Interview with a Bored God on the Source of Power for the Earth

Posted by Princess Eva Angelica On 1:11 PM
Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" It's a beautiful afternoon here in the rural wilds of New Jersey. A pleasant breeze is blowing ... and blowing ... and BLOWING.......

Well, would you look who the wind blew in! Gosh, I have no notes prepared for an interview, but please give a warm, wonderful "Gods Are Bored" welcome to Aeolus, God of Wind!

Aeolus: Hello, Anne. You called?

Anne: You must have been reading my mind. I've been thinking about Your power, Oh great God of the energetic sky!

Aeolus: I heard your prayers. Which was easy, because no one prays to me anymore. Nice solo work, Anne.

Anne: Oh, come now. You have a praise and worship team.

Aeolus: Not a big one. But it's a living, if I watch my spending.

Anne: I suppose I should tell my readers why I have been evoking You. It's a very simple game. I have the idea that our Earth is being prodded and drilled and mined and dug up, and mountaintops removed, on and on and on. All the while, You, Aeolus, could lend your power to our gluttonous nation so that we no longer would need the bubbling crude.

Aeolus: Oil. A finite resource.

Anne: Whereas you, Aeolus, are eternal. You must have a pretty low opinion of modern humanity, given that the ancients understood your potential and depended upon it more than we do.

Aeolus: I'll speak frankly. I'm not only being mostly ignored, I'm being deliberately overlooked. As long as there's money to be made from oil and coal, no one will take Me seriously. I can't be bought and paid for. I just do my thing, all the time. Sadly, it's not in the interests of certain big businesses to put Me to use.

Anne: May those businesses -- or, I should say the people who run those businesses -- be hounded from the midst of all that is good and holy!

Aeolus: I know I have my bad days. I can rip things to pieces when I get pissed off. But properly harnessed, I could rock on for your energy needs. Everyone knows this, and yet on and on it goes, the digging and the drilling and the mining.

Anne: Yes, oh mighty God, I personally find it inconceivable that a country that put human beings on the Moon can't figure out how to put You to work in a dedicated way.

Aeolus: Where money rules, mortals are fools.

Anne: Let us not overlook that other powerhouse deity, the great Sol.

Aeolus: Ah. Sol! Oh, me. Oh! Mortals take Us completely for granted, unless We're on Our worst behavior. Then We're the enemy. Tornado. Hurricane. Drought. When will mortals start thinking about Our power in a positive way?

Anne: I can't speak for the rank and file here in America, but as for me and my house, we worship the great Powers of the Sky. Fear not, Aeolus. Some day people will bow to You again. It won't be a matter of choice. It will be a matter of necessity. We can only hope that Your return to power will not be preceded by a fatal rape of this planet.

Aeolus: That, my dear Anne, is up to you mortals. And as long as there are those among you who grow fat on profits from the products of the underworld, the fatal rape is only a heartbeat away.

Anne: I know it. Whew. (bangs head on wall)

Aeolus: Now, now, Anne. Don't get blown away! Sol and I were here long before the advent of humanity, and We'll be here long after mortals depart. Human history is not even a blip on the radar! And with that in mind, be of good cheer! Oh please don't cry! Look! See what I have for you ....

Anne: Oh! It's beautiful! Thank you, Aeolus!

Aeolus: Come on outside. If your skills are rusty, I'll help you. Let's get this pretty thing in the air!

Anne: I'm right on it!

Readers, Aeolus gives me some good ideas here! Let's protest Big Oil and Big Coal by flying kites! And while we're at it, let's look at each kite flight as a gesture of praise for the great Bored Gods, Aeolus and Sol. Pull the power from the sky! Frankly, it's do or die.

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