Methinks They Do Protest Too Much

Posted by Princess Eva Angelica On 8:00 PM
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Finally, finally, a picture of The Spare in her full Fairie Festival regalia! Isn't she fetching?

The May Day Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farm is held in a section of rural Pennsylvania, just south of York. Almost every year, a group of extremist protesters take root along the road and shout venom through a megaphone at people going up to get inside the gates. These protesters call themselves Christians, although I'm not sure the very busy Jesus would agree. If memory serves from my Methodist Church days, Jesus wasn't big on declaring that some people were going to hell, no questions asked.

The protesters hold signs ("Pagans Will Burn") and shout Biblical scripture, all of which is met with much mirth from the festival attendees. As one jolly fellow wearing little more than a wrap walked past them, the protesters shouted, "Men who wear skirts will go to Hell!" To which the festival attendees replied, chanting together: "Jesus wore a skirt. Jesus wore a skirt."

I'll take a shortcut here and just say LOL.

Except all is not funny. When Spare and I passed the protesters, she turned to give them the raspberry and stopped short. There, standing among them, was a little girl just the age of many of the little girls all dressed up for fairy tea parties and fun dancing in the drum circles. Only this little girl stood miserably amongst the haters, staring through the fence slats as if in a daze. She must have been hot, because everyone else was.

I feel for that poor little girl. What must her life be like? These protesters (no one from the local community even knows who they are) remind one of the Westboro maggots. They're just shouting to hear themselves and air their superiority. What do they do at home at night, when the day and the hateful shouting are done? Do they warn the poor little girl against Pagans? Probably. Does she hate herself for wishing she could go to the festival, all dressed like a fairy? Probably.

What a world.

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