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List of Prenatal Vitamins

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Vitamins are very essential for all women to develop properly and remain healthy. Dairy products, fruits, vegetables, legumes and meat provide vitamins to the body. However, taking supplemental vitamin is essential for the body, however, eat these foods every day. Prenatal vitamins are recommended for women contemplating pregnancy is when a woman thinks of the design. In addition, if a woman has health problems, blood disorders or chronic illnesses, it is important that you should eat prenatal vitamin supplements.

Prenatal vitamins

Here is a list of prenatal vitamins that are essential to prevent complications during pregnancy and after delivery. The list of these vitamins is as follows:

* Folic acid
* Iron
* Football
* Vitamin A
* Thiamine (vitamin B1)
* Riboflavin (vitamin B2)
* Vitamin B6
* Vitamin B12
* Vitamin C
* Vitamin K
* Vitamin E
* Vitamin D
* Niacin
* Iodine
* Magnesium
* Phosphorus
* Zinc

These vitamins and minerals are commonly found in vitamin supplements. However, these prenatal vitamins before pregnancy, should be taken under medical supervision.

Benefits of prenatal vitamins

When planning a pregnancy, your health is important. Generally, we recommend that you should consult a doctor after deciding to get pregnant. There are some routine tests and investigations should occur. These tests are recommended to check if you have anemia or not. Or you have immunity to diseases such as rubella and chickenpox. The doctor then suggested that prenatal vitamins that you should consume to reduce risks during and after pregnancy.

The neural tube defects develop within 28 days after conception. This is before she realizes she is pregnant. Folic acid is very important for the development of the spinal cord and brain of the child. Therefore, a large amount of folic acid should be consumed, even if they are pregnant and intend to be in a few months. Calcium is necessary for the mother and child. Therefore, calcium should be consumed to maintain bone density, the fetus uses calcium for bone growth. Iron is necessary to increase the hemoglobin in the blood, because normal levels of hemoglobin can carry more oxygen to the baby and mother.

Now, you should not think taking prenatal vitamins, vitamin supplements, instead of regular? The reason is that prenatal vitamins contain more vitamins and minerals needed to conceive. It is also important to have a balanced diet with these prenatal vitamins. It is observed that nearly 50% of birth defects are eliminated if you take prenatal vitamins before pregnancy.

Side effects of prenatal vitamins

There are some side effects of prenatal vitamins before conception. These side effects are as follows;

* The intestinal cramps
* The muscle aches and pains
Indigestion or heartburn *
Nausea and vomiting
* Metallic taste
* Loss of appetite

It is also possible that these side effects may or may not be seen anywhere in the world. This was all about prenatal vitamins before pregnancy. They are very important if you plan a pregnancy.

French Twist Hairstyles

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France irony does not require extra effort to make and can be any type of hair. Although there are variations between the French Twist hairstyle, the basic rules, so they are always the same. The best thing about this is that in practice updo hairstyle, easy to do, and it looks good from front to back. They are very popular, also known as a wedding hairstyle, hair styles, including formal or informal. So if you are a fan of elegant and classic French twists and read the instructions on how to find the time to get a French touch that is in any case, it is absolutely the most perfect looking. Take a look and choose from a range of variants, below!

The legendary French Twist Hairstyle

As mentioned earlier, one of the most popular choices among the different styles of French Twist hairstyle ideas used by women around the world at different levels. These hairstyles are very simple and not so much variety, have been made, there are some basic steps and municipalities that must be taken to be the perfect updo. Hairstyles of France have always existed, because they are very easy to do and it looks absolutely wonderful in every outfit. So will the points, we find that a few simple steps will help you in this French Twist hairstyle and changes. Read more ...

The French Twist Hairstyle

* Before you learn how to turn your hair you should brush your hair and get rid of all the objectives have been updated to resolve and smooth hair. The front and follow the ridge just to the left, you will engage Ponytail.
* Now pony tail about 4 inches of love for the right to delete and when. Pick up, so that the ends are facing upwards and hit the back of the head. Tighten the roller with the left hand, so that the ends are held at the top.
* And thy right hand thread for this purpose towards the lower neck, and take it with irony. This whole arrangement is held in place with your left hand and gently push pins to keep Bobby.
* Make sure all the nails rather than above, BUN hair looks attractive and stylish. You can also perform a number of attractive French twist combs her hair style is elegant. Pin enough to hold it together and then add the finishing touches to the spray.

French Twist Weave

* Some other hairstyles modern weaving, knitting is still able to steal the show. They have beautiful curls can be either natural or artificial, as well. Weaving hair is very different fates hair, but may be combined to enhance the visual effect of the introduction.

* So, before you start with a French twist hair weaving, hair weaving, please, if you have straight hair. But if you have curly hair, like anything, and you can start right away.
* If a hair weave, synthetic hair extensions can be used, or a lock of hair and braided pigtails. Let stand for 2 days to get the best effect and then used in Hairspray. After opening, the braids, you will see your way straight hair tissue.
* You can now use these basic steps to decorate a French atmosphere, and the desired shape. You can also use the site to get good sandwiches french twist updo hairstyles.

American Fashion model Angie Harmon

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Angela Michelle "Angie" Harmon born August 10, 1972 is an American fashion model and television/film actress.
angie harmon
For the past two summers, Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander have proven that two heads are better than one in this drama series based on the crime novels .

angie harmon
After a lucrative modeling career, Angie Harmon starred in Baywatch Nights and portrayed ADA Abbie Carmichael on Law & Order from 1998 to 2001.

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Angie Harmon biography, pictures, credits, quotes and more..

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ngie Harmon Pictures, Biography, Filmography, News, Great Film Moments, Videos.

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Angie Harmon latest news including Angie Harmon photos, dating gossip and videos.

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Angie Harmon Pictures, Videos, Bio & DVDs. Pics of the Sexy Brunette. Angie Harmon Photos Database.

angie harmon
Angie Harmon is American model and actress who has starred in the series Baywatch Nights and Law & Order.

angie harmon
Conservative Hollywood Actress Angie Harmon at the Vogue and Step Up Women's Network fashion event at Bally on Oct. 28, 2008 in Beverly Hills, Calif.

angie harmon
Angie harmon photos with the song swing! sorry its the clean version of swing. Chorus:] Oh shit, shake that ass ...

angie harmon
Angie Harmon - Personal Information: Angela Michelle Harmon Sehorn is an American fashion model and television/film actress. She became a well-known

angie harmon
ANGIE Harmon has been flirting with the idea of quitting showbiz! ... ANGIE HARMON GETS SEXY FOR THE SCREEN ACTORS GUILD .


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Hi friends, today it was good to be posting again. Yesterday I tried to edit a photo using the online application. Online applications that I tried did not produce photo I want, like I give a frame or effect: (
First I tried the application of artificial site of fotoflex**.Com, there is clearly visible how the web owner trying to create animation or effects of the photos I upload. However, when loading the first to feel very heavy and seem less attractive. Then I continued my search, and found a site that provides a unique and fun photo editing online. The lovely search'd like find at photofunia, the official website they look clear how to upload images in a simple and easy to use for the beginner or the experienced. These are the photos that I edit using photofunia effects, LOL ...
Funny Pictures
What surprises is that many photo funia frame or a frame provided by the site owner (if I count the number around thousands of frames) and up to date every day: D. . .
Let's try the game online photo editing made ​​by is a well known service where you can upload your photo and make a lot of different amazing effects in less then one minute ...

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Do Fairies Really Exist?

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A long, long time ago, when "The Gods Are Bored" was very, very young, I wrote a post about the existence of fairies. I suggested that some fairies could be accounted for by legends of "little people" who lived on the edges of civilization. Skeletons of diminutive humans have been found on islands and such. In my unproven-yet-credible opinion, Great Britain probably had a race of "little people" somewhere in its forests.

"Little people" are not the same thing as fairies.

Fairies exist in another realm, a dimension that we can see only with the sixth sense. If your psychic powers are heightened, or if you are very open to the notion that there are fields and plains that humans aren't programmed to see (at this time in evolution), you will experience faerie.

Some children have a heightened psychic sense, to such an extent that it makes me believe in reincarnation. I myself had out-of-body experiences when I was young. And I saw fairies.

The fairies I saw didn't even look human. They looked like a combination of dog and deer, with frontal eyes, pointy ears, and bristly fur. Their teeth were like deer teeth and their heads were shaped like deer heads. They were the size of full-grown humans, but they could make themselves smaller if they wanted to.

Now, you can call me an imaginative youngster if you like, but when I opened The Notebooks of Brian Froud (you can get it from Amazon), I found the very creature I had played with when I was a kid, right there drawn by Brian in the book! I knew immediately that I was looking at a portrait of my fairy friend. Again, let me say that not all fairies have human forms. Some look like creatures. It's a whole world out there, my friends. We just can't see it.

My father met my husband's grandmother one time. I assure you that they did not talk about fairies. And yet both of them, on their deathbeds, described red-headed "children" standing in the doorway and beckoning to them. In my father's case, he identified the being as "Peter Pan." In Grandma-in-law's case, she saw a red-headed little girl who asked her to "come along." She said she wasn't ready. Within a week she died.

As we step off this plain and onto another, the fairies become more clear to us. You don't necessarily have to be dying, but if you're not dying you have to be open to all possibilities. Fairies can be scary. Proceed with caution.

To those of you reading the May 5, 2005 post and asking me to help you find fairies, all I can say is, try to remember your deepest childhood to see if you have some memory of them already. If so, concentrate on that memory. If not, spend some time in the most cluttered room in your house, telling jokes and riddles. This is what They like. Oh yes, the woods are fine and dandy, but you don't have to sit by a stream. The fairies are amongst us. They are in us, in our memories and in the sections of our brains that we don't use yet.

To those of you reading the May 5, 2005 post and asking me what I'm smoking and where you can get some ... nothing, and I have no idea. Bite me.

To those of you who believe in God and not fairies, how the heck do you explain those seraphim? Just asking.

March Challenge

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Hello everybody out there!

The month of March is here and it is time for a new challenge!!  Although Easter this year is not in March but in the beginning of April, now´s really the time to start with the Easter projects to be well prepared, right? :).

So, here´s our challenge for you this month:


It could be anything- a box, a bag, a basket or anything you can fill with candy. 
The only extra thing you have to do is to USE AT LEAST ONE FEATHER ON YOUR PROJECT!

If you need a reminder about the challenge rules ( they´re not that many :) ), you can find them here.
Deadline for this challenge is midnight March12th, and the winner will be announced March 15th.
And for the lucky winner we have a fabulous prize waiting, sponsored by Papercraft Scandinavia (INKIDO)

The winner will get these two lovely and brand new paper collections:

Here´s what the team has created for inspiration to get you started:


This time I decorated a coffee bag to put easter candy in. I have used stamps from LOTV and flowers from Wild Orchids Craft. Hope you like the bag.  


I have made a box and filled it
with some delicious candy.

I have decorated an eggbox and filled with chocolate-eggs.


I´ve made a tea light card, but instead of lights I filled it with candy:


I made little baskets which I can fill with easter eggs.



I made also a tealight card but without lights:) I filled it with little chocolate easter eggs.

I decorated a brown paper bag...

With a big bow. I took some white seem binding and sprayed it with different kinds of mists. I also addad a little tyll in there witch i dabbed on with some starburst stains/Alpine ice rose.
I also added a little gold cross and tied it on with some bakerys twine.