February challenge

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Hi, everyone, I hope you are ready for a new Challenge here at StampARTic. We have started a new year, and todays challenge is: Do something new.

I don`t mean you have to invent something that hasn`t been done before, just do something that is new to YOU. Maybe a new way of coloring, a new folding technique, a new style, a kind of box you haven`t tried before, make a new kind of decoration for your project etc. Just mention in your post what you did that was new to you. And if you need some more inspiration, we have a lot of tutorials here at StampARTic:)

We are lucky to have Pysseldags as a sponsor for this challenge.
Please take a look here for our Pysseldags article, and DT creations.
DT had a lot of fun playing with products and techniques we haven`t tried before.
 Here is what we have created.

I have colored the image on green cardstock, and that is new to me. I have used my Prisma Colors a lot on white and craft cardstock, but I have never before colored on a green background. The shape of the card is also new to me.
I have used image from Stempelglede, papers from Pion Design and texts from Kreativ Hobby and
North Star Stamps.

I have never tried out making this card before so for this challenge I just had to do it ;)
(Don't know the name of it either ;)


I´ve never made a pop-up card before so this is was a big challenge for me. It was a lot of hard of work, so many images to color. I´ve used Maja Designs paper and here new stamps from the Vintage Winter Collection 2011. It´s so beautiful and so easy stamps to color. The "santa-stamps" and the sentiment are also from Maja Design.


I´ve tried out Metal Tape Art, a technique that´s brand new for me and I just looved it!So FUN!  This I´ll definately do much more of :). ( And the text is not referring to January 1970 as my husband first   thought, it´s my dad turning 70 :) )


I made a basket I never have tried before. I fond the tutorial at Lena Katrine's lovely blog. You can find her tutorial HER. I used the lovely paper from Pion design - Från Mitt Hjärta II for my basket.


I´ve done a card in a completely new size to me. I usually only do 15x15 cm and maybee 10x10 or 10x15.
This one is 20x11,5 cm.
The stamp is a digi from Tiddly Inks and the papers are from OA - Farmhouse.


I made a babycarriage with shabby chic style. I haven't made babycarriages before but it has been on my mind for a long time.



I have for long time wanted to made a tea dispenser.
This tea dispenser tutorial I found
at Mariannes blog


I have made a pop up card.
I have seen them in blogland and just loved how they look, so this was a perfect chance for me to try out something new and something that i have wanted to try out for a long time.

I had so much fun making this pop up card and it really wasnt that hard either.

This is how it lookes at first...

and when you pull the tag the image pops up like this...


I have made this book card for the first time. Actually it has been in my mind almost a one year and now it was a good time to make it:)  I don`t ever have tried any different folding technique ( my cards are always really "everyday" so I had so much fun to make this one.

I hope you will join our "do something new" challenge.
Please use Mr Linky to participate, deadline for this challenge is midnight February 8th.
Good luck with your new projects:)


Ancient Worry

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Did you know that we share a common ancestor? Yes, readers, all of us share a common ancestor, maybe as recently as 50,000 years ago -- certainly not much more than 100,000 years ago. This makes us siblings, practically ... especially if you compare us to horseshoe crabs or trilobites.

You can argue with me if you want to about Great-to-the-nth-power Granny, but I'll bet she was a worrier.

If you've got a dozen kids or so, all of you living on the African plains (or even elsewhere, most places were much wilder then), you're going to be worried about:
1. lions
2. food
3. rivals
4. children's safety

Look at us, just a geological blip later! We have eliminated one, exactly one, object of anxiety from that list! The rest are still rocking on. Oh, you might say you're worried about losing your job, but the underlying and very real anxiety is starving.  Rivals? You don't have any in your life? Lucky you, but I still wouldn't turn my back on the wrong acquaintance. Machiavelli isn't even a blip from your doorstep.

If you don't worry about your children's safety, exit "The Gods Are Bored" immediately and go play in traffic.

Me, I'm a worrier. Have always been, will always be. When I was a kid, I used to have dreams about being devoured by lions. No doubt I was channeling Great-to-the-nth, as above.

People will give you a handbasket full of strategies for dealing with worry, including some very nice pharmaceuticals that I highly recommend ... after all, this is the modern era, no use wringing our hands like Great-to-the-nth.

Worry can also be taken to the bored gods. This is where They are so helpful to know, because you can always find one to fit your particular brand of anxiety. If you're suffering from unexpressed anger, a Warrior Goddess can kick butt for you. If you're anxious about that pesky young adult offspring who will walk about Philadelphia at night, there are dozens of Goddesses who will walk by her side. All you have to do is put your faith in Them. Don't pay attention to the unanswered prayers that the followers of the busy god are complaining about all the time! Bored deities deliver. What else do They have to do?

I'm trying to turn my issues over to the long-lost deities who hang about my Shrine of the Mists. My biggest challenge is to keep malice and bitterness out of the equation, and just let the deities sort things out in their pre-recorded-history way.

It's uplifting to take your troubles to a bored deity, not knowing how that deity handled such things back in the day. Like a celestial open-ended question.

"Dear Goddess, please do whatever you did in bygone times, and then report back to me, or not, as You please. And thank You for not judging me because I worry. Appreciate it."

Gosh, this is suspiciously like free advice. So I guess, in the spirit of the economic times, I'll have to pay you for taking it. Text me.

VIDEO: How to Maintain Weight

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Weighing in on SOPA and PIPA

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," the sole intellectual property of me, Anne Johnson! If you quote more than ten percent of this post, I am going to tell the government I've been ripped off, and they'll shut down Google.

Well, I don't know. That seems pretty extreme to me, but this is what I hear through the grapevine, i.e., the Internet. There's some legislation about intellectual property that could have far-reaching implications for our "business as usual" here in cyberspace.

Theft of intellectual property is no laughing matter, because people do work hard on music, art, books, newspaper articles, films, all the rest. And when consumers are able to re-use or enjoy that work without compensating the artist, it does lead to more starvation in garrets.

 In the case of newspapers, they just didn't think quickly enough. Instead of banding together, throwing up firewalls, and charging for their content, they opened web sites that essentially provide the product for free. But in the 1990s, newspapers couldn't see into the future any more than Kanye could. If you give people access to something like the Internet, they're going to use their imaginations to make it work best for them. Which means, they're going to look for ways to get bang for their buck, or freebies when freebies can be had.

You will excuse me if I feel no sympathy for the film industry. Is it my fault that they spare no expense with their special effects? I don't go online looking for free films, but I also shed no tears for Big Entertainment. The rest of us are tightening our belts. Disney, don't come crying to me.

What concerns me about the online policing that SOPA and PIPA represent is the chilling effect it could have on freedom of speech. I wonder if we would see college students getting pepper-sprayed during Occupy. Our government is already herding journalists into cattle chutes, keeping them as distant from the front as possible -- whether it's in Afghanistan or Berkeley. Enter the People with their phones. (Alas, I'm not one of the People. My phone doesn't do film, and I wouldn't know how to work it if it did.)

Like it or not, the Internet has changed our world forever, and it has done so in a jiffy. It's going to keep doing so in the future, in even more of a jiffy. And it will have its downside, probably eventually fatal to millions of people -- because from my point of view (admittedly bleak), this is the way history tends after any big innovation.

In the meantime, we at "The Gods Are Bored" just want a little space to praise and worship Those who know best what any sea change can bring: forgotten Gods and Goddesses from the deep mists of time. They listen. They act. Be careful what you wish for.

But I think you're on safe ground wishing for a free and uncensored Internet. The Gods I see are so desperate for recognition that They check every search engine looking for any sign that They might be re-discovered.

I'm Anne Johnson ... always and forever Anne Johnson ... and I approve this message.

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Shoppingtips- January 2012

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Hi everybody out there!

Done any shopping lately? The StampARTic team members surely have and here are our shopping tips for you this month. Hope you´ll find something you like :).


I found something that can be just perfect  to make
Valentine/love cards with....
Basic Grey newest collections


My tip is the cute "Tilda hugs Koala".  She was specially made for Shopbron in Australia. 
This is a limited offer and a special collection-Tilda so hurry up. You will find her here


I fell in love in two different paper collections.
First Lily Bee´s Head over Heals:

Then October Afternoons Farmhouse:

I found them both at Scrap-Perras.


I just have to show Pion Designs new lovely collection From My Heart II!! They come in "12 and "6. Perfect for both cards and LOs =)


Writing this, I´m surveilling my mailbox closely, waiting for these gorgeous dies from Memorybox. Just love their delicacy and that there is  a "filled" matching butterfly and heart to combine with.

These I ordered from Pysseltagen.


Just like Malin I love PionDesign papers and I have to buy these lovely papers called Minnenas Atelje

And of course a new die for me from Tim Holt. 


High Protein Breakfast Ideas

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Breakfast is a meal that tends to be higher in carbohydrates and lower in protein- with go-to foods consisting of cereal, fruit, oatmeal, pancakes, toast, etc. However, starting the day with a high protein breakfast will help keep you fuller longer and provide less sugar-based calories that will leave you fatigued and hungry soon after. Here are some great ideas for high protein breakfasts

  • Omelet with veggies and turkey bacon or sausage
  • Protein Smoothie with yogurt, 100% protein powder, and 1 piece of fruit
  • Protein Bar such as Think Thin, Zone Bars, Pure Protein, Detour Bars
  • High Protein "No Oat Oatmeal" Made with Egg Whites and Nuts
  • Whole grain toast with peanut butter
  • Greek Yogurt with Almonds and Sunflower Seeds
What are your favorite high-protein breakfast ideas?

~Readers Gallery~

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Welcome to a NEW YEAR with the Readers gallery.


Welcome to a new month with wonderful creations .

It's always fun to show off what's around the various blogs,

made by you readers.

Especially those made after being inspired

by StampARTic articles.
Continue sending us mail of your projects and card,
on our articles and tutorials.....
First out this time is
Christine has made TWO wonderful projects this time.
This one is made after beeing inspired by

The second one "A basket", also made by Christine is
inspired by

.."Lovly baskets you have made, Christine :O)"

Ans has made a beautiful pop-up box after

.."I just love your choice of colours, Ans :O)"


Ulrica has also made a delicate and wonderful

Pop Up box after following Lenes Pop Up box tutorials

"This is just so delicate, Ulrica :-D"
Remember to e-mail us or leave a comment, if you have been inspired

by any of our articles.

We are looking forward to show of your project in our magazine!

Hugs from DT Lene

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