DC Capitol Kickball

Posted by Princess Eva Angelica On 5:47 AM
Last night was the first game of the season for my Capitol Area Kickball Team. The team consists of some of my friends from college and some new friends I just met. I've played in a kickball league before and it really is just a great way to meet new people and have a cheap, fun night out. The field is located right between the Washington Monument and WWII Memorial and I spent half the time gazing at the sights, trying not to get hit. After the game, we went over to 19th Bar, which sponsors the league and continued the competitiveness, challenging our opponents to a game of flip cup. We may have lost the actual game 10-1 but we were undefeated in flip cup, priorities people. The bar was located only about 1 mile from my apartment and so I chose to walk the 25 minutes home instead of hailing a cab or hopping on the metro (it was still early and there was plenty of people around). This not only saved me some money but it was also another way to get in some easy exercise in an otherwise busy day.

With that, I'm off to work for a couple of hours and heading home tonight for a long weekend at the Jersey Shore.

Have a nice weekend!

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