Tutorial: A warm gift

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Tutorial: A warm gift  b

Hi everyone! 

I, Henrikke, am so lucky that I get to have my third day of christmas-fun! How great is that?? So this time I have focused on gifts that can be nice to give to someone before christmas. Not like a christmas-gift but jsut a little warm greeting in the cold days. I made a tutorial on one of my creations and than I´ll show you pictures on the three others. 

Tutorial: Tea-bag with tag  b

To make this one you will need: A clearbag, paper, decorations, foamtape, doublesided tape, tea, dies and a stampler. 

Start by filling up your clearbag with the tea you want. I´ve chosen one with spices that remind me of christmas. 

Stampel your bag together. 

Find the die you want to use as your tag. I know that this die is smaller than my clearbag so I can´t just cut it out. So I took the biggest one I had and measured the size of it. My die is 4 inch wide so I know I have to scor on around 4 inch. 

Than measure my clearbag up to the die. And how long I need it to be. 

I placed mine in the corner, but the other side is under the paper. Because I don´t want it to cut there. 

Put it in your die-cut-machine. When I get pass the cutting lines that I want to cut, I go back. So I don´t take my paper all the way through the machine. 

Take the little piece you get and place it on the other side so you see where you want your die if you want it to be symmetrical. 

In the middle I used the smallest die, and made a nice edge where there was no cutting line. 

There is my tag done. 

Stampel your bag to your tag. 

Cut a piece of paper and use foam-tape to cover up your stampels. If you just use doublesided tape it will show through the paper. 

And than decorate your tag in your way! Here you can see mine. 

Here you can see the whole set again. 

The first one is the tea-bag with a tag. A nice gift. And by using your die in the way we did, by placing iy diagonal you get a really cool tag. 

The next on is a box filled with coffee. In the box I made two seperate rooms so I can have two different types of coffee in the box. And than I made a lid out of plastic and placed it on the top. The ribbon keeps the lid on it´s place.  

A lot of people get sick around christmas times. This is a really cute gift to someone if you know that they are not feeling well. And even better, combine this one with a boc of coffee or tea and make them a warm greeting with the best wishes. 

The last one is a simple glass filled with tea. It´s nice just as a little greeting to someone. Maybe you know a student how has his or hers head in the books now? It´s the big examination-period. 

That was just four small tips if you want to give someone a nice, warm greeting in the winter right before christmas. Hope you enjoyed. 

Hugs from Henrikke  b

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