So, What's with Mugwort?

Posted by Princess Eva Angelica On 4:34 PM
Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where we have never, ever understood why someone can buy a fifth of whiskey and get into a raging drunk -- legally -- while a peaceful little spliff gets you sent to jail. This, my friends, is injustice.

We at TGAB quickly add that we do not partake of either whiskey or spliffs, feeling one to be evil and the other to be illegal. Enough said.

However, there is a weed growing rampant in my yard that has my curiosity piqued. It's mugwort.

The Druids considered mugwort a magical herb that led to enlightenment. Now the state of Louisiana wants to make it illegal to grow mugwort. Is there something promising in this hardy perennial that has choked out everything else in my garden?

Please, if you have any anecdotal information on the ingestion of mugwort, please share. It's April 20, and I'm going outside to make a fire of a certain pesky perennial ... just on the odd chance that ...

This is New Jersey, after all, not Louisiana.

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  1. Saint Muno Said,

    Im a newjersian and heavy consumer of mugwort, tea or smoke. I find it to be a tasty smoke that makes your dreams tripped out and makes your tactile experience wonderful as soft is softer and the like. Just dry it and make some tea and sweeten it and then get a corncob pipe used only for tobacco or never used as weed resin may mask your mugwort experience and smoke and drink it... and if you dont like it ill take it.


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