Pie Day

Posted by Princess Eva Angelica On 7:20 PM
Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where we have just returned from a weekend of festivities and are contemplating how it will feel when that alarm clock rings in the morning. That would be Monday morning, 3/14.

Thanks be to Facebook, it's International Pi Day!

Hasn't the Greek version of Pi always reminded you of Stonehenge? No? Well, nuts to you. Go play in the traffic.

Here's a nice Pi poem, courtesy of the day:

Irrational number, Pi, oh me!
Before the decimal comes 3.
After the decimal it becomes fun,
First the tenths, and that is 1.
Must I tell you even more?
The tenth is followed then by a 4.
After that, within the mix,
 1-5-9 becomes 1-6.
In case you're looking for some sense,
Use Pi to find circumference.

 If you ever had any doubts that this site is infected by faeries, the above should put them to rest. We are viral with faeries. They dictate. We perform.

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