Beta Blogging

Posted by Princess Eva Angelica On 2:17 PM
Have you ever tried to type with a cat's head between your fingers?

I'm very pleased to report that Beta Johnson is two days home from her surgery and on the mend. She does not like being given antibiotics, and I'm sure it will get harder as she feels better. But just now she's on my lap, purring and butting my hands.

I got surgery for Beta because of Spare. But now that Beta's home I believe she was worth the patch-up. She is a great mouser and moler, so she earns her keep. Heck, she even smacks down the basement crickets.

So, Ceiling Cat, look down upon us (although You aren't bored) and help me get Beta's antibiotic into her. By baby bird season Spare will be cursing her again.

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