10 Minute Dinner: Sweet Potato with Spinach and Egg Scramble

Posted by Princess Eva Angelica On 4:39 AM
Yesterday, I got home late from work and wanted something quick and easy to eat for dinner. I contemplated peanut butter toast or running out to get something. Instead, I turned to my quick, nutritious go-to meal, Sweet Potato with Egg and Spinach Scramble. This meal is loaded with nutrients, satisfying, and it comes together in just 10 minutes.

First, I stabbed my sweet potato with a fork before wrapping in a moist paper towel, and microwaved it for 5 minutes.

While this was in the microwave, I cooked 2 eggs on the stove top and sauteed some spinach in some olive and a sprinkle of salt.

I sliced and peeled my sweet potato, just in time for the stove ingredients to finish cooking. Then I simply plated everything and finished.

What are your go-to meals for busy weeknights?

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