I'm Cool with Solomon

Posted by Princess Eva Angelica On 3:16 PM
Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" In my previous post I complained about having to read from "Song of Solomon" at the Fairie Festival this weekend, and no less than 15 bored deities showed up to set me straight (along with my enlightened readers). "Song" is all about sex, and it's very ancient, so tra la la!

Now it's time to sally forth to the festival! Here's a partial list of stuff I have already packed in the car:

1. Beautiful tablecloth for Mountain Tribe, made from scratch by Pam and Rita (thereby saving my sorry hide).
2. Three bags stuffed dragons
3. Two large rocks, a box of small ones (all but one Marcellus shale)
4. Framed Terrence McKenna quote with art by Seitou (pretty proud of this ... waiting to see how many people ask who Seitou is)
5. Shameless plea for membership in Mountain Tribe (you must have a pulse)
7. Picture of Big Red
8. Big Red
9. Picture of me and Spare (Spare will be arriving by separate transportation)
10. Banner with tribal chant on it, made by Spare
11. "My Heart, My Soul, and My Grave are in Appalachia" pin
12. Mushu and Grape (dragons from Seattle out on a spree)
13. bag of Lucky Trolls
14. Basket of purple ribbons
15. 300 safety pins and bowl to put them in

Here's what I have still left to pack:

1. Outfit #1: Neon tie-dye, red skirt, mountain hat
2. Outfit #2: Neon tie-dye tunic, capri leggings, hiking boots
3. Outfit #3: Will be a combination of above
4. Outfit #4 for Tribe games: Dalek t-shirt, shorts, sneakers
5. Most important, therefore most likely to be forgotten: Green Man earrings, Puck, and Chance

Assorted socks, underwear, and toiletries, Advil and Zyrtec (been shoving those puppies down)

It's not so bad taking all this stuff with me, but the thought that I'll have to shove it all back in the car on Sunday and drive home, then go straight into work the following day ... whoa, gonna need some good faeries on this one.

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