Sketchchallenge in May

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I dag viser kalenderen 1. maj, og det betyder at vi er klar med en ny skitseudfordring til jer. Skogstokiga har sponset os med en flot premie til vinderen.

Today it is the 1. of May, and that means that we are ready with a new sketch challenge for you.
Skogstokiga has sponsored us with this months great price.

Præmien til den heldige vinder er disse flotte stempler
The prize for one lucky winner is the fabulous stamps

The Prize!

  Så er vi kommet til udfordringen. Marianne har lavet denne flotte skitse for os.
Håber at I vil nyde den :o)
And now it is time for the challenge. Marianne has made this wonderful sketch for us.
Hope you will enjoy it :o)
Og her er hvad vi DT'ere har lavet efter skitsen.
And here is what we in DT have made from the sketch.









Held og lykke allesammen.
Deadline er den 8. maj 2010 - Midnat StampARTic tid
Good luck to all of you.
The deadline is May 8th 2010 - Midnight StampARTic time. 

For at deltage, sæt dit navn og link i Mister Linky skemaet og husk at linke til dit kort.
To participate, leave your name and link in the Mister Linky scheme. Remember to link directly to your card.

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Winner of the 2nd challenge

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On aika julistaa viimeisimmään haasteemme voittajan. Saimme todella mukavasti kortteja tähän haasteeseen ja valinta oli kuten aina todella vaikeata.

Löysimme voittajan ja tällä kertaa arvoimme voittajan.

It's time to pick the winner to our 2nd challenge. We did get some realy lovely cards and as usual it was so hard to pick the winner.

We have of course a winner, and this time we have chosen the winner by random.

Palkinnon sponsorina on ...
The prize is spnsored by ....

Voittaja on....

The winner is ........













Kiitos kaikille osallistujille ja Onnea voittajalle
Sakkalo lähetätkö yhteystietosi meille osoitteeseen

Thank's for all the lovely entries and Congratulations to the winner.
Sakkalo please send your address to


Toivotamme kaikille lukijoillemme Hauskaa Vappua

We wish all our readers a Happy May Day

May Day! May Day!

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In an hour, we at "The Gods Are Bored" will be embarking for the May Day Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farm. Please join us there as members of the Mountain Tribe -- or just to say howdy. Even if 20,000 people come every day (I think that's an accurate prediction), I will be easy to find. I'm the crazy one.

The Fairie Festival is usually picketed by Pentecostal Christians who issue dire warnings of hell to everyone who enters the fairie grounds.

To them -- and to you -- I would reply, "Going to a fairie festival doesn't make you a Pagan anymore than going to France makes you French.

"Having said that ... Vive la France!"

Blessings to all on Beltane. Light a fire for the bored gods. Dance for spring, for all the blooming, growing, flowering things that soak up the sunshine and give us oxygen in return! Blessed be the Ancient Ones!

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Walk of Fame - April 2010

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Det er tid for å presentere kort vi har funnet til Walk of Fame. Som vanlig finner vi de mest fantastiske kreasjoner der ute i bloggverden og det er en stor ære å presentere kortene til 'WoF'
Det är tid att igen presentera våra val av kort till Walk of Fame. Vilken otrolig runda vi har haft. Vi hittade det mest otroligt vackra kort och vi har glädjen att visa kortena vi valt till 'WoF'.

It's time to present to you our choices of cards for Walk of Fame. We did have the most incredible journey looking for cards. It's a pleasure to show our choices for 'WoF'.

On aika kertoa mitkä kortit on tässä kuussa tullut valituksi Walk of Fame joukkioon. Blogissa surffailessa törmää mitä ihanimpiin juttuihin. Meillä on kunnia esitellä teille tämän kuun valintamme 'WoF' sarjaan.

Walk of Fame  
Gratulerer * Congratulations * Onnittelut

Jealous Gods and Goddesses

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Are you the jealous type? Do jealous people annoy you? Has your life been negatively impacted by jealousy in the past? Right now? Read on!

We at "The Gods Are Bored" hate jealous deities! The immortal pox take all jealous deities! Jealousy is not an emotion befitting an immortal. And You know who You are, jealous deity!

Actually, that should be jealous deities, because the busy Bible god doesn't have the jealousy market cornered by any stretch.

Over the weekend, Mr. Johnson and I took an itty bitty overnight trip to the Chesapeake Bay. It was sunny when we set out. It clouded over as we drove there. The Bed and Breakfast I chose had beautiful rooms with waterview vistas, but the hosts were wackadoos. The restaurant ruined the rockfish! (Those of you from Maryland will recognize this unholy sacrilege ... but can you believe it happened right by the dock where the fish are brought to land?)

Nevertheless, Mr. Johnson and I had a splendid time. It's not often we get to be together without our little fledglings.

Enter jealous Aphrodite.

I guess this doggone Goddess, renowned for Her jealousy, took aim at me today. Because today was one of those days from hell when I had to work 11 hours at school, and now I'm home, and there's housework to do. Mr. Johnson is slaving away at a big project... For shame, Aphrodite! Do you have to pine for every good looking mortal on the planet? Leave my husband and me alone!

We at "The Gods Are Bored" hope we don't offend any Hellenists out there, but it's no wonder the busy jealous god eroded the power of those Greco-Roman deities. Almost every Greco-Roman deity is jealous in some way, whereas in the Bible, the only jealous one is God. Really cuts down on the jealousy factor.

So, Aphrodite. Will you please move along? There are so many mortals and so little time.

Would someone out there distract Aphrodite before she drowns me in a sea of over-work?

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Stamped candles. Tutorial.

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Stemplede lys er gøy å lage, og jeg får stadig spørsmål om hvordan dette gjøres, og det vil jeg selvfølgelig dele med dere. Det er slett ikke vanskelig, og det er veldig gøy! Det finnes flere måter å gjøre dette på, men for å gjøre det på min måte trenger du: Hvitt silkepapir, stempler og blekk, bakepapir, varmepistol og selvfølgelig et lys.

Jeg har brent mange stemplede lys, og det går helt fint, men det er lurt å velge et stort lys med en diameter på minst 7cm. Når lyset har brent ned til motivet, vil papiret stikke opp, og det er lett å rive det av etter hvert. Papiret bøyer seg ikke inn i flammen, men du skal selvfølgelig ikke forlate et brennende lys! Selv om silkepapiret er tynt, og blir satt inn med stearin, så er det fortsatt papir.

Silkepapiret jeg bruker er helt vanelig silkepapir som butikkene pakker inn glass og lignende i. Hvilken stempelpute du bruker spiller ingen rolle for resultatet. Bruk den type blekk som passer til den fargeleggingsteknikken du vil bruke.

På mitt første lys vil jeg fargelegge med Copics, og stempler motivet mitt med Adirondack.

Stamped candles are so fun to make, and many have asked me how I do this. Of course I will share this with you. It is not at all difficult, and it is a lot of fun.

There are different ways to do this, but to do it my way you need: White tissue paper, stamps and ink, baking paper, heat tool and of course a candle.

I have burned a lot of stamped candles, and it is no problem, but it is wise to use a big candle 7cm or more wide. When you burn your candle and reach the motif, the tissue paper will stick up, and you can easily cut it. The paper will not bend into the flame, but of course you must never leave a burning candle! The tissue paper is very thin, and it is smelted into the candle, but it is still paper.

You can use any kind of ink you want. I choose the kind of ink that goes with the colouring technique I want to use.
On my first candle I will use my Copics, and I stamp my image with Adirondack.

Fargene blir klare og fine når jeg bruker litt mørke nyanser. Det går ikke å skyggelegge med Copics på dette tynne papiret.

Når motivet er ferdig fargelagt, klipper jeg det ut. Det kan godt stå igjen en hvit kant rundt motivet, denne vil smelte inn i lyset og bli usynelig.

Nå er det på tide å ta frem lys, bakepapir og varmepistolen.
Plasser motivet der du vil ha det på lyset.

The colours will be fine and bright if you use your dark markers. You can not make shadows as usual on this thin paper.
When I am done colouring my image, I cut it out with my scissor. You can leave a white edge around the image that will disappear on the candle.
Now it is time to find candle, baking paper and the heat tool.

Put your image where you want it on the candle.

Bruk et stort stykke bakepapir, legg det rundt lyset, og hold det slett og stramt med den ene hånden.
Bruk varmepistolen på motivet. Jeg holder pistolen ca 20cm unna lyset, og beveger den hele tiden.

Gjennom bakepapiret ser du lett forandringen når motivet smelter inn i lyset. Da beveger du raskt pistolen videre, helt til du ser at hele motivet er på plass. Fjern bakepapiret forsiktig, og lyset ditt er ferdig.


Use a big sheet of baking paper, and hold it tight around the candle with your hand.
Now use the heat tool on your motif. I keep the heat about 20cm away from the candle, and I move it around all the time. Trough the baking paper it is easy to see when the image is starting to smelt into the candle. Then you quickly move your heat to another area, until you see that your whole image has smelted into the candle.

Gently remove the baking paper, and your candle is all finished.


Jeg hadde hørt at det var mulig å fargelegge med Distress på det tynne silkepapiret, men må innrømme at jeg var skeptisk. Allikevel måtte jeg jo prøve, og stemplet motivet mitt med Stazon.


I heard it is possible to colour with Distress Ink on this thin paper, but I have to admit I was skeptic.
Still I had to try, and I stamped my next image with Stazon.

Jeg det gikk som en drøm, med skyggelegging og det hele.
Legg et tørkepapir under motivet, det vil suge opp overflødig vann, og mal i vei.
Her ser du rosemotivet mitt ferdig malt med Distress.
Så klipper jeg rundt motivet, og smelter det inn i lyset mitt med varmepistolen.


And it works like a dream, with shadows and all.
Just put a napkin underneath your image when you use watercolors that will absorb the extra water.
Here you can see my image coloured with Distress Ink.
Then cut out the image, and smelt it into the candle like I described before.


Er du ikke glad i å fargelegge, så kan du fortsatt være med på moroa. Det finnes så mange lekre motiv som ikke krever fargelegging, og alle detaljer kommer overraskende godt frem på det ferdige lyset.

If you are not too happy about colouring, you can still play along. There are so many beautiful images that don`t need colouring, and all the details will show surprisingly well on your candle.


Lysene blir ekstra personlig om du har en fin tekst på baksiden.

Bare velg en tekst, stemple, klipp ut, og smelt det inn i lyset.

A nice text on the backside will give your candle a personal touch.
Just pick a text, stamp it, cut it out and smelt it into the candle.

Litt pynt nederst, langt unna flammen, og lysene mine er helt ferdige.

With some decorations on the lower part, far from the flame, my candles are all finished.

Jeg håper dere likte min tutorial, lykke til med deres stemplede lys!

I hope you liked my tutorial and good luck with your stamped candles!

Fifth Anniversary

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," proud to serve you the finest forgotten deities since 2005!

Yes, that's right. This month, "The Gods Are Bored" turned five. I can hardly believe it. When you love doing something, time doesn't matter. In case you haven't noticed, I love to blog.

For our fifth anniversary, here's a little wisdom from a very silly person.

Dance to the music of your soul. Within you is an orchestra. You are the conductor and the principal performer. When all is in balance, my, what fine symphonies you perform!

As the conductor, you are empowered to keep your inner musicians in harmony. If one section begins to blare or go off tune, study the problem -- and you can correct it.

Listen for the laughter of the bored gods. They exist amongst us, the glorious divinities that accompanied us onto the lion-infested plain, out of the warm lands and into the steppes, across the seas and deep into the mountains. Their names and deeds may be forgotten, but their love lives on. In all that we do for and upon the Earth, we should remember those who have gone before -- both deities and humans.

Pour blessings for your ancestors. Pour blessings for those to come. Pour blessings for the deity who saved your ancestress from the lion. She lived, and because of that, you live. Blessed be mother, Mother, and all Great Ancient Mothers.

We need not know their names. Our libations are still pleasing to them.

Thank you to everyone who reads "The Gods Are Bored." It is our pleasure ... trust me ... it is our pleasure to serve you.


"Eyeball Vulture," site signature drawing, by The Heir.

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Shopping tips April 2010

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Oh så är det snart dags för nästa löning och 
vad passar väl bättre då än lite ordentlig shopping.
Denna månaden har vi funnit mycket nytt(och lite gammalt) som vi gillar i butikerna.

Marianne - Gillar de här nya vackra papperna Hartfelt Design från Papir i hjertet


 Yeh, it´s soon time for the next paycheck to come and what 
will suit better than some proper craft shopping.
This month we have found a lot that we like. 

Marianne- Loves these beautiful new papers, 
Hartfelt Design. From Papir i hjertet

Både Marianne och SasSa gillar de nya Sizzixz diesen som Tim Holtz gjort.
Man kan göra mycket skojigt med dessa diesen.

Both Marianne and SasSa likes the new Sizzix dies from Tim Holtz. 
You can have a lot of fun with these dies. 

Nya Artsy team medlemmen Lisette 
ger oss ett toppen tips för the Artsy style.
Du kan köpa dem på Craftyindividuals

 New Artsy team member Lisette gives a 
tip for great stamps for the Artsy style. 
You can by them here Craftyindividuals

Charlotte har hittat en Fiskars kant och hörn stans
finner du massor av idéer på vad man kan göra med den.
Kan hittat hos exempelvis Scrapbookfun och Papirloftet

Charlotte has found a 
Fiskars Border and Corner punch.
And if you look in our Fiskars article 
from last year you can see what one can do with it.
Can be bought for ex at Scrapbookfun and Papirloftet

Papirloftet hittar man också Petras shoppingtips.
EK Success stansar.
Bla Round Binding

At Papirloftet you also can find Petras shopping tips-
EK Success punches.
For ex Round Binding 
EK Success Chain

EK Success Bracket (embossing too) (embossar också) 
Carola är näst att ge tips och hennes 
är Martha Stewart Scoring board
Här är två videor: 

Carolas tip are the Martha Stewart scoring board 
Here are 2 VIDEOS: Comparing Martha and ScorPal  

Carola har också funnit denna 
Nellie Snellen löv stans
Video: Använda Nellie Snellen löv stans 
(videon är på finska men man kan ändå 
se hur fina löv det blir med stansen)

Carola also found this Nellie Snellen leaf punch 
(the video are in finish but you still see on 
how great leafs you can make with the punch)

Och.... Making Memories Slice , här är den rosa versionen. 

And... The Making Memories Slice, heres the pink version.
Den trådlösa....
Slice trådlös VIDEO
Att embossa med Slice VIDEO
The handsfree...

 Det var våra tips för April månad. 
Glad shopping allesammans!

That was our tips for April.
Happy shopping everyone!

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