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24 Hour Access to individualized, trusted nutrition and personal training information.

"Developed by NBA Strength and Conditioning Coach, Michael Wenzel, CyberFit360 is a new and innovative online and mobile app fitness training system based on the principles of conjugate periodization. Conjugate periodization emphasizes improving multiple fitness components at the same time. While training with CyberFit360 one can expect improvements in flexibility, posture, cardiovascular conditioning, strength, and aesthetics all at the same time. CyberFit360 is based on time tested exercise philosophies backed by the most cutting-edge research, not the newest fads.
You won’t find any "cookie cutter" or "off the rack" workouts here. CyberFit360 is the world’s first and most powerful evolving training system that changes and adapts your workouts based on your progress and goals. Leave the thinking to us - simply work hard and follow the program and you will continue to improve!"
CyberFit360 is perfect for the busy person who is interested in receiving both nutrition and personal training information, from the comfort of their own smart phone or computer. Get trusted, individualized information and help achieve your health goals.
The Nutrition Portion is complete with:
  • Registered Dietitian created meals with a break-down of protein, carbs, fat values and daily totals.
  • Nutrient Summary that provides a comparison of actual nutrient values against goals for one date or a range of dates (averages).
  • Grocery List of the required foods needed to follow each meal plan.
  • Goals Tracker that shows changes in body weight and body fat over time in relation to weight goals.
The Training Portion includes:
  • Athletic Regeneration Block- Specific muscle flexibility and joint mobility exercises designed to improve the way you move and feel, while warming up and preparing your body for the rest of your workout.
  • Resistance Block- Weight bearing exercises designed to improve strength and muscle aesthetics while giving your body the biggest metabolic "bang for your buck."
  • Metabolic Conditioning Block-Various circuit style exercises and steady state cardio designed to improve your cardiovascular health and melt away those unwanted pounds of fat. Pick a light weight to start and you can always progress up from there.
For more information or to sign up, visit the website or email Kait Fortunato,

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