Phuket Shopping

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Phuket has fullness to offer its visitors along with some excellent shopping venues. Phuket is well known for its gorgeous white sandy beaches and exiting nightlife any way while the last decade a large whole of world class shopping venues have opened in Phuket.

When people think about going shopping in Phuket they will often think about counterfeit software, Dvd movies and fake brand name clothing. If this is the type of goods that you want to buy while your holiday on Phuket then there are fullness of small stores where you can find these types of products.


If any way you would like to buy high capability products and designer clothing then there are a whole of world class Phuket shopping malls where you can go buy these items.

Phuket Shopping

Travelers planning a trip to Phuket and who would like to do some shopping while their holiday should absolutely plan a visit to some of the excellent Phuket shopping venues listed down below.

Jungceylon Shopping Mall

The Jungceylon shopping mall is the most recent shopping mall on Phuket and is settled in the Patong beach resort area. There are hundreds of stores at this mall as well as fullness of restaurants and other types of entertainment venues. If you feel like catching a movie then you should absolutely check out the multi screen movie theatre which is settled on the top floor.

Phuket Central Festival

The Phuket Central Festival mall is settled along the bypass road of Phuket and is home to some of the finest shops and boutiques found in any place on the island. If you plan to do some shopping in Phuket then be sure to visit the perfect Central division store which is settled inside of this large and contemporary shopping mall. The Phuket Central Festival mall is also home to a multi screen cinema and there are fullness of food and beverage outlets from which shoppers can choose.

Big C Mall

The Big C mall in Phuket is where most of the local Thai residents seem to enjoy doing their shopping. The main retailer at this Phuket shopping mall is the Thai Big C division store any way there are also a whole of other restaurants and stores at this shopping venue. The Big C mall is settled close by to the Phuket Central Festival shopping mall and is as well settled along the Phuket Bypass road.

Ocean Plaza Patong

Another beloved shopping destination in Patong is the Ocean Plaza mall. There are dozens of small boutiques which together form the Ocean division store. There is also an perfect supermarket settled in the basement of this Phuket shopping mall. If you enjoy bowling then be sure to visit the contemporary bowling alley which is settled on the top floor of the Ocean Plaza mall in Patong.

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