink "tumbled glass".

I have spent two patterned panels in size. 15.3 cm x 8.1 cm.
These, I scraped the edges and inked with distress "tumbled glass.

Her har jeg limt på panelene både foran og bak.
Here I have glued the panels both front and rear

For å få en flott kant øverst på posen,
har jeg stanset ut en bord ved hjelp av Magnolias dies" Tildas Lace"
To get a nice edge at the top of the bag,
I cut out a board using Magnolias dies "Tildas Lace"


Her er borden på plass sammen med en "bølgepapp" remse som
jeg har svertet med distress ink.
Here is the border in place with a "corrugated" cardboard strip;
I have inked with distress.

Det ferdige resultatet er pyntet med bånd,
Magnolias dies "amaryllis flower", diamantstener og
småe alfabet klistremerker
The finished result is embellished with ribbons,
Magnolias dies "amaryllis flower, gemstones and
tiny alphabet stickers

Baksiden er pyntet med tekst
fra Northstarstamps
og stjernedies fra Cuttlebug
The back is adorned with text
from Northstarstamps
and stardies from Cuttlebug

A gift at the end of Advent ..

Good luck and continued good Advent: O)

Merry Christmas from Lene

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Maissi's day of fun

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Maissis day
  Pienet namilahjat ovat joulunaikaan aina paikallaan. Tein namilahjoja tuunaamalla suklaalevyjen ja marmelaadilaatikoiden kääreitä.

Small candy gifts are always great gifts during Christmastime. I made my little gifts by tuning the wrappers.

Maissis day

Ensin avasin suklaalevyn kääreen ja piirsin sen avulla koristepaperiin kääreen. Sen jälkeen liimasin kääreet kiinni alkuperäiseen kartonkiin. Ennenkuin liimasin kääreen kiinni, laitoin levyn sisään, jottei kääreistä tulisi liian pienet ja levy ei mahtuisi enää sisälle. Sitten vain koristelemaan.

First I opened the chocolate bars wrappers and draw with them the new wrappers. Then i clue the new wrappers to the old ones. Before I finally close the wrapper I put the chocolate bar in to the wrapper so it fits well after the clue. Then all you have to is decorate.

Tämä on tuunattu marmelaadirasia.

This is a tuned marmelade box.

Toivottavasti saitte uusia lahjaideoita. Haluan toivottaa teille kaikille oikein hyvää joulua!

I hope you got some new inspiration from this and wish you all peaceful and sweet Christmas!

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Aija's day of fun

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Joulun aikaan on tarvetta monille pienille viemisille ja antamisille. Ajattelin tehdä muutaman pienen lahjakassin. Leimailin kuvioita puuvillakankaalle joista tein pari pientä pussukkaa. Tein myös muutaman huopakassin.
At Christmas time there is need for many small gifts and I made some little bags. I stamped on cotton fabric and used some filt for the bags.

Leikkasin pari suorakaiteen ja sydämen muotoista palaa puuvillakankaasta.
I cutted two piece of cotton fabric and also two heart shape.

Käytin Versafinen Sepia mustetta leimaamiseen.
I used Versafine Sepia ink to stamp the images.

To colour the images I used some Versacraft inks. I used a hard paintbrush.
Värityksen tein Versacraftin väreillä ja käytin kovaa pensseliä.

Taustalle leimasin muutamia lumihiutaleita.
I stamped some snoflakes to the background.

Ompelin reunat ompelukoneella pussin muotoon. Toisen pussin yläreunan käänsin ja toisen yläreunasta revin lankoja pois.
I sewed the pieces to the bag shape. The other one I sewed from the top and the other I torn some yarns away.

Pussien sisään sujautin muutamia suklaakarkkeja.
I added some small Christmas candies inside.

"Joulu ovella kolkutteli ja ulkona ritisi pakkaskeli,
kun hankea kosketti enkelin siipi ja enkeli portista pihaan hiipi.
Pieni enkeli tahtoi katsella vaan, kun joulua laittoivat ihmiset maan:
koristeita, lamppuja pensaissa pihan, ne taivaan tähtiä muistutti ihan.
Vielä enkeli sisäänkin kurkistaa taisi, että joulusta tarkemmin selvää saisi.
Ja sielläpä uunissa piparit paistui.
Ne varmasti suussakin hyvältä maistui...
niin enkeli tuumi. Ja äiti kun veti piparit uunista, huomasi heti,
että puuttui pelliltä sydän ja tähti
-ne enkelin taskussa taivaaseen lähti!"
Oikein tunnelmallista joulun aikaa kaikille!
"With the aromas of Christmas wafting through the air.
Surprises will be opened everywhere.
As the elves spot old pals at their festive meetings.
It,s time for hugs and Season's Greetings!"
I wish you all a pleasant Christmas time!
- Aija -

The winner of our Birthday Challenge

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Tusen takk til alle de nydelige bidragene som kom inn til vår bursdags utfordring. 
Det var så morro å se så mange bursdagskort midt i julekort sesongen,
faktisk et kjærkomment avbrekk! 

Thank you so much for all the wonderful entries! 
I am so happy to see so many Birthday cards during the season for Christmas cards.
A nice break actually! 

En heldig vinner vil motta en flott premie fra
One lucky winner will receive a nice prize from

Og vinneren er.... and the winner is....





med dette vakre kortet ~ with this gorgeous card:

Gratulerer - Congratulations!
Hanne send oss din adresse til
så kommer premien i posten til deg om ikke så lenge. 


Vi fortsetter vår bursdagsfeiring i dagene fremover, 
men flere vinnere vil bli annonsert og også noen nyheter.... ;o)
Den 15. desember kommer det en laaaang post her i StampARTic, 
så følg med i dagene fremover også! 

We continue with our birthday party for the next few days too,
and there will be more winners announced and also some more news... ;o)
On December 15th there will be a looooong post her in StampARTic, 
so make sure you don't miss anything but keep checking back in here...

John is the Signpost

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Can it really be possible that this is the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death? Where has the time gone?

As it turns out, I recall vividly where I was on the night Lennon died. I had a date with a new fella, a young journalist I'd met while interning at a newspaper that folded many, many years ago. This fella and I went out to dinner, and back to his apartment, and we've been together ever since.

I wish I could offer you some ironclad advice on how to spend 30 years with a significant other. But alas, I only know what has worked for me and him. In this and this alone, I feel like my life is a fingerprint, never to be repeated by anyone else ever again. Not that we've been the only couple to last a long time, but that our particular circumstances are unique.

Ask me how to make a wand, how to handle a tame vulture, how to save a little stream ... I can tell you that. But how to spend 30 years with the same partner? Beats me.

I think I make him laugh.

Donna's Day of Fun

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I dag er det blevet min tur til at have en dag med sjov,
og jeg vil vise jer hvordan vi tæller dagene i december.

Jeg har lavet et kalendertræ, hvor vi hver dag kan skifte datoen ud, og følge med i hvor langt vi er kommet i december, og i dag er det den 9. december

Today its my turn to have a day with lots of fun,
and i want to show you how we count the days in december.

I made a calender tree, where we can change the date, and keep track on how far we are in december, and today it is the 9. December

Først et billede af hele træet, og så et par stykker tæt på.
På alle træskiltene er der tal på begge sider, tallene 1 og 2 går igen to gange, så alle datoerne kan laves.

First a picture of the whole tree, and then a few close up.
All wooden signs have numbers on both sides, the numbers 1 and 2 recurs twice so that all dates can be made.

Jeg håber at i er blevet inspireret, selvom det er lidt sent at gå i gang med et kalendertræ til i år, men det kunne måske være et hyggeligt projekt at lave i december, og så er det jo klar til næste år.

Jeg ønsker jer alle en Glædelig jul

I hope you have been inspired, even though it's a little late to start making a calender tree for this year, but it might be a nice projekt to do in December, and then its ready for next year.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas


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