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Our theme for the January is "make it cheap" and I made some decorations from my left over paper pieces and with some other small things I found from my crafting desk. I have so much those little scraps and strips of papers and I believe there is many of you who has the same situation. Some days ago I organized my paper stach by colour to plastic bags and hopefully now I can use them more in the new projects. Here is some ideas to give you inspiration.

I have used cirkle and heart punces to make some small decorations.

Here is couple of cards where I used those narrow stripes I have plenty of. I combined different colours and patterns to have colourful backgrounds.

For the pink card I used small cirkle punch to create the background. Punced also some little flowers and added liquid pearl to the center.
Then I tried different kinds of flowers. Two on the top are made from paper strips shown on the bottom of this posting. Three pink ones are made from felt. Added some small pieces of tulle, glitter glue, buttons and pearls. I used promarkers to do some shades on to the felt.

Here is the close picture how the felt flowers are done. Just cut the petals and then put them together with needle and thread. You can do it also with glue but it is more messy.

For the paper flowers I have used narrow paper strip. First I wrinkled the strip so it will be easier to put around the bottom cirkle. I added some ink to the edges to get depth.

Then I added some glue to the paper cirkle and started to adhere the strip around the cirkle.

I made the first round with one strip and after that added another strip on the first one getting to the center.

After strips are adhered it is time to do the center. I took a little piece of tulle and added some ink to the edges. Added also some golden ink to the outer edges of the flower.

On the tulle I glued some dark brown pearls and added some glitter glue to the petals.

Here is the card I made with the flower. If you do a big one it can be used as the main decoration but you can do also smaller ones to give the extra touch to your cards. There is so many ways you can do decorations by yourself and it is so much fun also. Hopefully you got some ideas from my trials.

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