Lene's Day Of Fun

Posted by Princess Eva Angelica On 3:00 PM

Hello! Finally, it is my turn to have my "day of fun"

I decided early  to have a tutorial, but was very unsure of what I was going to present.
After many rounds of thinking, I decided to make a
bag card tutorial.


Here is what I have used, but you can certainly use other products.

You need two pieces of pattern papers 12x12
one cardstock 12x12
glue, bonefolder or scoreboard
and of course paper trimmer
snowflake dies and ribbon
velcro (to close the bag)



Score the paper at 4" and 8"
flip the paper and score again at 4" and 8"


Score the paper at an angle in every corner


Fold the paper along  all the lines


As you can see; It looks like an 
an accordion



You need five (5) 9,5 cm x 9,5 cm 
And four (4) 9,5cm x 9,2 cm

With those who is 9,5 x 9,2 you do this:
 Find the mid point -put a small mark at the top of the square and score from
the mark and down at an angle.


Glue the parts to the folded cardstock as shown
in the pictures below.




To close the bag you need some piece of paper
I have used 4" x 6" and scored 1/2" in the middle of the paper



Glue the ribbon at the inside


Glue the top-closing to the main cardstock

# 13

I use velcro to close the bag


Inside the bag


Another bag:

Finish result:

I wish you all a very great  Christmas time :-)

DT Lene

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