Tutorial: Stationary Box

Posted by Princess Eva Angelica On 3:00 PM
Today I am going to show you how you make a stationary box. You can put what ever you want in this box, cards, notepads, pencils and everything. Under here you see the picture of the box we are going to make. 
The first thing you got to do is choose your papers. I have used the beautiful papers from Maja Design. The good thing is they match well together as well as they have mixed patterens. 
Start by scoring your paper at 5" and 7". Then turn it an score at 3" and 9" in the other direction. I scored at normal cardboard but you can also score straight on you pattern paper. 
Cut on the two scoring lines like the picture is showing. 
Add doublesided tape like the picture show you. Bend this one in and glue it down. This is for extra support. 
This is our base. 
Now we are creating the inside folders. Cut a piece of cardstock 8 ½" and 4 ¼" . Score both short sides and one of the long sides at 1 ¼”. 
Trim the sides.
Add doublesided tape and glue it on like the picture show you. 
Cut a piece of cardstock 5 ½" and 2" and a piece 4 ½" and 2". Score both pieces at ½” and 1” from each end. Add doublesided tape to outer pieces and attach them to your box like the picture shows you. 
Now we are making the lid. I did cardboard in the lid to. I prefer to decorate the lid with pattern paper later. Cut the paper at 10 1/8” and 6 1/8”. Score at 2” on all sides. Fold ends up to form lid. (The pictures will show you what to do). 
Here you can see the paper I choose for my box. The Maja Design papers makes it easy to mix and match together on your cards or projects.
Inside I decorated with a small rosett on the side. On the right side I placed a little notebook that I decorated in the same pattern paper. 
Here is my finished box again. I added a big rosett on the outside to. Under the rosett I placed some Tim Holtz Photo-tape/roll. Not sure of the right name on english. 
This is my finished inside. I made 4 big cards, 4 small cards and 4 tags. 
Here you can see all the cards out for the box. The little pocket under the sentiment is for stamps ;-) 
Hope you like the tutorial and if you make a box yourself remember to send it in to our Readers Gallery. 

Have a great weekend ;-) Hugs from Henrikke

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