Sketch challenge

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Winter is so beautiful now and it's also great walking in the nature. After walking outside it's nice to sit down and enjoy the evening with some papercrafting. This years first sketch challenge at StampARTic is open now. We are anxious to see cards made with this sketch.

Sketch for sketchchallenge in February

The wonderful prize is sponsored by

Situated in the heart of Europe (Switzerland), Whiff of Joy specializes in natural, deeply etched red rubber stamps, die cuts and other card making goodies. All of which are designed specifically for stampers, from a stamper. Whiff of Joy works hard to exceed your expectations both in quality and service. Share our passion for creating homemade gifts and cards. Express your love and appreciation for your loved ones by surprising them with a self-made gift. With a Whiff of Joy stamp you will always be able to highlight a magical moment in somebody’s life.

The prize

Here is some inspiration from the Design Team:










To enter leave your name and a link to your card
in the Mister Linky Scheme. 

Deadline is February 8th - midnight at StampARTic time

Praise and Worship Announcement

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East Coast Vulture Festival Children's Fair is Returning to Wenonah in 2011
For the 6th consecutive year the East Coast Vulture Festival will salute the Turkey and Black Vultures that soar the winter skies of Wenonah, perch on out rooftops and sit serenely atop our water tower. On Saturday March 5th 2011 the free Vulture Children's Fair will transform the quaint and historic Wenonah Community Center (the historic train station) into a celebration of vulture culture. This free and family-oriented event will include educational displays, games, crafts, and maybe a few surprises. Naturalists will be on hand to tell us about these remarkable birds and guide us to a close up view of the vultures in the roosting areas. We will have more to tell you about the Fair as we get closer to the date, so look for additional announcements and an updating of our website in the near future.
One thing will be different this year. After careful discussion, we have decided, at least for this year, to take a hiatus from the ticketed Evening Roost event. So this year the festival organizers will be putting our efforts and inspirations into the afternoon Vulture Children's Fair. This wonderful event does so much of what we founded the festival to do and we look forward to a great day in celebration of the vultures and the lessons they can teach us. We'll see you at the Fair on Saturday, March 5, 2011.

Kind of Blue

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I've got a case of Crazy Luke blues. Hoping Imbolc will shake them out of me.

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Walk of Fame - January 2011

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Det er tid til at præsentere de kort vi har fundet til Walk of Fame. Som vi plejer, finder vi de mest fantastiske kreationer ude i blogverdenen og det er en stor ære at præsentere kortene vi har valgt til WoF.

Det er tid for å presentere kort vi har funnet til Walk of Fame. Som vanlig finner vi de mest fantastiske kreasjoner der ute i bloggverden og det er en stor ære å presentere kortene til 'WoF'

Det är tid att igen presentera våra val av kort till Walk of Fame. Vilken otroligt runda vi har haft. Vi hittade det mest otroligt vackra kort och vi har glädjen att visa kortena vi valt till 'WoF'.

It's time to present to you our choices of cards for Walk of Fame. We did have the most incredible journey looking for cards. It's a pleasure to show our choices for 'WoF'.

On aika kertoa mitkä kortit on tässä kuussa tullut valituksi Walk of Fame joukkoon. Mikä uskomaton blogikierros onkaan takana ja löysimme mitä uskomattomia kortteja. Meillä on kunnia esitellä teille tämän kuun valintamme 'WoF' sarjaan.

Walk of Fame
January 2011


Gratulerer * Congratulations* Onnea

When It's Good To Live in Snobville

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where we got a little over a foot of snow in five hours last night. We're talking thunder snow. It was nuts.

Before we got the snow, we had about an hour of sleet. Needless to say, today is a snow day...

Only one more snow day before the Fairie Festival is impacted....

Anyway, I'm a sucker for a snow day. Here's what I like about them.

*All of the neighbors I never get to see come out to shovel. It's an impromptu block party without the pasta salad. And since so many of us who were shoveling this morning are secondary earners in the education field, we had a great gabfest about Governor Fat Ass and his assault on the public school teachers who are the second best in the nation.

*I have a neighbor named Mr. F who is a gadget junkie. He can be really annoying with his leaf blower in the fall. But when a heavy snow falls, and the plow double-buries the cars, Mr. F is a Gods send. He has a heavy duty snow blower, and he loves to use it. He cleared my driveway. Now I'm making him brownies.

*Other than the plowed-in driveway, the rest of the shoveling fell to me. Mr. J is ill, and Spare is a wee little thing. She opted to clean up the kitchen and make lunch. So out I went to ply the snow shovel.

When I first moved to Snobville,  I was so dismayed about the tiny little property. I can sit at my dining room table and see my neighbor making her supper next door. If the windows are open, we can converse. Tight quarters.

But when a foot of heavy snow falls, how much sidewalk and driveway do you want to be responsible for? I'll tell you: not much more than I have.

I'm a Cailleach of a certain age, not in very good shape, and I cleared the front porch, sidewalk, and cars (and around the cars) all by myself. Without Mr. F's help I would still be out there, wrestling with the heaviest piles. But as it was, I got my little section of sidewalk all done in about two hours. Came in and took the Advil right away.

And oh, is it lovely this morning on my street! The thick snow is coating all the branches and shrouding everything on the ground. Kids are strutting by with their sleds, all dressed in bright winter wear. The sun has come out, and everything looks so shiny and clean!

When my Fairie Festival plans become impacted by this unusually snowy weather pattern, I will look back on mornings like this one and remember that big snowstorms have their special sweetness. The bright sheen of snow against sky, the kindness of neighbors, the joy of two hours' extra sleep.

We take what we can out of life. Snow days are gifts. Blessed be to Beautiful Sedna for sending them!

Do Not Visit Staunton, Virginia

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Staunton, Virginia is one of the portals to the Skyline Drive. It is also a Washington, DC exurb full of museum quality morons.

The residents of Staunton are being visited by a winter flock of vultures. Staunton's response to the visitation is to try to scare off -- or kill -- the buzzards.

And the reporter at the Washington Post who wrote about Staunton's big, ugly problem was too lazy to Google and try to find other towns with similar winter vulture roosts.

If the Washington Post reporter of record, Darryl Spears, had done his proper research, he would have discovered the enlightened borough of Wenonah, NJ, which inherited a winter vulture population and has since made a clear profit of $10,000 on an annual Vulture Festival.

Speaking of the ever-popular East Coast Vulture Festival, it will be held on the first Saturday in March, 2011. At this festival, the children of the region will learn the following Religious Truths:

*Just because someone's droppings stink, that doesn't make them bad.
*Vultures do not kill kittens, puppies, or anything that isn't already almost dead.
*Vulture roosts are a WINTER season event only. As in winter, when it's cold. In the spring, they disperse.
*Vultures do not kill pine trees.
*Vultures only throw up on people who try to shoot them with paintballs. (LOL, that was in the Washington Post story. Someone had it coming!)
*Vultures are a protected species. If you kill one, be prepared. You're gonna pay.

On many occasions I have mused about the possibility of moving back into the Blue Ridge Mountains, to some bucolic McMansion-laden, Walmart-saturated bedroom suburb like Staunton, Virginia. But then I look around me at New Jersey ... sagging old New Jersey, with its refineries and its Snookies and its fat Republican governors, and I say, "Wait. This is Jersey. We treat vultures with respect."

Home sweet home.

Staunton, next time I go to the Skyline Drive, you won't even smell the exhaust from my car!

Post-it easel - Tutorial

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Staffelikort, er kjent for de fleste, og Post-it blokker dekorerer vi på mange forskjellige måter. I dag vil jeg vise en kombinasjon av disse, et Post-it staffeli, som er både praktisk og dekorativt.
Jeg begynner med å lage en liten eske som passer akkurat til Post-it blokka.
Start med å kutte en 6” / 4” kartong, og preg ½” inn på alle fire sidene. Klipp ned til pregekanten på fire sider, og skråklipp klaffene litt som du ser på bildet.


Easel cards are well known for many of us, and we decorate Post-it notes in many different ways. Today I want to show you a combination of these two. A Post-it easel, both practical and decorative.

I start by making a small box that fit the Post-it notes.
Cut the cardstock 6” / 4”, and score ½” in on all four sides. Cut down to the score line on four sides like you see in the picture.

Jeg bruker mønsterark både på utsiden og på innsiden. På innsiden vill det ikke synes på godt når Post-it blokka kommer på plass, men det gjør esken mer solid.

I use patterned paper both inside and outside the box. It may not show much on the inside, but it makes the box more solid.

Mønsterark / Patterned paper: 3/8” / 4  7/8” - 4 stk

                                             3/8” / 2  7/8" - 4 stk


Her har jeg limt mønsterark på alle sidene utenpå esken.

Here I have placed the papers outside the box.


Inni esken begynner jeg med å lime mønsterark på kortsidene…

Inside the box I fasten the short paper stripes…


Så monterer jeg esken før jeg limer mønsterark på langsidene. Da skjuler jeg skjøtene på esken.


Then I make the box ready before I add the last paper stripes. This way I will cover up the tabs on the box.


Her har jeg markert midten, og tegnet og klippet ut en halvsirkel.
Nå er esken min ferdig, og det er på tide å begynne på staffeliet.


Here I have marked the middle on the front, and cut out a half circle.
Now the box is ready, and it is time to make the easel.

Jeg begynner med kartong på 12” / 6”.
Jeg finner midten, og lager en pregekant ¼” til hver side for midten. Dette blir en ½” bred rygg, som gjør at kortet ligger flatt når det er lukket igjen.
Lag en brettekant midt på det ene store feltet, og fasongen er ferdigbrettet.

I start with a 12” /6” cardstock.
Find the middle of the cardstock, and score a line ¼” out from the middle to both sides. This will make a ½” back on the card, and your card will stay flat when you close it.
Now score a line in the middle of one of the large areas, and the shape of the easel is finished.

Her har jeg dekorert alle feltene på innsiden med mønsterpapir…

Here I have decorated all areas on the inside with patterned paper…

..og her har jeg gjort det samme på utsiden.

..and I have done the same on the outside.


Nå er det på tide å lage og dekorere fronten på staffeliet. Jeg har brukt et kvadrat på 13cm/13cm, men du kan selvfølgelig bruke hvilken størrelse eller fasong du vil.

Now it is time to make and decorate the front. My front is a 13cm/13cm square, but you can use any size and shape you like.


Jeg bruker teip bare på den nederste delen, og fester fronten til staffeliet.

I use tape only on the lower part, and fasten the front to the easel.


Jeg bruker dobbeltsidig teip til å feste Post-it blokka oppi esken, og esken til staffeliet.
Her er prosjektet mitt helt ferdig.


I use double sided tape to fasten the Post-it notes to het box, and the box to the easel.
Here my project is all finished.

Her er Post-it staffeliet lukket igjen.

Here you can see how it looks when it is closed.

Jeg håper du likte tutorialen, og ble inspirert til å gjøre et forsøk.


I hope you liked my tutorial, and that you got inspired to give this a try.

Jesse and Me

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where we delightfully dally with deities daily! If you need a bored god (or goddess), just check the sidebar, where we feature a new one every day.

Today, however, we put aside our deity devotions for more worldly matters.

As I drove to work this morning, I learned that Jesse Ventura is suing the federal government for the pat-downs he receives at airports.

Probably very few of you have the fond feelings I hold for Jesse "The Body" Ventura. Back in the 1980s, after he had been a Navy Seal -- but before he became governor of Minnesota -- Jesse was a professional wrestler with the World Wrestling Federation. And he was funny as the day is long. The guy was inspiring. My kind of humor, too. Witty put-downs, oversized boasts, flamboyant boas and statements and strutting. I started every Saturday morning with Jesse "The Body" and even went to live events at the Joe Louis Arena (much to Mr. Johnson's chagrin).

Everyone else must have forgotten Jesse "The Body's" antics, because he was the last dude on the planet I ever thought would be elected to government. (Oh well, not necessarily. We've got Arnold in Cali after all.) From time to time I have wondered how "The Body" would do in national politics. He's got the gift of gab, big time.

Let's put all of that aside, though. Here's an ex-Navy Seal who served as a state governor, and when he flies he has to be patted down. Why? Because he has a titanium hip.

I too have a titanium hip.

I don't fly much in the apparent world. The last time I was on a plane, I had a real hip with no problems in it whatsoever. It's rather disconcerting to know, however, that when I do get ready to board a plane, chances are good that I'm going to be frisked like a caught crook. If Jesse "The Body" gets patted down, what will Anne "The Druid" get? Full cavity exploration?

The automobile is looking better and better.

Jesse "The Body" was a wrestler in the 1980s, so he must be quite a bit diminished by now in terms of physical prowess. Nevertheless, I would not like to be the one who had to say, "Okay, Mr. Ventura. Hands on the wall, spread your legs." Jesse didn't get a titanium hip because he got arthritis. He must have busted every joint in that wrestling ring. Or in the Seals ... the friggin Seals! We are frisking Navy Seals!

Go Greyhound. The energy saver.

Hatred Imbalance Restored

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" You know what fascinates bored deities? Television! They can't get over it. And they all say that if they'd had it as a praise and worship tool, they wouldn't be bored today.

When I hear this, I turn on some televangelist, or Glenn Beck, or another hater of that ilk, and I ask the bored deity, "Is this who you would want drumming up business for you?"

Some of them are fine with it. Others are dismayed. You're gonna get a mixed bag of answers from deities of multiple pantheons.

Television is definitely a powerful tool for molding peoples' sentiments. (The computer is not far behind it just now and probably will overtake it.) It doesn't matter what political views you hold, chances are you can find some hater on the air who will stoke your inner fire and make you want to drag a sign to some rally.

I'm reflecting on this topic tonight because of Keith Olbermann's abrupt departure from his television show -- a program of left-wing ire that put MSNBC on the map.

Like him or hate him (or his politics), you have to admit that Keith took a page from the Rush Limbaugh playbook and doled out strong opinions with a "progressive" zeal.

As for this "progressive" crap, when did we stop being liberals? The new name feels so 1984-ish somehow, like we were hoodwinked into it by the vilification of our original name.

Anyway, back to Keith. I've been watching his show for at least two years, every night but Friday.

To be perfectly truthful, I've been falling asleep to his show for two years. That would be the amount of time I've been teaching. Before that, I watched him. Not with rose colored glasses, either. "Worst person in the world?" Hater. Funny hater, but a hater all the same.

The reason I supported Keith with my viewing habits was that, to me, he offered a counterbalance to all the hate from the other side of the political spectrum, which I will, from now on, be calling the "regressives." Rush, Glenn, Bill, Sean -- they needed someone to blow Bronx cheers across their bows. Someone similar in temperament and completely opposite in point of view.

New ownership has arrived at MSNBC, and rumors about Mr. Olbermann's big ego and head-butting against management are rampant. So the hater isn't well-liked. I imagine Mr. Beck's not always on the best of terms with his handlers, either.

I'll miss Keith because he was a righteous hater, a counterbalance to the vile fumes across the divide. Now that he's gone, I think I'll read more. Should have been doing that long ago. Oh yeah, and I'll get a laugh out of watching MSNBC fade back into the obscurity it tried so hard to overcome. Sorry, dudes. You fired your matinee idol. Or he quit. Either way, ciao, baby, from someone who didn't much care for Keith but who actually watched MSNBC every night.

Are you reading this, you who buy commercial time on MSNBC? The progressives are progressing elsewhere.

Sheesh. Progressives. When was the last time that was used? Maybe in the era of William Jennings Bryan?

Shopping tip January 2011

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A new year and time for some new shoppingtips.
Did you know January is the worst month economically?
I certainly feel that *lol*
and long for payday. :)
So this month there´s nothing too expensive among the tips.
But I think we all need some craft material shopping so 
lets see what the we in StampARTic team have found this time.


My shopping tip this time is these beautiful dies from Marianne Design.
They are thin like Spellbinders, and works in most cutting machines,
and they are all wonderful with beautiful details.
I found these at Unik Hobby.

My shopping tips this time is these wonderful clear stamps from 
Hero Arts: Friendly Flags,
I found these at Kreative Fornemmelser


Need just the perfect detail for your valentine cards??
Then I have a great tip for you...
Whiff of Joy has some amazing new dies out;
Some gorgeous heart border dies and heart shaped dies:


My shopping tips this time is these beautiful digi stamps from
Sugar Nellie Stamps...
I found these adorable stamps


The other day I got  a package with some new 
lovely laces that I´ve ordered from Pysseltagen.
It was "love at first sight" and they are my shopping tips today:

Nice as they are and even better with a ribbon in a matching colour :)   :

At Pysseltagen you can also find them with edges in peach and baby blue, 
and I´ve seen them at Wild Orchid Crafts in Baby Pink and Lilac as well.

While I was at it I bought just a few more:


I have a three tips this month.
First some Seam binding ribbon - Hug Snug 
Just $7,95  for 100 yards.
With that I made my own blue crinkled ribbon using this video 
Ideal for those vintage projects.

My next 2 tips are digital stamps from two of my new favorites 
Digital stamps are a great to use. 
You can use it as many times as you wish and how big or little you want.

KennyK makes for ex the most lovely Sassy girls and

Make it crafty wonderful scenic stamps.
Awesome to combine with your favorite stamps.

 So that was all we had for January
I hope you found something you like.
Happy shopping!!!
And a great week to you all!
~StampARTic team~

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