Grocery Shopping Tips

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Here are some great tips to save calories, money, and time at the grocery store! Tackling the grocery store can be a challenge, but if you follow this advice, you will be on your way to a smaller waist and more room in your pockets from all the money you are saving!

·         Plan ahead. Go to the store with a shopping list and stick to it! Also check the newspapers/online ahead of time for products that are on sale and incorporate them into your list. Planning ahead will allow you to put together complete meals throughout the week.

·         Buy in season. Blueberries are a cheap treat in the summer but practically an investment once it’s fall. Check your farmers market for local ingredients as well, which should be picked at the peak of their nutrition! Consider growing some of your own produce as well.

·         Purchase sale items in bulk. Use the same main ingredient and dress it up differently. Turn ground turkey into chili, turkey burgers and a topping for tacos. Buy produce by the bag, not individually, and remember that frozen fruits and vegetables are just as nutritious as the fresh kind and they are much cheaper and will last much longer. It is even smarter to buy big containers of yogurt and add your own “fruit on the bottom” as well as big bags of snacks to make your own “100 calorie packs” for the week, rather than buying them prepared. Lean cuts of meat and other things should be purchased when they are on sale and then you can freeze them for future uses.

·         Spice it up.  The use of spices is also a great trick to save money. Lean chicken breasts can taste differently with sp many unique flavors. Also, using spices rather than fatty dressings and marinades will eliminate many calories.

·         Check the ingredients. If you are having a hard time reading what is listed or are overwhelmed by the amount of ingredients, there are probably better food options available.

·         Use the labels. A lot of grocery stores now have a tag or sign that identifies healthy ingredients. It can be time consuming to read every label but just looking at the identifiers can help. If you are able to read the labels, don’t check each item—check what is most important for your diet; carbohydrates, sodium, trans fat, and saturated fat should be low.

·         Chose lean protein. Fish, chicken, and turkey are much leaner than beef and pork products. If choosing ground beef, pick the leaner options, 93/7 or 90/10.

·         Beware of advertising. Be careful when choosing things that are low fat or no sugar added. Give the label a quick check to make sure the product isn’t loaded with artificial sweeteners. Sometimes low fat, will often mean more sugar, and vice versa. Real food items are best and remember to use portion control.

·         Think whole foods. The more processed foods you buy, the higher the price. Nutrient rich foods will also help you stay fuller, rather than the empty calories found in refined sugar products. Also, drink a lot of water. Fruit juices and soda can add up on the grocery bill and in your calorie count, but filtered water is free!

·     Shift those portion sizes. Use pricey meats as an accent, not the main event. Make half your plate vegetables.

·      Invest in some plastic containers for leftovers. The individual frozen entrees and soups available for quick meals are expensive, and also higher in sodium than most things you would probably make for dinner. You can save a lot of money, and eat a little healthier, by simply packing leftovers into little containers for lunches, or individual servings for quick dinners.

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