Good News from a Goddess

Posted by Princess Eva Angelica On 8:44 AM
Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" No time to tarry today -- just want to pass along some good news!

I've been declined an interview by a Goddess.

Well, not exactly declined, but postponed. Postponed because She is too busy with Her praise and worship team!

The Goddess in question is Freya, and I wanted to draw her attention to the fact that my daughter The Heir is summering in Her domain. When I called Freya for an interview, she said she will pencil me in for Monday (maybe), but she's especially busy just now.

I'm pretty doggone clueless about Freya's praise and worship, although I once drank a toast to her from a horn of mead. It's great to know that there are modern humans out there who not only love her but are treating her like a Goddess and not just a "myth."

I must fly now. Hopefully Freya and I will get together shortly. In the meantime, I had better get down the spelling of her following. I never do get it right without looking it up. Here's a cold read: Asratu. Goddess, I know that isn't correct, and she'll be offended if I mess up. So help me out here! Tell me what you know.

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