DC40: Darkness Upon Your Doorstep

Posted by Princess Eva Angelica On 3:38 PM
Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Do you believe in black magic? I do. Any kind of spiritual hatred directed at another person, for any reason, is black magic.

Here's my pathetic attempt to link you to a site...


...that has published the video below. Want to have a scary experience? Before you turn up the volume and hear what it's about, turn the volume OFF and just view the images.

This group, DC40, is going to engage in "spiritual warfare" (their term, not mine) in every state in America, but with extra concentration on Washington, DC and Philadelphia. Washington is getting special attention because it's name derives from the Goddess Columbia -- a relative newcomer, so far as I can tell, to the great, grand congregation of deities.

DC40 is co-led by Cindy Jacobs, a person who has come under a great deal of scorn here at "The Gods Are Bored." We've had a lot of fun at her expense, branded her a moron ... you know, all the usual Trickster stuff we indulge in here.

It's not funny anymore. Nut jobs like Cindy Jacobs have an out-sized voice in our national politics just now, and rest assured that many people of limited discernment will join her in prayers to make Washington, DC the "District of Christ."

I have no idea what your particular religious leaning is, reader. But I'll bet that, even if you go to the Methodist Church every Sunday and have prayer meetings there on Wednesday evenings, and a picnic once a year at the local park, you still cringe at the concept of "District of Christ."

It is the very thing our forefathers fled Europe to avoid. Yes, they were Christian, but not all one variety of Christian. Oh, wait! In the earliest decades, the vast majority of them weren't even Christian! They worshiped African deities like Anansi and Oshun and Chonganda! So this has never been One Nation under God. Ever.

This embarrassment of an event begins on October 3 and continues to November 11. (Veterans' Day! Oh, it gets worse and worse!) The worst black magic will be flung at Pagans over Samhain -- our New Year. And so, we here at "The Gods Are Bored" are asking all of our readers to send this message viral. Protect your homes and hearths, and wherever possible, protect the boundaries of your state, and especially your state capitol, from a formally-planned group concentration of hatred against the sacred principles of our founding fathers.

Watch the clarion call below, and then ask yourself: What can I do to keep the peace?

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