Walk of Fame

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Månaden närmar sitt slut och det är igen tid för oss att dela med er kort som vi i November har valt till Walk of Fame.

The month is coming to it's end and it's again time to show you the cards we have chosen to be in the Walk of Fame.

Kuukausi lähestyy loppuaan ja meillä on taas ilo paljastaa teille kortit, joita olemme valinneet Walk of Fame joukkioon.

Walk of Fame November 2009

Chris och hennes otroligt vackra kort är kända inom bloggvärlden eller vad säger ni om detta kort. Balansen och färgerna på kortet är kanon bra.
Chris and her lovely cards are well known in the bloggworld or what do you think about this card. The balance and the colors in this card is super fine.

Chris ja hänen uskomattomat kortit ovat tunnettuja blogimaailmassa. Vai mitä mieltä olette tästä kortin hinosta sommittelusta ja väreistä.

Marlene's kort bevisar att man kan med få färger och deltajer göra vackra kort. Naturligtvis om man kan den konsten och det kan Marlene.
Marlene's card proves that you can make a beautiful card with few colors and details. This if ypu know how to do it and Marlene she can this task.

Marlenen kortti on hyvä osoitus siitä, että muutamalla värillä ja yksityiskohdalla saa tehtyä uskomattoman kortin. Siis jos sinulla on siihen taitoa ja Marlene'llä on tämä taito.

Nina har en stor talang att med små fina finesser skapa otroliga kort. Man kan bara beundra detta korts härliga detaljer.
Nina is a talent lady who makes beatiful cards with fine details. One can't admire the ideas she comes up with and this card is a good proof of this.

Nina on taitava kortintekijä ja ei voi kun ihailla kaikkia hienoja ideoita, joita hän korteissaan käyttää. Tästä hyvä esimerkki on tämä kortti.

Gratulationer * Congratulations * Onnittelut
Nästa WoF igen i Januari 2010 - Next WoF in January 2010 - Seuraava WoF Tammikuussa 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," staring ahead at a 60-hour workweek ahead after an exhausting Thanksgiving holiday!  Forget being rested and refreshed. I'm trashed, and I still have three more loads of laundry to do.

Can't blame the kittens. Can't blame the daughters. Can't blame the elderly mother-in-law. Can't blame the spouse who had to work last night.

Only one person to blame. Me.

I have never learned how to say no.

When my mother-in-law asked to come here for Thanksgiving and make most of the food, I said okay. When The Spare said she would cook the rest, I said okay.

Except neither one of them lifted a finger to help clean up. And then there's the regular laundry, and the special queen-sized bed change. (How even the comforter got dirty I haven't a clue.) There was the obligatory entertaining needed to amuse the mother-in-law. Worries about Heir's health, which is tenuous. And I had to go to the doctor too. Sandwiched in between washing dishes. Pots. Pans. Plates. Silver. Because of course you have to use the good china on Thanksgiving, right?

All you young readers out there, start a trend.

1. If you don't invite someone for the holidays and they want to come, here's what you say: "Sorry, but I've been working really hard, and I want to rest."

2. If your kids or significant other are accustomed to lavish traditions, here's what you say: "We have to streamline here. I can't do it all. I can't even do half of it."

3. If someone offers to help you do it, don't believe them.

4. Look in the mirror and say, "No." Practice. Say it 1,000 times. Write it on a blackboard until you fill every space, like Bart Simpson.

No more. No more. No more.

The life you save may be your own. Just. Say. No.

Frank Talk about Sex between Gods and Mortals

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," where every day is a holy day! We should rejoice and be glad in it!

It's certainly not my doing, but have you noticed that the gods aren't as bored lately as they used to be? Several of the commentees in my previous post made note of it. Greek deities, Roman deities, Norse deities, Celtic deities, even ancient Babylonian deities  --  all making a comeback! That's swell, don't you think?

Don't worry, though. We at "The Gods Are Bored" recognize that many, many gods and goddesses are still bored. They have been deprived of their praise and worship teams. Some of these deities are lost in the mists of time. Others are trying to mount brave fronts against missionaries from other faiths (won't name names). Alas, this is a sad state of affairs.

We at "The Gods Are Bored" will not rest until every unclaimed deity has a follower! Yes, it is a noble ambition. Thank you for noticing.

Everyone has his or her own view on divinity. Mine, needless to say, is pretty liberal. I must say, however, that I have trouble wrapping myself around the idea of sex between deities and humans. Why would a deity, male or female, want to do it with a human? Aren't They so much better than us? I mean, it's not like interracial dating, or marrying someone outside your faith. You're getting it on with a god!

(It need not be pointed out that certain popular religions cannot claim exemption from this celestial activity.)

As your government-sanctioned health teacher has taught you, unprotected sex often leads to unwanted pregnancies. Which begs another question. Why would a deity not take precautions to avoid a half-god, half-human offspring? Maybe some have learned this lesson the hard way and now behave more carefully while under the boardwalk.

I'm pretty sure I've never had sex with a god or an alien. I would remember, wouldn't I?

This merry musing arises from my reading of The Lightning Thief, a novel that proposes that Zeus, Poseidon, Athena et. al. are still up to their old tricks, still shagging morals and producing half-blood offspring. This is great fodder for fiction, and will probably be a ripping good movie as well, but for me it doesn't hold as much water as its predecessors, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Both LOTR and HP are set in alternate worlds where all sorts of mayhem can be posited to be plausible. In Lightning Thief, there's a camp for demigods on Long Island near Montauk.

One would think Zeus would pick better neighbors than Billy Joel.

Back to our thesis. There's ample evidence that deities have knocked up mortals. My question is, why? Mortals, even the best of them, don't have a clue how to raise a demi-deity. What happens? These god-sired hybrids end up experiencing violent deaths. Say what you want about taking away the sins of the world, but I doubt if that was what Jesus was thinking about while being crucified.

From the human perspective, I can see how one would be motivated to bang a god or goddess. They're higher beings -- they must be great in the sack. At the same time, I would caution a little restraint.  Nix that afternoon with Zeus. Go take a polar plunge and find some diverting amusement. Cedar Point springs to mind. There you can ride about five roller coasters, up and down at dizzying speeds, and not have to spend the rest of your life looking after a child who will at best seem to have delusions of grandeur, and at worst start a new religion that will imperil even more bored gods.

In closing, we at "The Gods Are Bored" would encourage you to avoid sexual encounters with higher beings. The affairs are fleeting and the consequences huge. Find yourself a nice respectable mate, one who will do all the dishes after a big Thanksgiving feast. Never met anyone like that? Me neither. No reason not to keep trying. Gods don't do dishes either.

Christmas with 3ndyPapir

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Adventslys laget av Petra med papir fra 3ndypapir
Advents candles made by Petra using papers from 3ndypapir.

Om ikke mange dagene er det første søndag i advent, og da er jula over oss før i vet ordet av det.
Men er du som oss, så koser du deg i denne tiden.
Innimellom baking, vasking, shopping og pynting, skal det jo også lages julekort og andre prosjekter til jul.
Og det er jo bare koselig!

Vi er komt frem til den siste, men ikke minste, artikkelen i serien vår om nye juleprodukter 2009, og denne gangen er det 3ndypapir vi har fått på besøk.

In not many days now, advent is over us, and the Holiday is really moving up.
We hope you enjoy this time of year, like we do.
There are cakes to be baked, house to be cleaned, shopping and decorating, but in between it all, we also need to make them Christmas cards and projects.
And that is pure enjoyment!

We are now at our last but not least article about new Christmas releases 2009,
this time 3ndypapir is our guest:

3ndypapir var også den aller første DT artikkelen vi lagde i StampARTic, i desember 2008...
Den kan du lese HER,

3ndypapir was also the very first DT article we had in StampARTic in December 2008...
you can read it HERE

3ndypapir har lansert nye julepapir til 2009, de er selvsagt nydelige!
Vakre farger og mønster.
Papirene er dobbelsidige, og gjør det veldig enkelt å matche til årets julekort og prosjekter.
En finner også igjen fargeskala fra fjorårets kolleksjon, så de er flotte å kombinere med årets papir.
3ndypapir har også nydelig illustrasjoner på sine mønsterpapir, som en kan bruke som motiv i seg selv.
Det vil du se mange eksempel på blant DT's sine prosjekter.

StampARTics design team har fått hvert sitt kit med papirer å prøve ut til årets julekort og prosjekter,
og under ser du hvordan vi har kombinert papirene, brukt illustrasjoner som motiv og virkelig kost oss med kitet.

3ndypapir has launched new papers for Christmas 2009, and of course they are gorgeous!
Beautiful colors and pattern.
The patternpapers are doublesided, and makes it very easy to find matching papers for your cards and projects. You'll find some of the same colors in last years collection too, and that makes it easy to combine this year collection with last year. It is a wonderful combination!

3ndypapir also have beautiful illustrations on their papers, that are perfect to use as image on the cards and projects. You'll see examples of that in the DT's work..

StampARTics design team have got a kit each to work with making Christmas cards and projects, and here you'll see how we have combined the papers, used the illustrations as images and we have really enjoyed our selves playing with these wonderful papers.

Her er Design Teamets kort og prosjekter med 3ndypapir
Here are the design teams cards and projects using papers from 3ndypapir









inside of red card above

back of red card above


card opens:


Tusen takk til 3ndypapir for de nydelige papirene dere sendte oss.

Her kan dere lese med om 3ndypapir,
og trenger du mer inspirasjon har 3ndypapir en flott og spennende blogg:

Thank you 3ndypapir for the gorgeous papers you sent us.
We loved them.
HERE you can learn more about 3ndypapir,
and if you need more inspiration 3ndypapir has a wonderful and exciting blog:

Winner of the Pink Christmas card challenge....

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Oh, wow that was many entries for our Pink Christmas card challenge! Thank you so much everyone!!! It´s so fun to see so many pink cards in one place so to speak... ;) *LoL*

So did you have fun??? I know I did and I would like trying new colors making different Christmas cards all the time if I only had more time. But I think I will make time to try a yellow one i a near future...That is quite unusual right..?

Sadly some of the entries are not qualified since they are for more then our challenge.
So remember our simpel rule:
Newly made project specific for our challenge and for our challenge only but more than one entry are allowed:)

Now lets get down to business... I guess everyone wants to know who is the winner...
Well I will tell you soon. *lol*
Just have to translate all this to swedish too.


OK då tar vi på svenska...
WOW så många bidrag vi fick till vår Rosa julkort utmaning!!
Tack så jättemycket allihop!! Det var såå skoj att se så många rosa julkort på ett och samma ställe kan man på ett sätt säga..;) *lol*
Så hade ni skoj??
Jag vet jag hade det iallafall och hade jag bara mer tid hade jag provat olika färger för annorlunda julkort hela tiden. Nu ska jag dock ta mig lite tid för att prova ett gult kort inom snar framtid.
Det är väl ganska ovanligt??

Sorgligt är att några av bidragen inte är godkända.
Då de är med i fler utmaningar än vår utmaning.
Kom ihåg vår enkla regel:
Nygjort alster för vår utmaning och endast för vår utmaning
men det är OK med fler än ett bidrag! :)

OK nu sätter vi igång...


I guess you rembember the lovely package the winner gets..

Ni minns väl det härliga paketet som vinnaren tar hem ...
liknande det vi skapar med i denna artikeln

from our sponsor:

ifrån vår sponsor:

And the winner
Och vinnaren




with a little help from Random.org
genom lite hjälp av Random.org


this lovely
detta härliga




Christmas card

By Stinne
Av Stinne

Big congrats to you Stinne please contact us at stampartic@gmail.com
so we can send you your prize.

Snälla Stinne kontakta oss på stampartic@gmail.com
så kommer snart ett välfyllt paket hem till dig.


And once again
THANKS a Million for all the lovely entries
For this Pink Christmas Card challenge!

Stay tuned for more on StampARTic.
I promise you here will be much more fun sooooon....
Have a nice day!

Och så än en gång
TUSEN Tack för alla ljuvliga bidrag
till denna Rosa julkort utmaningen!
Stanna kvar för mer här på StampARTic.
Jag lovar här kommer mycket mer skoj snaaaart....
Ha en bra dag!

Segregated Thanksgiving

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Sex, drugs, and rock and roll! Yeaaaahhhh.

Can I be candid? Of the above list, the only thing I would take right now is a roll. With butter and perhaps some jam.

Every year on the night before Thanksgiving, the local churches put together an "ecumenical" service for the season. Meaning that the service alternates between churches, and every year a different pastor leads the bash. All are welcome, so long as they're Christian, Muslim, or Jewish. It's rather like the National Day of Prayer. Go ahead and pray if you're a follower of the busy god. As for the bored gods, they're not even in the balcony.

Don't bored gods deserve a wink and a nod on Thanksgiving as well? If you think so, please leave an "ecumenical" comment, lavishing kindness on the bored god or goddess of your choice.

You can praise the busy god too, if you like. Gotta wonder why you would want to, though. He has plenty of attention by half.

May your travels be safe!

ShoppingSanta is here!

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Har du redan skrivit din önskelista till
jultomten? Det är inte för sent att önska
något, låt oss visa dig några riktigt fina
julklappar. Om du inte tror på tomten
kan du ju alltid lägga dessa saker under
granen själv och låtsas att du tror...

Have you already been writing your
wishinglist to Santa? It is not to late
to make a wish, let us show you some
real nice Christmasgifts. If you don´t
belive in Santa you can always put
these things under the christmastree
yourself and pretend you do....

Den här blomsterpunchen är en riktigt smart en,
du gör lätt dina egna blommor- och billigt också!
Bara puncha och embossa och det är allt!
Du kan köpa den på Hobbygros.
eller her Hobbyshop Nellie Snellen

This floral punch is a real smart one,
you get lovely flowers easily- and cheap
to! Just punch and emboss and that´s it!
You can by it at
or here: Hobbyshop Nellie Snellen

Detta är Karen Fosters 3D Julkalender.
Dekorera utsidan och fyll de små boxarna med
godis, leksaker eller andra roliga överraskningar
och ge den till någon som betyder något speciellt
för dig!
This is Karen Fosters 3D Countdown Calendar.
Decorate the outside of the boxes and fill them
with candies, toys or other fun surprices and give
it to someone that means something special to you!

Jag har köpt spellbinder förvaringsfickor med
4 magnetiska plattor. Plattorna mäter ungefär
11x14 cm. Jag har köpt dem för 59 danska kronor
på Unikscrap.
I have bought Spellbinder storage pocket
with 4 magnetic disks. Magnetic disks measuring
approximately. 11 x 14 cm. Bought for 59 Danish
kroner. You can by them at

These magnetic disks measuring approximately
13.5 x 17.5 cm. Bought for 53 Danish kroner.
Fits 3-ring album. You can fin them at Unikscrap.

Gör dina egna brads! Välj själv om du vill använda foton
eller mönstrade papper som motiv på bradsen. Du kan
hitta dem på Scrapnet.

Make your own brads! Choose if you´d like to use photos
or patterned paper as motive on the brads: You can find
these at Scrapnet.

Jag älskar verkligen dessa nya papper från Maja Design!
Du kan hitta dem hos Mihanna.

I really love these new papers from Maja Design!
You can find them at

Magnolia Ink innehåller fantastiska kort, tutorials,
bra tips och nya produkter. Fantastisk läsning
under mörka vinterkvällar!

Magnolia Ink contains amazing cards, tutorials,
great tips and new products. Great reading during
dark winternights!

Den här kanstansen är verkligen en rolig julklapp!
Den stansar vackra hål som du kan trä band
genom. Du ser resultatet på kortet nedanför.

This borderpunch is really a fun christmasgift!
it punches beatiful holes that you can put a
ribbon through. You can see the result on the
card below.

På min önskelista står dessa pappersblock från
On my wishinglist you can find these paperpads

Här ser ni några av pappren från blocken:

Here you can see some of the papers from
the paperpads.

Jag har fått många frågor angående den här
pennan. Den heter Puffy velvet marker och
finns i flera färger. Jag använder den vita för
att göra snö på mina julkort. Bara måla, vänta
och embossa med embossfönen och puff så
fint det blir! Den finns att köpa i Magnolias
fysiska butik i Borås i Sverige.

I have got many questions about this pen.
It´s called Puffy velvet marker and comes in
several colours. I uses the white one to get snow
in my christmascards. Just paint, wait amd heat
with the embossingtool and puffy so nice it turns
out! You can by it in
Magnolias fysical shop in
Borås in Sweden.

You better watch out, you better not cry.
Better not pout, I'm telling you why:
Santa Claus is coming to town.

He's making a list, and checking it twice.
Gonna find out who's naughty and nice.
Santa Claus is coming to town.

Happy Day

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored," offering a full slate of services to discarded deities, including career counseling, emergency praise and worship, and our ever-popular "follower finder" option! Please contact us for all of your deity needs! Our operators are standing by to take your call.

About ten days ago, my friend Nettle left a message on her Facebook inquiring about a ride to Pennsauken. She said she needed to go to an animal shelter there to see a dog that was up for adoption.

Thus began a faerie-guided adventure.

Turns out (no coincidences with the fae, remember) that the shelter Nettle wanted to go to was the one where I volunteer. Sunday last, I picked Nettle up at the El stop in my town, and she, Spare and I rode over to the shelter.

Nettle tried several dogs on for size. There was "Badger," a white showy sort, brimming with personality and vigor ... and highly sought after by other potential adoptive families. Then there was "Cara." Shy. Great big, scared eyes. Cross between a pug and a chihuahua -- so, essentially the size of a cat.

I rooted for "Cara" from the beginning, because she seemed like the kind of dog who could languish in a shelter for months because it was difficult to get a read on her personality. I just had a feeling, though, that "Cara" was a good fit for Nettle.

I suppose the faeries felt the same way, because last Wednesday Nettle adopted "Cara," and yesterday Spare and I helped Nettle take "Cara" to her new home -- Philadelphia!

"Cara's" history indicates that she was transported north from South Carolina. Talk about culture shock! From Dixie to Philly in just five months ... via scenic Pennsauken, New Jersey!

After we finished filling out the paperwork on "Cara," we took her to the car for her journey out of Jersey and across the bridge to the City of Buzzardly Love. That little charmer just sat on Nettle's lap and gazed out the window with an adorable curiosity. Then she got tired and settled in for a snooze. From the first moment "Cara" seemed totally at home with her new person.

I tried to give "Cara" a crash course on living in Philly, but she didn't seem to understand when I told her to say "Boooooooooo" and "Dallas sucks," and the ever-popular "Yankees suck."

The sun was setting when we drove up Market Street past Drexel University. I said to "Cara": "Well, doggie, this is symbolic, you see. The sun is setting on your previous life, and tomorrow it will rise on a whole new era for you."

Sure enough, this morning it is perfectly beautiful here in the Delaware Valley. Not a cloud in the sky!

I feel blessed to have helped a dog find a home. This was a new experience for me. All of my experience of the Almost Home shelter is kitten-fostering. Bring them home, pamper them, take them back. It was refreshing to see how careful the staff at Almost Home is about choosing good owners for deserving pets. My kittens must all get good families as well.

Speaking of kittens. This is where the faeries really went into overdrive.

While I was waiting for Nettle to finalize her adoption of "Cara," I had to ask. I just had to ask.

Any "hissie spitties" in the cat room?

Oh yes. Four weeks old. And the staff was worried that they might get sick from being around the other cats. Would I take them?

So in addition to bringing Nettle's dog home to Philly yesterday, Spare and I took possession of two semi-tame, fluffy kittens named Reba and Ramsey. The idea is to keep them away from the sick cats until they're eight weeks old, which will be just about ... Yuletide.

I'm leaving it up to the faeries to alert the Yule elves that two kittens will be ready for delivery on December 24.

Is it any wonder that Spare and I broke our pact not to mention "that holiday" and drove home from Philly yesterday singing festive songs of a certain season?

What a happy day! Love is in the air.

Checking the Little Box

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Welcome to "The Gods Are Bored!" Now it's official. I'm dancing faster than I can. I'm Ginger, and Fred just went on crank. How's that for a multi-century analogy?

Tonight I stayed at school until almost 6:00. There's this program our school has called 21st Century Initiative. It's chock-a-block with federal funding which no one quite understands how to disburse. For instance, one evening this week another teacher just showed up on my doorstep and said I was "on the team," and a student had stayed after school to spend three hours in my company.

That student is a wonderful person and the very model of what a student should be. Getting paid to help him get into college -- and understand the work when he gets there? -- yeah. I'll do that.

This evening the student and I sent out some requests for information to colleges in Baltimore and Washington, DC. Asking colleges for information is rather like using a copy machine. No two web sites are the same. I guess they do that to keep spammers out. Student and I had to re-input every bit of information on every site.

There's one thing all these colleges have in common, though. Every one of them has a special little box to check if you are Hispanic.

Each time student and I came to that little box, we laughed. He is, you see, Hispanic.

He wants to be a writer. I don't know why I would thank the bored gods for dumping him into my lap, but I think this partnership was meant to be.

I think I'm going to encourage him to start a blog.

What else is going on in the Annals of Anne?

Well, Decibel the Parrot got hold of my middle finger and tried to sever it from my hand. He ground away, down to the bone, and only gave up when Spare screamed at him. What an adorable pet! Everyone should own a parrot.

Staying after school to help Student is one matter. Listening to the loquacious Mr. Bigwand and his chipper wife every Wednesday night in the "alternate route" teacher program is another. For some reason known only to him, he called on me last night. He pointed in my face and said, "How are you and I different?"

Oh, was it ever on the tip of my tongue to say, "I'm human!"

But instead I pulled out the tried-and-true. "I'm from Appalachia," I told him.

Which sent him off on another long-winded diatribe about how my formative experiences go into the classroom with me. And they do, of course. I didn't need him to tell me that ... over and over again.

Then, during a break, he blundered by me and said, "By the way, lovely part of the world." As if he has traveled the length and breadth of Appalachia, weighed it in the balance, and found it satisfactory.

So there's my "teacher." A guy who can sum up Appalachia in half a breath by saying, "Lovely part of the world."

I was tempted to show the guy a lovely part of my anatomy. But I need the grade. Gee, he's one swell instructor! Where's that evaluation form?

Saturday I have school from 8:30 until 1:30. All of this is keeping me so young!

Christmas with PANDURO

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Vi nærmer oss julemånden for alvor og vi fortsetter vår forberedelse til den store høytiden.
Denne gangen feirer vi med PANDURO!
Vi i Design Teamet fikk hvert vårt kit fra Panduro, det samme som gevinsten til den pågående skissekonkurransen.

Panduro har noen nydelige julepapir og du finner alltid en match.
Nydelige dekorasjoner og stempler finner du også i Panduros store utvalg.

We are getting closer to December, the Christmas month, and we continue our preparations for the Holiday.
This time we are celebrating Christmas with PANDURO!
We in the Design Team got each a kit, the same as the prize in the sketch challenge that are running right now.
Panduro has some wonderful pattern papers, Christmas theme, and you can always find a match. 
Panduro has a large selection of beautiful embellishments and stamps too.

Her er noen ord fra Panduro:
Here are some words from Panduro:

Panduro Hobby har sedan starten 1955 utvecklat ett unikt koncept för att ge människor möjlighet till eget kreativt skapande. Med ett heltäckande sortiment av mer än 9 000 hobbyartiklar erbjuder vi allt som behövs för att tillverka unika och personliga föremål.
Vi bistår självklart även med idéer och inspiration.
Med hjälp av vår webb, vår 450-sidiga katalog, våra upplevelsefyllda butiker och våra pedagogiska materialsatser utvecklar vi våra kunders kreativitet.
Vi ger dem möjlighet att förverkliga en idé eller att ägna sig åt en givande stund tillsammans med familjen. Eller helt enkelt uppleva tillfredsställelsen i att kunna skapa något vackert med sina egna händer.
Vi har idag 50 butiker och 53 återförsäljare runt om i Skandinavien. Du hittar oss också på http://www.pandurohobby.com/ Där kan du handla online, blogga, låta dig inspireras och läsa mer om var din närmaste butik finns.


Panduro Hobby is established in 1955 and it has created a unique concept to make it possible for people to be creative. Our collection includes over 9 000 products. With all these products you can make personal and unique items. We more than gladly also helps with ideas and inspiration.
With our web shop and our 450-page catalog and our shops and our material packages we develop our customers creativity. We give our customers a possibility to spent some creative times with the family. Or then only have satisfaction in making beautiful things with own hands. We have over 50 shops and over 53 retailers in Scandinavia.

You also find us http://www.pandurohobby.com There you can shop on line and surf in our blog and let you get inspired and read more where you can find our shop near you.


Her ser dere DTs sine prosjekter med kitet fra Panduro
Here are the DT's projects with the Panduro kit:















Shaker card
















Vi håper du har funnet litt inspirasjon, og husk at du kan vinne dette kitet HER
Tusen takk til Panduro for de nydelige kit'ene og for premien til vår utfordring.

We hope you found some inspiration and remember you can actually win this kit HERE
Thank you Panduro for the beautiful kits you sent us, and for the amazing prize for our Challenge.