List of Prenatal Vitamins

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Vitamins are very essential for all women to develop properly and remain healthy. Dairy products, fruits, vegetables, legumes and meat provide vitamins to the body. However, taking supplemental vitamin is essential for the body, however, eat these foods every day. Prenatal vitamins are recommended for women contemplating pregnancy is when a woman thinks of the design. In addition, if a woman has health problems, blood disorders or chronic illnesses, it is important that you should eat prenatal vitamin supplements.

Prenatal vitamins

Here is a list of prenatal vitamins that are essential to prevent complications during pregnancy and after delivery. The list of these vitamins is as follows:

* Folic acid
* Iron
* Football
* Vitamin A
* Thiamine (vitamin B1)
* Riboflavin (vitamin B2)
* Vitamin B6
* Vitamin B12
* Vitamin C
* Vitamin K
* Vitamin E
* Vitamin D
* Niacin
* Iodine
* Magnesium
* Phosphorus
* Zinc

These vitamins and minerals are commonly found in vitamin supplements. However, these prenatal vitamins before pregnancy, should be taken under medical supervision.

Benefits of prenatal vitamins

When planning a pregnancy, your health is important. Generally, we recommend that you should consult a doctor after deciding to get pregnant. There are some routine tests and investigations should occur. These tests are recommended to check if you have anemia or not. Or you have immunity to diseases such as rubella and chickenpox. The doctor then suggested that prenatal vitamins that you should consume to reduce risks during and after pregnancy.

The neural tube defects develop within 28 days after conception. This is before she realizes she is pregnant. Folic acid is very important for the development of the spinal cord and brain of the child. Therefore, a large amount of folic acid should be consumed, even if they are pregnant and intend to be in a few months. Calcium is necessary for the mother and child. Therefore, calcium should be consumed to maintain bone density, the fetus uses calcium for bone growth. Iron is necessary to increase the hemoglobin in the blood, because normal levels of hemoglobin can carry more oxygen to the baby and mother.

Now, you should not think taking prenatal vitamins, vitamin supplements, instead of regular? The reason is that prenatal vitamins contain more vitamins and minerals needed to conceive. It is also important to have a balanced diet with these prenatal vitamins. It is observed that nearly 50% of birth defects are eliminated if you take prenatal vitamins before pregnancy.

Side effects of prenatal vitamins

There are some side effects of prenatal vitamins before conception. These side effects are as follows;

* The intestinal cramps
* The muscle aches and pains
Indigestion or heartburn *
Nausea and vomiting
* Metallic taste
* Loss of appetite

It is also possible that these side effects may or may not be seen anywhere in the world. This was all about prenatal vitamins before pregnancy. They are very important if you plan a pregnancy.

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