Long Strange Solstice

Posted by Princess Eva Angelica On 2:37 PM
Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored" on Summer Solstice 2011! The Star that warms us sheds its greatest light today, and tomorrow the descent back into darkness begins. It's good, though. The Southern Hemisphere needs summertime too. Wouldn't be right to be selfish and keep all the sunshine. Plus it would scorch us -- so on you go, Mr. Sun!

Summer Solstice is usually a sad day for me, because I love these long twilight evenings we get this time of year. But today my attention has been diverted in a most happy way.

This morning Mr. J and I went out for breakfast, and while we were finishing up the rasher and toast, he got an email from the editor at St. Martin's Press who commissioned his book.

The editor loves the book. Said he had to cover his face on the commuter train so that no one would see him crying over it. Publication will be next spring, prime time!

Well, Mr. J and I just sat there and cried ourselves. This book project has been a labor of Hercules for my husband. It tightened his strings to the max and nearly pulled us to pieces. If he had gone through all of that, only to hear that it needs lots more work, he would have torn out his hair. As it is, the editor's enthusiasm just knocked us over.

Mr. J suggested we take a little drive as a sort of victory lap. Seizing a golden opportunity, I gave him the directions to .... Wenonah, NJ, where I hoped his joyous gaze would fixate upon some cozy house with a nice big tree in the back yard.

He was happy. But not that happy. Wenonah looked fine, said Mr. J ... but it's kind of quiet, and what about the vulture problem they have in the winter time?

Geez. I'm no expert on spell work, am I? Thought I'd have him hooked on Wenonah once and for all. Alas, will keep trying.


On this Solstice I will light a candle to Queen Brighid the Bright and thank Her for my home and hearth, for the health of my daughters, and for the success of Mr. J's extraordinarily difficult endeavor. Wherever you are in these extra daytime hours, may the Gods and Goddesses be with you, may the Sacred Totems uplift your spirits, and may all be well with your soul.

Going to Asbury Park tomorrow. Still time to send a message to Clarence, if you want. See below.

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