Sketch callenge in July

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Så har vi glæden af, at starte en ny skitsekonkurance op.
Vi er så heldige, at Paperinauha vil sponsere os, med en gave til den heldige vinder.
Then we have the joy of starting a new sketch challenge up.
We are so lucky that Paperinauha will sponsored us with a with a gift to the lucky winner.

Marianne har lavet denne flotte skitse, som I derude skal laves jeres fortolkning af.
Marianne has created this beautiful Sketch. And now you have to do your version from it.
Og som sædvanligt har design teamet lavet nogle flotte kort, som inspiration:
And as usual our design team have made some beautiful cards for inspiration:











Held og lykke alle sammen.
Fristen er den 8. juli, midnat, StampARTic tid.
For at deltage ligger du dit navn og link hos Mr. Linky. Husk at linke til selve dit bidrag.

Good luck to all of you.
The deadline is July 8th 2010 - Midnight StampARTic time.
To participate, leave your name and link in the Mister Linky scheme. Remember to link directly to your card.

Winner of 2nd challenge in June

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Thank you for all the beautiful entries we had for these challenge. What beautiful cards you all have made. They are all amazing! We had the best time ever looking for the winner and a winner we have.

Tuhannet kiitokset kaikista ihanista korteista, joita saimme tähän haasteeseen. Korttinne olivat aivanuskomattoman ihania. Meillä oli ihanaa etsiessämme voittajaa tähän haasteeseen ja voittaja on löytynyt.

Tusen tack för alla underbara kort som vi fick till denna utmaning. Vilka vackra kort ni alla har gjort. Vi hade en aldeles underbar tur när vi sökte efter vinnaren till utmaningen. Och vi har hittat en vinnare.

Our sponsor for this challenge is ..
Haasteen sponsorina toimi ..
Sponsorn till utmaningen är ..

The price is ..
Palkinto on ..
Priset är ..

The winner is
Voittaja on
Vinnaren är















Send us your address by
And you will recieve your gift in the mail.

Send oss din address till
så kommer vi att skicka priset åt dig.

Pitch It

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Anne Johnson here, for the Awesome Jersey Shore!

Hi, I'm Anne Johnson! Are you tired of household chores that never end? Tired of trudging the same old streets around home? Get away! Have some fun! Leave your troubles behind!

Look at this. Doesn't this look enticing? This is the fabulous, Awesome Jersey Shore! Try it for an overnight, and you'll say Wow every time you use your beach towel!

Look what the Jersey Shore can do for you:

1. Drop quarters by fistfuls into arcade games you can never win! But hey, it's fun to play!

2. Ah, the food, the food! Corn dogs, cotton candy, funnel cakes, french fries, taffy, fudge, pizza, ice cream! This is a diet-blasting destination, folks! Food makes you feel good, so eat up! Life is short.

3. Shop till you drop for stuff you don't need! Trinkets, bracelets, t-shirts, hermit crabs, postcards, the inevitable hoodie that you forgot. Just think how you'll stimulate the economy and provide jobs for all those hard-working college kids who would rather spend the summer at the shore than clerking in Dad's law office!

And last, but not least ... certainly not least ....

4. Oh, just LOOK at that GORGEOUS OCEAN! What a vista! An unbroken swath of water as far as the eye can see, ending in rough surf and interesting "beachcomber items" at the shoreline! Can you imagine a better way to spend the day than dodging breakers, listening to squeaky kids, digging up debris, brushing the sand from between your .... ummmm .... WELL ANYWAY, THE JERSEY SHORE IS GREAT! TERRIFIC! I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO GET THERE!

This vacation destination is yours for three small payments of $133. Yes! You can spend one night in Ocean City, New Jersey, for just three small payments of $133! (I hope.) What a bargain for memories that will last a lifetime!

Don't wait! Call now! Our operators are standing by! Tell them Anne Johnson sent you, and you'll get a free, yes FREE seashell! So, you'll get one night in Ocean City, New Jersey ... food ... arcades ... rough surf ... unique debris ... yawning vista ... PLUS A FREE SEASHELL!

New Jersey and you. PERFECT together! The number is on your screen. Are you getting this, camera guy?


Return to Us

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored." Sometimes we search for a topic. Sometimes a topic appears on our plates.

I am greeted today by the feed from my hometown newspaper. Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) has died in office. He was 92. No senator in history has served longer.

Those of us with West Virginia ties used to joke that, even after he died, we would elect his corpse to the Senate. As leader of the Appropriations Committee, he steered gazillions of dollars into one of this country's most impoverished states. Pork barrel projects? So be it. West Virignians need to earn a living wage. Without Senator Byrd, this will be more difficult to do.

My dad didn't like Senator Byrd. Dad thought Byrd was arrogant. I didn't particularly care about Senator Byrd's personality. He brought jobs and strong leadership to a state that needed both.

Once, about a decade or so back, I was out driving with my sister and her husband. We passed a humongous construction site, nearly in the middle of nowhere.

I said, "What the heck is that?"

And my brother-in-law said, "It's a new headquarters for the Coast Guard."

I said, "You're kidding me. West Virginia doesn't even have a coastline!"

And my brother-in-law said, "Yes, but it has Robert Byrd."

When people think of West Virginia, they think of coal. And most certainly Robert Byrd was friendly to the coal industry. He wanted the people of his state to have jobs. But imagine for a moment: Today, as you read this, people are working on behalf of the Coast Guard, in West Virginia. These people are making good wages and paying taxes to West Virginia. They live in West Virginia. They buy stuff in West Virginia, which means the state needs stores and people to run them. And a Coast Guard facility isn't going to rip down a mountain.

Yes, yes, Byrd was briefly in the Klan. He was against the Civil Rights legislation of the 1960s. He later openly regretted both decisions. What dumb thing did you do when you were young that you wish you didn't have to own up to now?

My moment of greatest pride in Robert Byrd came when our former president sent our nation's troops into Iraq for no good reason at all. At a time when many people were still being convinced by the bogus claims of WMD, the pictures of missile sites, all of those BIG FAT LIES, Robert Byrd would have none of it.

The speech below occurred in 2003, when Senator Byrd was well into his eighties. Don't you wish we had listened to him? Me too.

Faeries, please do not yet escort Robert Byrd to the Summerlands. We need his return. If I live to see a U.S. senator described as "Robert Byrd all over again," I will be overjoyed.

The Iraq Invasion Archive-Robert Byrd-I weep for my country

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Walk of Fame - June 2010

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Det er tid for å presentere kort vi har funnet til Walk of Fame. Som valnlig finne vi de mest fantastiske kreasjoner der ute i bloggverden og det er en stor ære å presentere kortene til 'WoF'

Det är tid att igen presentera våra val av kort till Walk of Fame. Vilken otroligt runda vi har haft. Vi hittade det mest otroligt vackra kort och vi har glädjen att visa kortena vi valt till 'WoF'.

It's time to present to you our choises of cards for Walk of Fame. We did have the most incredible jorney looking for cards. It's a pleasure to show our choices for 'WoF'.

On aika kertoa mitkä kortit on tässä kuussa tullut valituksi Walk of Fame joukkoon. Mikä uskomaton blogikierros onkaan takana ja löysimme mitä uskomattomia kortteja. Meillä on kunnia esitellä teille tämän kuun valintamme 'WoF' sarjaan.

Walk of Fame
June 2010

Gratulerer * Congratulations* Onnea

Coming Soon to a Big City Art Cinema, and Nowhere Else

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Would you rather be trapped inside by blizzard conditions or by a heat wave? Anne votes BLIZZARD! And not just because it sounds like "buzzard." I hate hot weather!

Smack dab in our nation's mid-section there's a snobby clique-ish artsy smartsy Master's degree program called the Iowa Writers Workshop. It's the toughest academic writing program to get into, and many many of its graduates wind up getting something in print. Most of the work that comes out of the Iowa Writers Workshop is not to my taste. I saw the same kind of stuff at Johns Hopkins: long, erudite stories about the academic community or about high-achieving, fucked up middle class misfits.

Daniel Woodrell is the exception.

A native of the Ozark Mountains who joined the Marines at 17 and didn't even start college until he was in his twenties, Woodrell has a knack for writing and a subject matter of interest. I cannot imagine how this talented individual got into the Iowa Writers Workshop, or why he even bothered to attend.

If you are looking for a good summer read, try Woodrell's Tomato Red, or maybe Give Us a Kiss. They're both short, well-written, and funny as hell.

Of a more serious nature is Winter's Bone. Set in the Ozark Mountains, it's about a teenage girl who has to find her bail-skipping dad before her family's property (and its timber acres) are forfeited to the bail bondsman. The dad in question cooked meth. As do most of this girl's family members. Of course no one has seen Dad, dead or alive.

I read Winter's Bone when it first appeared in 2006 and loved it. Now it has been made into a movie. Like all movie treatments of novels, the film skims where the book dips deep, but the movie is still terrific. So terrific, in fact, that it won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival this year. See if you think it looks good. You can watch the trailer at

Now, here's the bitter irony, dear readers.

If you actually want to watch Winter's Bone in a theater, you had better live in or near a great metropolis. This one ain't showing at your neighborhood cineplex. Want to see some computer-generated animation or a badly-acted vampire flick? Oh, lucky you! Six screens, all hours of the day and night, right up the street! Winter's Bone, a superbly-acted piece with flawless cinematography and a great story, suitable for serious adults? Fly to Philly. Boat to Baltimore. Two screens in Manhattan.

Heir and I took the El to Philly last night to see Winter's Bone. Heir had just finished reading the book. We both loved the movie, and our quibbles were minor. I didn't like the fact that the houses did not have threatening dogs and geese. Heir thought that the meth lab was located too close to a road. Other than that, we were impressed.

I will have more to say about Appalachia and meth labs in future posts, but today's sermon focuses on cinematic entertainment. When a theater has 24 screens, how hard would it be for it to reserve one for documentaries and art flicks? I don't mind going into Philly, but if I lived in, say, Lancaster, I would not have gotten to see Winter's Bone.

In conclusion, you may have to settle for Edward and Bella on the big screen. Ick. But thanks to modern purchase and distribution options on reading material, you can obtain the written works of Daniel Woodrell quite simply with the click of a mouse. Do please buy retail in this case, thereby supporting the rare Iowa Writers Workshop author who deserves to earn his keep by writing.

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Hotta upp blommor- Beautify flowers

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Att stansa blommor är väl ganska vanligt att man gör. 
Titta kortet nedan. Stansat ut blommor och satt pärlor i mitten.
Det ser väl ok ut men nu ska jag visa hur jag gör för att få dem lite finare.

To punch flowers and use as decorations are quite common.
Look at the card below. I have punched flowers and put a pearl in the middle.
It looks OK but now I will show you how I do to  make them a little more pretty.

För detta kort använde jag dessa stansarna.
Det är Retro stans liten och medium från EKsuccess.

For this card I used these flower punches.
It´s Retro punch small and medium from EKsuccess.

  • Jag har också använt ett ark 200gr akvarell papper
  • En liten bit svart foam min är 3 mm tjock(men det funkar också med något annat mjuk och lite tjockare som man kan ha under när man ska poppa upp blommorna)
  • En sax med scallop mönster
  • En skalpell
  • Ett falsben-bone folder
  • En distress dyna
  • En tuschpenna
  • Ett torrembossings verktyg, stor pensel eller annat med rund ände.
  • Hemma gjort glimmerspray.
  • Och en Puffy Velvet Marker från Marvy
  • I also used a piece of 200 gr aquarelle paper
  • A small black piece of foam mine are 3mm thick (or something soft that you can use under the flowers when you pop up them.)
  • A pair of scissors scallop
  • A scalpel
  • A bone folder
  • A distress ink pad
  • A marker 
  • A dry emboss tool, a big brush or something with a rounded end.
  • Homemade glimmer mist (a spray bottle of water with distress ink and Perfect pearl)
  • And a Puffy Velvet Marker pen from Marvy.

Använder blommorna som sitter på kortet.
Börjar med att klippa ett jack i alla blombladen med scallop saxen.

I use the flowers from the card
I start with cutting a slit in every petal with the scallop scissors.

Duttar en bit make-up svamp mot distress dynan och färgar sen in mitten av blommorna med svampen.
Ingen fara om det inte blir perfekt. Då blir det verkligen hemmagjort. ;)
Och det är heller inte säkert att det syns när blomman är färdig.

Take a small piece of make-up sponge and and color from the distress pad.
Then I color the middle of the flowers with it.
It does not have to be perfect. Then it just looks homemade. ;)
And it´s not certain that it will show when it´s done.

Sen lägger jag blommorna på foamen och för torremboss verktyget runt blombladen.
Detta får bladen att veckla sig lätt uppåt. Ju mer man trycker desto mer buktar dem.

Then I put the flowers upside down on the foam and use the dry emboss tool. Push the tool towards the foam and make the petal pop. The more you push down the more the petal will pop.

Här använder jag penseln istället bara för att visa att det går också.

Here I use the brush instead to show that works too.

Så här ser det ut när man gjort alla blombladen.

When you have done all the petals it looks something like this.

Vänd blomman

Turn the flower

Använd verktyget eller penseln i mitten.
Tryck ner i cirkelrörelse.

Use the tool or the brush in the middle.
Push down in circular motion.

Dags för lite glimmer spray. Lägg ett torkpapper under för att förhindra kladd.

Time for some glimmer mist. Put a paper towel under to prevent a mess.

Torka blommorna med en värmepistol

Dry the flowers with the heat gun.

Nu behöver kanterna lite färg.

Now the edges needs some color

Fått lite färg.

Got color.

Nu till mitten. Några prickar från mitten ut på varje blomblad.

Now to the center of the flower. Some dots from the middle onto every petal.

Nästan färdiga. De är redan fina eller hur.
Men lite Puffy Velvet marker ska vi ha också.

Almost done. They look nice already, right.
But a little Puffy Velvet marker we are going to use too.

Återigen det blehöver inte bli perfekt. Lite sporadiska streck ut mot kanterna.
Värm med värmefön för att få "Puffy"effekten.

Again it does not have to be perfect. Some brush marks on the petals.
Heat with the heat gun to get the "Puffy" effect.

Den färdiga produkten.
Man kan lägga på lite glitterlim för att få lite extra effekt också om man vill.

The final product.
One can use some stickles or glitter to get an extra effec too.

Oh jag glömde... Måste ju ha lite blad också.
De kan man skära/klippa för hand ur papper eller använda stansar.

Oh I forgot.... I need leaves too.
They I cut by hand with either scalpel or scissors or use punches.

För att få mer liv i dem bigar jag dem på mitten, viker och vecklar ut igen.

To make them look more natural I use the bone folder and score in the middle, fold and unfold again.

Handskuret blad ihop med två stansade.

Handmade leaf with two punched ones.

Här är kortet igen

Men med nya blommor.
Handgjorda sånna ;)

Here´s the card again.
But with new flowers.  
Handmade ones ;)

Testar med några andra stansar också. Även om man har de här puncharna från Nellie Snellen som embossar kan man få dem att poppa upp mer om man använder mitt tips med emboss verktyget/penseln ovan.
Men då ska man bara trycka mellan det redan embossade och mitten på baksidan och i mitten på ovan sidan. För att inte förstöra den fina embossade effekten.

I try some other punches too. And even if you got the Nellie Snellen punches that emboss you could make the flowers pop more if you use the tip with the emboss tool/brush above.
But then you shall only push between the already embossed part and the middle on the backside and in the middle from the right side. Or else you will destroy the the nice embossed effect.

Närbild på blommorna

Closeup on the flowers

Sen kan man ju hotta upp även köpta blommor med lite Puffy Velvet marker.

You can also make bought flowers a little more pretty with the Puffy Velvet marker.

Hoppas denna tutorial kan inspirera till att experimentera för att få mer liv i både blommor och blad.
Att ge dem mer dimension/liv blir jättefint på både kort och alster.
Lycka till och ha skoj!!
Kram, SasSa

Hope this tutorial can inspire to experiment to get more life in both flowers and leaves.
To give them more dimension/life looks nice on both cards and projects.
Good luck and have fun!!
Hugs, SasSa

Figures It's Not Men

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," summer edition! We are fiercely dedicated to providing you with more of our ground-denting, earth-splattering commentary this summer! It's been a long, cold, lonely school year -- and is sure to be a long, grueling, workshop-filled July and August -- but damn the textbooks, full speed ahead!

Are you a weather buff? I am! Like my grandfather before me, I could sit and watch the Weather Channel all day, even when it's bright and sunny.

Of course, it's always more interesting to watch the Weather Channel when there's a line of tornado-laden thunderstorms moving in from the west, or a pink/white rain/snow line inching ever closer to your home. Admit it. You love Doppler radar, don't you? No? Then don't ever start looking at it! You'll be a Doppler junkie in no time. Seriously, I do my Doppler check before even opening my emails.

If you know that NOAA is not a dude who built a big boat that couldn't hold dinosaurs, you're like me. Addicted to frontal boundaries!

We weather junkies have been speculating about atmospheric conditions relating to the Gulf oil spill. A good portion of the East Coast's precipitation comes from moisture gathered into the clouds over the Gulf of Mexico.

News is just in from credible sources like the Huffington Post (search Raining Oil) that Louisiana is already getting oily rain that leaves behind a sheen on blacktop and other smooth surfaces. Of equal concern is the chemical dispersant Corexit 9500, currently being used to break up the spill. Oil may not evaporate easily, but what about Corexit? And what is in Corexit 9500 to begin with?

"The Gods Are Bored" is a blog, not a sharp piece of professional investigative reporting. But if I was one of the few remaining investigative journalists with a salary, I sure would be researching this. What is in Corexit 9500, and what will it do to us when it rains down on us?

Thank goodness for fine professional work like this blog, huh? I know exactly where to turn for every answer.

The Oracle at Delphi predicts that Oil Rain and Corexit Rain will begin polluting large portions of the United States as soon as hurricane season arrives. Come winter, Oil Snow and Corexit Snow will blanket the East Coast.

Wow, that's going to look beautiful -- snow with a rainbow sheen! And think how zippy your sled will be on it! I don't know about you, but I'll be watching the Weather Channel more than ever, just waiting for that Oil Snow!

America, America. God shed His grace on thee. And look at the results. I'd rather worship a buzzard.

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Laugh or Go Nuts

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Canape, anyone? No? How about some pickled pigs' feet?

Today the students at my school sprinted out to their buses, headed for summer vacation. I too thought I would get a little reprieve, in which I intended to read up on teaching skills, create models for my classroom, etc. And of course I was looking forward to blogging and reading your blogs and all that! Teaching is known for its summer vacations, after all.

Instead, at 8:00 in the morning of the final day of the school year, I learned that I will be expected to attend seminars three days a week, beginning July 7 and lasting through the rest of the summer. I will be paid for these seminars, but they are not open to negotiation. I should have been told about them two months ago, but my division supervisor (who was fired this spring) never mentioned them to me.

Bit of a nasty shock. Until I took stock and recalled that I have a job. It's not the "Tab A fits into Slot B" perfect job for me, but it's a job. So I get one week off and then go back to work in the "Rigor and Excellence" workshop for first-year teachers.

Why am I feeling like I'd rather go to the "Rigor (Mortis) Is Excellent" workshop for buzzards?

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Artsy tutorial - Glue resist

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 Inger fra Artsy Teamet har lavet denne flotte tutorial.

Inger  from the Artsy Team has made this wonderful tutorial.

Till denna teknik har jag använt stämpeldynor, blending tool
(går lika bra med exempelvis makeup-svamp), vattenbaserat lim samt vatten.
For this technique I’ve used stamp pads,
blending tool (make up sponge is fine too), water based glue and water.

Dutta på den ljusaste färgen först. Du behöver inte vara så
försiktig, det kommer att jämnas ut. I mitt exempel använder jag old paper.
Start with the lightest colour. You don’t have
to be so careful and it doesn’t have to be so even. Your mistakes will not show
later. I used old paper.

Dutta på nästa färg på samma sätt. Glöm bara inte att byta
svamp. Weathered wood använde jag här.
Continue with the next colour and don’t forget
to switch the sponge! In this case I used weathered wood.

Tredje färgen blev scattered straw men det räcker bra med
två färger.
My third colour is Scattered Straw but it’s
enough with two colours.

Häll ut lite lim på teflonunderlag eller liknande underlag
och blanda med vatten till mjölkliknande konsistens. Det går även bra att
använda limmet direkt men jag tyckte att det torkar för snabbt och jag hade
svårt att få det snyggt.
Pour some glue on a non porous surface, like a
teflon sheet. Mix the glue and water to a milky consistency. You can use the
glue as it is but I found that it dried to fast and it was difficult to rub it
on the paper.

Stryk ut limmet på pappret. Jag strök ut det i endast en
riktning. Ju mer du täcker desto mer av bakgrunden kommer att synas eftersom
limmet agerar som resist.
Rub the glue on to the paper. I rubbed in one
direction only. The more you cover, the more will show of the background since,
the glue act as a resist.

Vänta tills limmet har torkat! Detta är viktigt!
Dags för sista färgen och den jag har använt här är pumice
Wait until the glue is dry, this is a very
important step! Time to rub on the last colour, I used pumice stone.

Torka av färgen från limmet och voila, skåda ditt ark!
Wipe the colour from the glue and voila, admire
your work!

Adirondack: butterscotch, lettuce samt distress: forest

linen, tea dye, vintage photo.

Wild honey,
crushed olive, rusty hinge, vintage photo.

Adirondack: rust, raisin, eggplant.

Jag provade även att använda maskeringsvätska. Detta finns
vanligtvis i konstnärsaffärer.
I also tried this technique with art masking
fluid which is usually found in art stores.

Det är ungefär som lim i konsistensen och jag spädde även ut
detta med vatten. Det hade nog varit bättre att inte göra det dock.
I used it the same way as the glue and diluted
it with water since it was a bit thick. I think it would have been better
to use it as it were though

Du gör på samma sätt som med limmet, väntar tills det torkat
innan du duttar på nästa färg.
You use it the same way as the glue; wait until
it’s dry before you put on the next colour.

När även det är torrt kan du enkelt gnugga bort det. Jag
gillar resultatet men vätskan luktade så förfärligt att det lär dröja innan jag
öppnar den flaskan igen!
Simply rub the masking fluid off when it’s dry.
I did like the result but the masking fluid smelled simply awful so I won’t
open that bottle again any time soon.

Jag ville också se hur det skulle bli på annan bakgrund så
jag provade med en sida från en gammal bok och det blev läckert tycker jag!
I also wanted to see how it would turn it using
an old book page and I loved the result!

Jag använde färgerna rusty hinge, dusty concord och peeled
The colours used in this example are rusty
hinge, dusty concord and peeled paint.

Jag gillar resultatet!
I like the result!

Jag ser endast beskrivningar som förslag. Jag följer sällan
dem slaviskt, jag provar andra saker när alla ”undrar hur det blir om jag gör
såhär - tankar” poppar upp. Hur gör du denna teknik till din egen? Dina egna
färger, annat papper eller kanske ett annat medium som passar dig bättre. Du
kanske använder limmet som en målarfärg och gör egna mönster. Undrar om man
skulle kunna stämpla med det om man är snabb att skölja av det sedan. Det går
att utveckla hur mycket som helst! Det är det som är det roligaste med denna
hobby, det finns inga regler!

For me, tutorials are guidelines only. I might
follow it the first time but often I make slight changes after all the “what
if-thoughts”. How do you make this technique your own? Your own colours,
different papers or maybe another medium that fits you better? You might use
the glue as paint and make your own patterns. I wonder if you can stamp with it
if you rinse the stamp fast. This is the best part of this hobby, everything
goes, and there are no rules!


Vi andre i Artsy teamet måtte selvfølgelig afprøve Ingers flotte tutorial og her er vores kort.
The rest of the Artsy Team had to try Ingers great tutorial and here are our cards.












Vi vil meget gerne se dine kort, hvis du får lyst til at prøve denne tutorial. Sæt dit link i kommentar feltet herunder, så kommer vi forbi og kigger.

We would love to see your cards if you try this totorial. Just put your link in the comments and we will stop by and have a look.

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