Weekend in New York City

Posted by Princess Eva Angelica On 9:27 AM
Last weekend was a great time with some of my best college friends in NYC.

Friday afternoon we took the Washington Deluxe Bus after work and I planned ahead to pack snacks for the ride and the rest of the trip. Packing protein bars and snacks really helps save money and allows you to have healthy foods in the mix.  Dinner included some baby carrots and overnight oats in a jar, a peanut butter jar, to be exact. Delicious and healthy. 

Friday night we went to a couple of bars in my friends neighborhood and it was great to catch up over a beer.

Saturday morning I woke up and had a ThinkThin Bar from my bag before heading out for our 5 mile run along the river.

Following this run I was so hungry and excited we were going to a more indulgent place for lunch, Max Brenner.  From the minute you turn the corner you can smell the chocolate coming from the building. Everything on the menu had chocolate in one way or another and in celebration of a birthday and a mini vacation weekend, we knew dessert was in our future. 

My friend and I played it smart by splitting a more healthful meal and splitting dessert to save money and calories! We started with a chicken panini with goat cheese. It was full of flavor and the perfect size.

For dessert we chose the Euphoria Sundae due to the chocolate, peanut butter description. It totally hit the spot and it was such a fun afternoon. 

We walked off our big meals and headed back to the apartment to plan for the birthday girl's festivities. We ended the night at an 80s cover band at the canal room and it was a perfect ending to a great weekend.

On the bus home today I was just thinking how blessed I am to have such great friends and experience different things. While I love NYC, this weekend made me appreciate DC even more. I love that while it is a city, it is a small city that I have learned to love and call home.

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